1. Cole says

    Honestly, why does anyone care? This is trash, and trash will use that kind of language. The people that pay money to watch two uneducated rats bloody each other up should be our main concern.

  2. Francis says

    The illegal knee was to the opponents’ head while he was defenseless, BTW. Oh well. This low life did what low life folks do. I’m sure his parents are very proud of him.

  3. says

    Don’t hold your breath waiting for an apology from Bisping. Anyone with even a passing familiarity with MMA knows who this guy is and he’s not the classiest guy on Earth. And, frankly, not all professional fighters are head cases.

  4. IonMusic says

    The fact remains…unless people respect us, they will NOT respect our rights.

    F*ggot being a common place word goes in direct correlation to people not taking us seriously. Period.

    Every demographic before us attained their rights once they were respected. That includes engaging those who use these unnecssary words and educating them on why it’s wrong and hate laced.

    If you choose to be walked over….you will be, both in the voting booth and on the streets. I really hope gay folks grab their spine and educate the masses that we’re not going to stand for being the punching bag or punch line any longer.

  5. Francis says

    Ioann, that’s likely true, and what Ionmusic is correct. We need to put the pressure on and not allow this to slide without someone taking responsibility for these actions. We cannot allow these people to believe it’s OK to be anti-gay or use anti-gay slurs. We need to stand strong against this, and speak out against this sort of abusive language and educate why exactly it’s not acceptable in any circumstance. The fact that his words have sparked some discussion on the matter is a good start but it’s clear a lot of work needs to be done.

  6. RP says

    You know what’s telling? Read the article at that Andy linked to. Read the comments.

    While people on the internet are stupid, the comments seem to indicate that the writer is in the minority: people who respect others. Most of the comments there are saying that we’re just being too sensitive. Awesome. The few people who are agreeing with the writer just get downvoted into oblivion.

    I’m not holding my breath for this to change; most of the fans seem content on not changing anyway.

  7. says

    I really am dismayed at the close-mindedness of some of the comments here regarding mixed martial arts. It doesn’t matter if you understand it or not. You have no right to denigrate something or to make uneducated comments unless you are willing to learn about it or at the very least be respectful.

  8. says

    And truth be told, it was my girlfriend Dawn’s idea to mention what consequences Michael Bisping would have suffered if he said something racial.

    If you say that mixed martial arts is “gay porn for straight men,” does this mean that Dawn, who holds a second degree black belt in karate, cannot enjoy watching the UFC?

    I guess that since she’s a fan, she must be “a closet case,” right? There obviously aren’t any women in mixed martial arts, right?

    I didn’t think that I’d encounter this kind of bigotry and stupidity here, but I guess I was wrong.

  9. says

    By saying that it’s “gay porn for straight men,” by suggesting that it’s fans are “closet cases” and by suggesting that Michael Bisping said these things because of “all those shots to the head” is plain ignorant. Is there a homoerotic element to MMA? Possibly. But to denounce it and say “Well it figures, because they’re all uneducated closet cases” is at the very least xenophobic.

  10. says

    @Sal: If you’re referring to the UFC, then I’d hope you’d be mature enough to say to yourself, “This isn’t my cup of tea, and I’d rather ignore it.” If you have a genuine gripe with mixed martial arts, then I would suggest that you research fighter injuries compared to other “legitimate” sports like football and hockey where players suffer long-term physical and psychological disorders.

    As a longtime fan of mixed martial arts, I have seen only a handful of fighters over 12 years act like a jackass similar to Michael Bisping. He has always been a disrespectful bastard, and I don’t think he’s going to have much of a career left.

    Most fighters in the UFC and in Strikeforce (the two biggest promotions) are mature enough to let any beef they have with their opponent die in the ring. Michael Bisping is different. The comments I’ve read on other MMA forums have all decried his lack of sportsmanship.

  11. Francis says

    Yeah, I’m not going to knock MMA fighters or athletics in general, because of the actions of this idiot or other idiots. Not all MMA folk or people into fighting are idiots, sorry that you think that others feel that way Seoul Brother. With that said, homophobia in sports (certain sports it’s getting better, but certainly not fighting) and especially with the fans is extremely rife and it most certainly needs to be called out upon. As Ionmusic put it perfectly, the truth of the matter is, most of these guys in these “macho bravado” sports do not take us as a community seriously whatsoever. We are faggots in many of their eyes. So therefore, they don’t take anti-gay slurs and the offense of them seriously. In their eyes, it’s just guys being guys. They don’t care and if you call them out on it, they get defensive and shove the blame on you. A lot of these people are emotionally immature in general, due to the whole hyper-masculine culture. The issues are way, way deeper than just homophobia, and it’s going to take a long time to change.

  12. says

    @Francis: Very true, brother, and what I fear is that while Michael Bisping is an utterly reprehensible ambassador of the sport, there are probably a lot of people like him in MMA than not. Thus, it’s not a case of “if” it happens again, but “when.” When some other idiot uses a homophobic slur, the thing to do is refrain from comments like “closet case” and “gay porn for straight men.” Attack your opponent on terms they will understand.

    Dana White recently said that Michael Bisping will be disciplined for the spitting incident (and most likely the illegal knee strike as well), but he made no mention of the homophobic slur. As a straight man, I am NOT happy with that in the least.

    The next time something like this happens, raise your voice clearly and say that while the LGBT community (and by extension those that support them) may not be courted by the UFC, they should expect the same dignity afforded to any other demographic. At the very least you should expect not to be insulted. And does it make sense to marginalize a BIG, vocal demographic? I didn’t think so

  13. Francis says

    Good point, Seoul Brother. Don’t take the whole “MMA is gay” thing too seriously, though. Seeing two men grabbing onto each other def make some gays very excited lol. Anyway, your point is true. We do need to stand up and make our voices heard on this issue and the issue of homophobia in sports in general. And let it be known these actions are unacceptable. Dana White knows that his sports being connected to homophobia isn’t good for business, which is why he generally has went out of his way to deny the homophobia of his sport. But to actually have the use of faggot in this video is awful. The way to get respect by people like this is to fight for it and earn it, but the truth is a lot of gays really don’t care nor are driven to change the culture of sports. Ultimately, we just need to put the pressure on and get them to realize we won’t allow them to put us down quietly anymore. That will lead to actions taken against guys like Bisping. They may not change in their personal life, and I don’t care much if they don’t, but in public they should be professionals.

  14. says

    If it’s not ok to use homophobic slurs, exactly how is it ok to say “MMA is gay?”

    If you’re not willing to fight a massive culture of intolerance, you will be marginalized and become a casualty. It is that simple. You always have to raise your voice and fight.

    Bisping has a track record of acting like a spoiled little brat (and that’s being generous to him). He will never understand what a disgusting corn-studded piece of excrement he really is. Go above his head to Dana White and to people like Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker. Let them know that disrespectful homophobic fighters like Michael Bisping will NOT be tolerated.

  15. Francis says

    I’m not necessarily saying it’s OK Seoul Brother, but that it’s not necessarily meant to be a slight at MMA. More highlighting the homoerotic factor of it, I mean gay men are gay, you know (not stereotyping, but yeah, men attracted to other guys watching guys all over each other….) But I can see why it’s offensive. Ultimately you’re right, we have to fight and be heard to get places and that starts at the top and works it way to the bottom.

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