1. steve says

    This argument makes no sense whatsoever. The left wants to destroy the family so people have loyalty to the state? When in the course of human history has this ever worked?

    She’s just nuts.

  2. princely54 says

    Blaahhh, she’s just like Palin in that there is NOTHING of substance coming out of her mouth. She’s a clown and not worth the time it would take to listen. A waste of human space.

  3. Xtab says

    It’s true that traditional family structures have decayed (extended family ties are much weaker than they used to be), but you can hardly fault liberals for this. The rise of consumer capitalism, advanced urban societies, mobility via highways and air travel, means people can move around much more easily than they used to. Most of us are no longer living in provincial backwaters our whole lives with all our cousins, aunts and uncles on the same block. You can go to school in Texas and get a job in New York City and relocate in a week. And that’s good for business.

    Conservatives champion these developments. But they’re uneasy about what it’s wrought. They have all these wildly incoherent views and unresolved contradictions. It’s the same with organized religion. Mass consumer culture has decimated it. But conservatives will champion religion one second and then the consumer culture the next, not making the connection that the two are mutually opposed to each other.

  4. Xtab says

    @STEVE It’s nutty to say it about liberals, but there are examples in modern history where families were destroyed in order to increase loyalty to the state, like Stalinist Russia. Kids were taken away from their parents at a young age and put into camps. Cults also operate like that. Brave New World is a popular fictional example of a world where families are banned.

    @JAMES Her sexual appeal is part of why conservatives like her. But it’s more than that. She’s not unusual at all now, but when she used to be very radical and unusual by conservative standards. Back in the 90s when her career first started to take-off, pundits were mostly boring males. Coulter was easy on the eyes, and had a knack for provoking people. She’s feisty. Watch this thread balloon with comments by people just completely outraged with her. That’s exactly why she’s so successful.

  5. says

    Uh, Ann, you silly old colt, have you misplaced your dementia medication? Those horrible lefty liberals help to protect gay families. Conservatives and right-wing lunatics like you seek to destroy our families and our lives. Now back to your padded cell, dear.

  6. Craig says

    It must be great being a conservative talking head. Just make stuff up. Don’t bother making sense. Don’t fear facts. Don’t worry about sounding like a complete idiot. The minions will parrot you, no matter what. Proof, evidently, of the parallel universe theory. They certainly don’t live in this one.

  7. Dave says

    There are other examples of States breaking apart families to increase loyalty: the Residential School system in Canada which saw Aboriginal children removed from their homes and sent to live in an abusive, assimilationist environment is one good example.

    Coulter is a lot smarter than Palin. I truly believe that she knows the things she is saying are inflammatory and mostly baseless. She does it on purpose; she has made a career out of it. What I don’t understand is how exactly she justifies it to herself, or how she sleeps at night.

  8. Gregoire says

    She says this at a convention that was ripped apart and unwelcoming to the most right-wing douchebaggish gay group in existence. She has literally no self-awareness, only empty confidence with zero relevancy.

  9. Michael says

    If we translate her remarks from “conservaspeak,” she may inadvertently have told the truth. It’s the right that’s trying to co-opt gays–because at least the smart ones have figured out that gay-bashing, like racism, is going to become more and more of a handicap for their electoral viability. Fortunately for LGBT folk (and the nation as a whole), the population of smart right-wingers is vanishingly small.

  10. says

    Ann Coulter will say whatever she has to say to stay in the public eye. I don’t think she really believes half the stuff that she says. But I agree with one of the posts above. How does she sleep at night knowing that most rational human beings find her repulsive?

  11. Brian B. says

    ms. coulter,

    no one is “co-opting” anyone. the majority of gays have made a conscious decision to align themselves with liberals and the Democratic party because most to those people, unlike yourself, do not espouse bigotry, ignorance, and selfishness. it’s quite simple actually, why would anyone vote for a party that thinks they should remain marginalized and occasionally the subject of violence?

    any gay that joins you and claims to be a conservative or Republican deserves exactly what they have been getting: being treated like subhumans who only get to exist because there are laws against lynch mobs.

  12. r says

    what’s far scarier is that 1/3 of the gays continue to vote republican.

    as far as destruction of the family, how about parents working 60+ hours/week? how involved can they be–teaching their kids good decision-making skills, making sure they’re doing (and looking over) their homework and studying enough. in the past, kids at least had to get outside and interact with their peers face-to-face. what are kids learning about how to establish, and maintain, real relationships?

