Wisconsin GOP Leader Reince Priebus Elected RNC Chair

Reince Priebus has been elected chair of the Republican National Committee.

Political Ticker:

Priebus Priebus remains largely unknown to Washington's political class but is now tasked with rebuilding the committee's damaged relationship with deep-pocketed GOP donors and raising hundreds of millions of dollars to compete with President Obama's re-election campaign.


Priebus led his opponents from the outset but hit a ceiling of roughly 50 votes after four series of votes at the Gaylord Hotel complex just outside.

That left the rest of the field – former Bush administration official Maria Cino, former Missouri GOP Chairwoman Ann Wagner and Michigan National Committeeman Saul Anuzis – rushing into private rooms to discuss possible deals with rivals.

Their backers on the committee, meanwhile, worked the room whipping up votes, but no candidate managed to build up a bloc of votes to match Priebus.

Former RNC Chair Michael Steele dropped out earlier on Friday after realizing he would not be reelected.

"I will step aside because I think the party is ready for something different," said Steele before the fifth ballot for chairman began. He immediately threw his support to former RNC official Maria Cino's candidacy.

Even in defeat, however Steele was unapologetic about his time in office. "I hope you all appreciate the legacy we leave," he told the 168 members of the RNC. "Despite the noise, despite the difficulties, we won."

When asked about marriage equality at the RNC Chair debate on January 3, Priebus told those assembled: “It’s foundational in our lives… I don’t believe anybody should be denied dignity in this discussion, everyone should be loved. But at the end of the day, I believe that marriage — through the sanctity of marriage — should be between one man and one woman.”


  1. justme says

    I love that the random black guy they picked to prove how inclusive they are turned out to be a monumental disaster. I guess they’re now trying to include, what, Austrian royalty under the GOP tent? I’m just sorry I have to hear this guy’s name over and again for the foreseeable future.

  2. Will says

    Pathetic. He just refuses to recognize the fact they don’t like black people. None of them were pulling for him and he was only placed there because Barack Obama won at the same time and they wanted to show America how “diverse” the RNC is. I know they feel so much better now that there’s another white guy in charge now. They aren’t looking for something different. They want more of the same quite obviously. Steele is a joke.

  3. mark says

    Note how these creeps always say “one man and one woman”, thus implying that gay marriage will open the door to polygamy. This is their trick of language. It’s the subliminal message conveyed – ie that allowing gay marriage will also permit one man to marry many women etc etc. Just be aware of it.

  4. yonkersconquers says

    Reich Commander Reince Priebus, order of the Entitled Upper Class Fuckwits.

    I can not believe they appointed a man who’s name so obviously means Plutocrat Scrooge McDuck to head the RNC. The GOP really are tone deaf in the age of Palin.

  5. Sean says

    What a surprise that the RNC got rid of the black guy. And Mr. Steele, he should have been given shackles to wear on his wrists from day one. What an Uncle Tom!

  6. says

    +10 @DMS!!!

    Whatever his real name is, that sure sounds like a muslim name to me!

    Where’s his birth certificate?? The real one. The one the nurses spilled coffee all over as they struggled to pronounce his name.

  7. says

    “Seriously, he has the same position as Obama.”

    No, he doesn’t. His position is in line with NOM’s and with the national Republican party, a position that is significantly different and worse than Obama’s on all issues of gay equality.

  8. Larry says

    This man has a serious case of gay face, me thinks.

    @Mark, they’ve used this argument before, but it’s been more extreme, i.e., comparing gay marriage to people marrying horses or inanimate objects.

    What I struggle with, time after time after time, is there is no “sanctity” in traditional marriage if men and women can simply marry at the drop of the hat, cheat on their spouses, divorce, marry again, rinse and repeat.

  9. CKNJ says

    GOP are a bunch of lying hypocrites… if they REALLY believed that marriage was between ONE man and ONE woman… then they would outlaw divorce too. Of course it’s just their bigotry showing under their conservative skirts! Morons. Hateful bigots.

  10. Quasi-Stellar Object says

    He looks transgender. Like a woman who became a “man” only to end up looking like a 14 year old boy.

    What does Reince Priebus have in common with Ralph Reed, Ted Haggard, Aaron Shock, etc…?


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