News: John Travolta, Maryland, Stephanie Seymour, Yale, Odors

Road Maryland poised to expand gay rights, marriage.

Mao RoadWarhol Mao portrait shot up by Dennis Hopper sells for $302,000: "Hopper, who died of cancer last year aged 74, later showed Warhol the bullet holes, and the pair agreed to consider the work a collaboration. Warhol drew circles around the holes, labelling the one over Mao's right shoulder 'warning shot' and the one at his upper left eyelid "'bullet hole.'"

RoadWATCH: Chris Crocker returns, in music video.

RoadLady Gaga to perform at Grammy Awards.

RoadJohn Travolta shows off new baby boy Ben.

RoadIowans gather at state capital to support freedom to marry: "Equal rights advocates from across the state came together to share their support of marriage equality and to encourage Iowa legislators to focus on issues that move Iowa forward. 'Not even the snow could dampen the incredible energy of pro-equality advocates today,' said One Iowa Executive Director Carolyn Jenison. 'I’m confident our legislators have heard our message loud and clear. We won’t go back on the freedom to marry. We’ll continue to share our stories and work to move Iowa forward.'"

RoadSettlement? Shepard Fairey – AP Obama lawsuit dropped.

RoadZac Efron boasts 18 pounds of new muscle.

Seymour RoadStephanie Seymour and her gay son: photo causes stir.

RoadTax deduction error strikes gays working for Yale and their domestic partners: "The university, which has extended health insurance to its same-sex employees’ domestic partners since 1994, typically withholds those taxes from employees’ paychecks over the course of the year. But due to the programming error, employees will be responsible for paying the taxes for both years in 2011."

RoadBroadway vet Margaret Whiting dies at 86.

RoadDifficulty identifying odors in old age associated with greater risk of death.

RoadWilson Cruz rocks a kilt.

RoadDaniel Craig returning as 007.

RoadBefore streaking across a tennis court, check first for invisible barriers.

Haider RoadGay Austrian TV host Alfons Haider, who served as inspiration for Sacha Baron Cohen's 'Bruno', says he'll take male partner on TV dance contest. "I am going to dance with a heterosexual. This is not about being gay."

RoadJulian Assange says Wikileaks cannot survive much longer financially without the ability to garner online donations. His team fears he could be executed if extradited to the U.S.. Assange talks to the New Statesman about China, Rupert Murdoch, and Bradley Manning. And Assange's lawyer said a Justice Department subpoena to Twitter amounts to harassment.

RoadThe many bodies of Christian Bale.

RoadGay Serbian NGO pushes for new marriage definition: We believe that change is important, in order to leave the possibility for the gay-lesbian community in Serbia to, one day, when it's ready, legalize same-sex marriages, without making new changes to the Constitution."

RoadMassive image of night sky unveiled: "It is actually a collection of millions of images taken since 1998 with a 2.5-metre telescope at Apache Point Observatory in New Mexico…Altogether, the images in the newly released collection contain more than a trillion pixels of data, covering a third of the sky in great detail."

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