  13. Xtab says

    I don’t think it’s accurate to say that CPAC was “unwelcoming” to GOProud. All I remember was the guy from the freaking John Birch Society protesting, Heritage pulling out, and one of the convention honchos taking umbrage at GOProud being inflammatory. Meanwhile, their booth was the most popular there, and was swamped with well-wishers. You all need to make a difference between the conservative voters of Kansas City, and the politicians who pander to them, from D.C.-area conservative elites who attend events like CPAC. Anti-gay sentiment among the latter is becoming very unfashionable.

    And BRIAN’S comment drives me crazy. No one deserves to be treated like a subhuman, especially other gays of all people. And no gay conservative just “claims” to be conservative, like the two are incompatible. This is the kind of extremely arrogant attitude that drives me absolutely batshit about other liberals. There’s always a consensus, backed up by insult and refusal to deal with anyone who strays from that consensus.

  14. Xtab says

    @MICHAEL I think Thomas Paine said that conservatives are not generally stupid people, but that stupid people are generally conservatives.

    @DAVE Yes. Coulter is probably a lot smarter than Palin. Palin also owes her success to Coulter. It was Coulter who really pioneered the archetype of strong, sexy, inflammatory female conservative propagandist. This has also probably been good for gay conservatives. If conservatives can accept women, then it’s not a huge leap to accept gays too.

    How does she justify saying things she knows are reckless and baseless? I think she sees it as part of a cause, and she also probably enjoys antagonizing her enemies. This is not by itself objectionable. Liberals deploy the same tactics, and ridicule is one of the oldest and most effective tactics there are.

  15. brian says

    Ann Coulter is correct about the Left trying to co-opt the gays. It’s how the Left operates – by establishing a coalition of interests. What we – as gay people – should be doing is telling both the Left and Right that we are not to be taken for granted. If you want our vote, you need to earn it.

    As for what the Left has done for us gays, OK, it’s fair to say that it has been better than the Right. However, how much better? My view is that we’ve had 50 years of the Left-inspired sexual revolution and all we got was an acceptance based on segregation. At the social level, male-male sexuality is still segregated from the mainstream thanks to Leftist homophobia.

    You only have to look at the social elements of our society – the bisexual double standard, for instance. This is where male-male sexuality is made smaller by confining it to the “gay” concept. This enables Leftists to reduce the visibility of male-male sexuality in the mainstream.

    Leftists are also sexist in that they promote female nudity far more than male nudity. They also embrace female bisexuality whereas the same can’t be said about male bisexuality.

  16. Xtab says

    I agree with that!

    Also, part of what constitutes building a coalition of interest groups is finding a common enemy. The Republicans are an enemy that can unite gay urban voters with, say, beer-guzzling longshoreman and union workers.

    But the truth is that the Republican Party is not really the enemy of gay people. Not… really. As currently constituted it is an enemy, but it won’t necessarily be one in the future.

    The real enemy is the closet and homophobic oppression and prejudice generally, the closet being the primary tool used to enforce it. Smash the closet, and you won’t have to worry about the Republicans for much longer. Because GOProud is smashing the closet, and coming out proudly as gay conservatives, they’re doing more to change the Republican Party, and the direction of gay rights in the United States, than voting for the Democratic Party probably will. And I support them like I do gay liberal organizations. Equality will mean that gays are co-opted and pandered to by BOTH parties.

  17. EJ says

    Why on earth does anyone listen to this idiot, she is so full of hate, as someone mentioned earlier it is just too difficult to listen to that much divel. It might be different if she was truly intelligent which certainly isn’t the case.

  18. Brad says

    Some of what she said was total crap. However, some of what she said is very true. It’s kind of like the Democrat Party having great ideas, then putting up crappy candidates. Too many people (probably over 90% of people reading this) just sit on the sidelines doing nothing but bitching about others who are at least doing something. Hell, I wonder how many of you even vote.

  19. Houndentenor says

    What she’s spouting isn’t conservative nonsense, it’s conspiracy theory nonsense. If you surf around the conspiracy theory websites (and there are plenty of them…I must admit this is a guilty pleasure of mine) the belief is that certain groups want to destroy the family so that the only stable social unit it the government. Crazy but people seem to believe this including many in Ann’s audience. She’s well aware of how to say things that her audience will understand that will completely perplex everyone else. And of course how to openly insult liberals who will get mad about that and miss the rest of what she’s saying. Win-win for Ann. It would be far better if we just ignored her. (Jon Stewart has refused to discuss her on his show for years now.) Without the controversy she’s not the least bit newsworthy.

