1. thom says

    ….There is no hiding behind it now(And it is hard to hide that tub o’ lard)…you reap what you sow, Rushie.Bet you will be needing an extra does of oxycontin to deal with this new “subject” You are your ilk are the WORST of America.
    GO>AWAY>NOW and take Glen and Sarah with you and develop a new talent show where you vote on which wing-nut gives the best rant.
    Should be hilarious…hell, have the Phelps tribe on for a sing-a-long!
    Shoo! Go away.

  2. Matt in PDX says

    We’ll see a lot more examples of this in the coming weeks. Right-wingers LOVE their guns and their gun imagery. If the wingnuts had to choose between guns and Jesus, they’d pick guns every time.

  3. Glennn says

    I drive by that billboard once in a while and it disgusts me every time, but as a liberal, I would never be in favor of censorship laws, so why are we even going there?

  4. Wes says

    AG, you look at this billboard and all you can do is criticize gay website stereotypes? How’s this billboard for a nice way to counter republican gun-nut stereotypes?

  5. Dave says

    I’m so tired of the right-wing. Let’s call them what they are domestic terrorists. Their imagery, their words, their deeds are intended to intimidate and terrorize. They are lizard brained bullies motivated by fear and inspired by greed.

  6. says

    The first thing out of his mouth will be a denial of having anything to do with the billboard. He’s going to want to say he has no say over what his marketers say about him.

    On another note, if he were a straight shooter, wouldn’t you want to have to bullet holes tight together? Having them all over the billboard doesn’t give the impression of him being a straight shooter.

  7. walter says

    why is the right wing first response always towards guns and shooting. limberger will come with an excuse about the bullet holes. they always do. rush go pop some more pills and fade away.

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