NOM’s Brian Brown Condemns ‘The Kids Are All Right’, Hasn’t Actually Seen the Film, Though


This is how they roll.

Rings In related news, the Screen Actors guild online auction is offering the wedding rings worn by Annette Bening and Julianne Moore in The Kids Are All Right.

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  1. Rob says

    Yes, that’s indeed how NOM steamrolls its positions on things they’ve never personally experienced or about which they have no direct knowledge/education. Typical homophobic bullshit from these bullshirt artists. This Brown-nosing NOM bunch is a scourge upon the American family.

  2. Danny says

    Why bother to see the movie when they can just criticize it from ignorance.

    It is not the same but….I am adopted, had the best parents god could give me but there were times that I wished I could find my bio-parents.

  3. says

    Ah, but Brian, poor squishy Brian, that’s the beauty of living in a free country. If you think you won’t like a movie, no one forces you to see it. You can like avoid it easily! And those who think they might like it, can buy tickets for it, and even nominate it for Oscars! That’s kind of the American way, silly boy.

  4. says

    @ JUST A GUY: it’s a great movie—see it!

    As for Brown, what an idiot: “Hollywood entranced with [the] fantasy of two moms raising kids together.” What fantasy? The movie doesn’t make the moms looks perfect. Does he mean that two moms is a fantasy? It surely is real in LA and beyond. Ugh.

  5. kansastock says

    I’m truly tired of this bullshit. In the 60’s, my grandma would send money to tv preachers for hungry children in Africa… when of course it went to pay the preacher’s lawnboy. Now they’re pushing h8 for their paycheck and that rock of meth for their ‘me’ time.

  6. Michael C. says

    These are the same people fighting to keep government out of our lives yet FIGHT the freedoms of viewing a well meaning film, and it being nominated for an award? That’s what I don’t and will never understand by right winders, republicans and conservatives. Your arguments against gay rights and equality completely contradict your arguments in regard to the Constitution, but alas, your hate, ignorance and lack of education won’t ever allow you to see truth from fantasy.

  7. Matt Connolly says

    Putting aside the thoroughly laughable notion of Brown commenting on a film he has not seen, there are a multitude of other nonsensical gems scattered throughout this brief text:

    “It’s pretty clear from this plot summary (by British Jesuits!)…” What is this even referring to?

    “…why Hollywood is entranced with fantasy about two moms raising two kids together.”

    Two things: 1) Maybe he means BY A fantasy? Unclear.

    2) He boldly claims that a plot description of the film tells us why Hollywood is “entranced by”…another plot description of the film. What is the argument here?

    Keep up the good work, Brian!

  8. Matt Connolly says

    Also, gotta love the oh-so-subtle alteration of the film’s poster….

    I see what you did there!