  20. says

    Can any of these people at CPAC speak for one minute without contradicting themselves?

    First we have Norquist saying the liberals are parasites, “we don’t want to take your money,” while it was the GOP that masterminded the biggest transfer of wealth to the rich.

    Then the Hissey Twink saying conservatives want people to be themselves, but only if they act normal and straight.

    Now Ms. Colt-face says gays should be on our side, but somehow they’re destroying families because they’re co-opted by the left?

  21. says

    The LGBT rights movement is a movemnt of the left, Brain.

    I know it pains you to face this. Liberals have been completely marginalized and demonized by the “Mainstream” over the past two decades that the truth is sometimes hard to see. But the entire “Conservative” movment that Dog and Pony Shows like CPAC and parade floats like Palin and Coulter appear in is driven byt one goal alone — saying things thet they imagine “will make liberlas mad.”

    I recall one bit of frothing by Palin where she claimed that waht she was saying would cause steam to arise from Rachel Maddow’s head. Rachel has always maintained her cool, her humor, and her insight in the face of whatever comes her way. That’s why Rand Paul will never go on her show again, and precious few Republicans will evnture there either — though most recently Lawn-Jockey-Without-A-House Michael Steele has popped in.

    In this CPAC appearance Coulter has nothing of so much as passing interest to say. What’s interesting is the slavish adoration of the GOPround KAPOS. They live in a truly Orwellian universe where war is peace and freedom is slavery.

  22. Zach says

    “As for what the Left has done for us gays, OK, it’s fair to say that it has been better than the Right. However, how much better? My view is that we’ve had 50 years of the Left-inspired sexual revolution and all we got was an acceptance based on segregation. At the social level, male-male sexuality is still segregated from the mainstream thanks to Leftist homophobia.”

    You didn’t have 50 years of ‘Left-inspired sexual revolution’ without considerable pushback from the right. The right thoroughly dominated political discourse from the early 1980s on, and American culture is still based around a fundamentally conservative/reactionary view of the world. And every time there has been progress – civil unions, marriage, Lawrence v Texas, DADT, there have been consequences. Some analysts argued that Lawrence assisted Bush’s victory in 2004, since conservative strategists were able to frame social issues around the menace of homosexuality.

  23. Zach says

    Also, Ehrenstein is fundamentally right. I would argue that you cannot separate the LGBT rights movement, as it exists in the United States, from Leftist discourse. The Libertarian strains of the Republican Party have never been as strong as gay Republicans imagine them to be, and they were completely subverted by the coalescence of the Christian Right and its primacy within the GOP. And the Tea Party is proof of damage done. What should have been a strictly libertarian screed against the existence of government has become a denouncement of everything liberal and left, including homosexuality.

  24. Houndentenor says

    “She always looks like a sleazy sex-pot to me. I have never understood her appeal to the conservative crowd.”

    Her appeal is that she looks like a “sleazy sex-pot.” I think it’s funny that she dresses like a high-class whore while talking about being a Christian. The comedy is that they actually take her seriously.

  25. John Freeman says

    I’d never realized before that Coulter is a comedian. Its the only way this makes any sense at all – perfect for the alzheimer’s wing of a seniors home.

  26. Craig says

    @XTab: You know, we’re dealing with this issue at my church. Conservatives are in the small minority there, too. I hear you clearly. I certainly respect that you have made a clear, intellectual choice to be a conservative.

    I used to be a conservative, from the time I was 18 back in the late 70’s until 2003. That was when the NC state chairman actually stated that homosexuality and republicanism were incompatible. His words, not mine. His voice was echoed again, and again, throughout the party that year as state ballot measure after ballot measure were initiated across the country, banning gay marriage. I’ve not seen any let up in that since.

    I’ve seen a few young conservatives start to ask the party elders to tone down the anti-gay rhetoric. I’ve seen your efforts thoroughly rebuffed. I’ve watched Jon McCain turn homosexuality into a major campaign plank only mere months ago.

    The day I walked out of my life-long home in the party was the day I was listening to Rush Limbaugh on gay marriage. I was forced to the realization that it was NOT just a few politicians doing this for political gain. The party was indeed made up of homophobic people bent not on sealing my fate forever in constitutional bans on marriage, but in one evangelical’s words, “driving them right back into the closet.”

