News: Marcus Brandon, Scientology, Cairo, Debra Messing

Road GLAAD launches media institute for LGBT people of color.

RoadAudio: Michelangelo Signorile interviews a gay blogger from Cairo.

Haggis RoadLawrence Wright posts a huge New Yorker profile on Paul Haggis and his defection from Scientology. You may recall that Haggis quit the cult after disagreeing with its public sponsorship of Proposition 8. Scientologists not happy.

RoadBizarre: John Travolta 'healed' Marlon Brando's leg with his Scientology powers.

RoadMust-read post from Kenneth Walsh on high school bullying.

RoadPuerto Rican man receives 111-year sentence for murder of transgender woman.

RoadAustralian activist group GetUp! plans TV campaign for same-sex marriage: "The television campaign, 'Marriage Matters', which will run throughout the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, has been timed partly in anticipation of an attack from the ''cashed-up religious right'' in the lead-up to the ALP's National Conference in December where the Labor Party plans to reassess its stance on gay marriage, Mr Greenwich said."

RoadSex and the City: the prequel? Starring Blake Lively?

RoadThe fourth preview clip for Britney's 'Hold It Against Me' video features her coterie of hot back-up boys.

Brandon RoadQnotes speaks with out North Carolina Rep. Marcus Brandon: "Brandon (D-Guilford) is the first openly gay man elected to the legislature and the first to hold office in the House. He’s also the first openly gay and African-American candidate ever elected to a state-level office. Despite all these exciting 'firsts,' the reality is that Brandon comes into his new job as a freshman in a party that has been relegated to a political minority after experiencing a dynasty-like chain of unbroken political authority for nearly a full century."

RoadCPAC announces presidential straw poll line-up.

RoadHomophobic humor week on One Life to Live?

RoadDebra Messing to lead NBC pilot: "Messing is finalizing a deal to star in NBC's hourlong pilot Smash, an ambitious drama about the mounting of a Broadway musical, which was based on an idea by Steven Spielberg. The pilot, produced by DreamWorks TV and UMS, follows a cross section of characters who come together to put on a Marilyn Monroe musical on Broadway. At the heart of the show are the musical's composer Tom, who is gay, and the lyricist Julia (Messing), who is somewhat against the idea of a Marilyn Monroe-themed musical."

RoadDinner with Mehcad Brooks and Jesse Williams? Yes, please.

Polarbear RoadIt's all fun and games until the glass breaks.

RoadSurvey: majority of trainers at NCAA colleges and universities hold a positive view of gay and lesbian student athletes.

RoadSmoking pot may hasten onset of mental illness.

RoadFacebook's Mark Zuckerberg files restraining order against stalker.

RoadUK podiatrist refused to treat gays, or people he thought to be gay, Health Professions Council hears. "Mr Hardie is also accused of walking out of a child protection training session in June 2006 because he believed the trainer had 'made passes' at him, including an incident in which the man smiled at him with 'eyes twinkling'. In a further incident, Mr Hardie has admitted refusing to go into a clinic in February 2007 with a work colleague because of the man's sexual orientation. another occasion, in June 2009, Hardie asked a colleague to swap a patient, known as Patient D, who was HIV positive.

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  1. "That's not my leg, John."

    Posted by: RW | Feb 8, 2011 6:41:08 PM

  2. Does anyone else think getting Polar Bears used to seeing children in the water with them is a bad idea? It certainly will get the bears used to people, and less afraid of them. Come the apocalypse, when the bears are freed, where will we swim bear-free?

    Posted by: ted | Feb 8, 2011 9:02:59 PM

  3. The New Yorker article on Scientology & Paul Haggis annoyed me. It goes on for pages and pages about the origin of the religion, L. Ron Hubbard, and Paul Haggis' backstory, and barely mentions the not-so-covert Scientologist wave--along with a bunch of old-guard homophobes like Ernest Borgnine, Tony Curtis, and others--that managed to turn a critically-lukewarm film called "Crash" into an Oscar-winner, specifically because Academy voters wouldn't even see, let alone vote for, "Brokeback Mountain." An ironic footnote to all this is that Paul Haggis claims to have left the church of their support of Proposition 8, and has two gay daughters.

    Posted by: Dback | Feb 9, 2011 1:23:46 AM

  4. Sounds like UK Podiatrist Mr Hardie has a thing for gay men.

    Posted by: Danny | Feb 9, 2011 7:06:34 AM

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