    I’m sorry, but I think you’re in for a similar free fall. I wish you well. It was a painful, excruciating process for me. Looking into the face of that much hate and vitriol, that I had somehow thought we had all moved beyond, was sobering.

    Maybe enough young people will eventually move into that party and the party will change. I think you will find displacing the leadership at the top – and getting power away from the religious right – is going to be almost impossible. Good luck.

    I have no such problem as a liberal democrat. That transition was amazingly easy, and the further I’ve gotten away from conservatism, the greater the lies that form the movement have become.

    I wish you well.

  27. says

    It is ugly (and I do not mean by their appearance) women like Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin and Sarah Palin that make me proud to be a homosexual gay man…who, by the way has been legally married for nearly three years and is about to celebrate his 24th Anniversary with his Partner/Husband for life. I totally believe in Karma…and these women will live long, lonely lives.

  28. anon says

    The true home for gays who don’t want to be Democrats is the Libertarian party, but as they are perceived to be a bunch of losers, it would be a tough sell. At the end of the day, even conservatives cannot agree on how to dictate how everyone else shall live their lives, despite all their rhetoric that they know best and have all the answers. What needs to happen is to get them to confront each other where they disagree. This should be fairly easy. Coulter exists largely to paper-over their disagreements.

  29. mcquaidla says

    There is homophobia on the Left and the Right. The difference is that the Left sees it as a character defect to be overcome, while the Right sees it as an asset to be cultivated and exploited. The LGBT movement started as a leftwing effort. Try as you might, you can’t rewrite history, fellas. Anne Coulter was better when her jaw was wired shut. Now, she’s just a candidate for a well-aimed fist.

  30. redball says

    Some of you may recall the 2005 Time Magazine cover story about Coulter. It offered some excellent observations and critique of Coulter, and pretty much convinced me that she does not believe in over 50% of what she spouts.

    She does it all for attention. Which in turn brings in the money.

    She is an Ivy League grad, yet has spouted insanities such as “We don’t have to take care of the environment. God gave us this great green Earth to pillage and use up any way we can.” (paraphrase)

    She’s an amoral whore, shucking and jiving just to stay in the limelight. She doesn’t care about the social ramifications of her actions. How sad and irresponsible. B!tch, please.

  31. redball says

    Some of you may recall the 2005 Time Magazine cover story about Coulter. It offered some excellent observations and critique of Coulter, and pretty much convinced me that she does not believe in over 50% of what she spouts.

    She does it all for attention. Which in turn brings in the money.

    She is an Ivy League grad, yet has spouted insanities such as “We don’t have to take care of the environment. God gave us this great green Earth to pillage and use up any way we can.” (paraphrase)

    She’s an amoral wh#re, shucking and jiving just to stay in the limelight. She doesn’t care about the social ramifications of her actions. How sad and irresponsible. B!tch, please.

  32. mullinobud says

    I hate to say it, but Sarah Palin makes more sense than Ms. Coulter does…which is not saying much at all. She must a sad, sad life.
    But then again, why do we listen to this rubbish?

  33. NYC Harold says

    Well, Ann I don’t buy the hate the sin but love the sinner crap. I really don’t feel like God is asking me to give up who I love as he did Abraham. I also don’t believe that gay marriage is about destroying the family. And that is just the start of my disagreements with you.

    As a liberal, she doesn’t drive me nuts. She gives me energy just as she stated The New York Times does for her. Energy to get off my ass and work for the demise of the power of people like her.

  34. Matt Connolly says

    Jeez, Ann, you’re right. Given how supportive you’ve been of the queer community over the years, it’s hard to believe we haven’t come flocking to your door:

    You’re the best, Ann!

  35. Genesis Revelations says

    A horse is a horse, of course, of course.

    Does she get her coke from Charlie Sheen’s dealer?

    Besides 1/3 of gays voting Republican being scary, I think the other 1/3 voting Democrat is scary. One party stabs us in the front, the other party stabs us in the back.

    I’m with the wise 1/3 who doesn’t vote at all. Why give support to a party that believes so much in your rights that they’re unwilling to do a damn thing about it when they have the power to do so, but is willing to sentence LGBT and all other Americans to poverty, foreclosures, and hunger to bail out banks and billionaires? What democracy is it that blesses us with the “choice” of deciding who shits on us every couple years? The LGBT “movement” has a lot to learn from the people of Egypt about democracy and not putting up with politicians’ bullshit.

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