1. says

    It is terrifying what is happening over there. I just hope that the same will not occur here in America. It very well could break out though. I greatly fear this.

  2. Name: says

    That photo is nothing compared to what the Egyptian terrorists caused in NYC and DC. I just hope we don’t have to send more U.S. $$$ to clean it all up.

  3. gayermo says

    If anyone was still perplexed why the protesters in Egypt won’t give up until Mubarak leaves, I think this video says it all. I really hope the people of Egypt will be able to attain the liberties that all people deserve.

  4. Paul R says

    The first two comments on this thread are bizarre. Jacob, you greatly fear mass rioting and government-sanctioned violence toward US citizens? Why, exactly?

    And “Name,” the terrorists in NYC and DC were Saudi Arabian, not Egyptian.

  5. Name: says

    Sorry Paul 2 were from Egypt. Whats even more bizarre, is that the stock market in the U.S. has soared since the protests started

  6. says

    Okay, “Name,” 2 of the terrorists on 9/11 came from Egypt. Clearly that means we should take it out on all of Egyptians, right? Do you also think we should take it out on all of the United States because a US citizen committed the Oklahoma City bombing, our country’s second deadliest attack? There are whackos in every country and we don’t hold it against them. Whether you realize this or not, Egypt has been an ally in defeating Muslim terrorists and, should the people win and democracy come about, there’s little legitimate reason to think anything will change about that. It’s a secular society.

  7. says

    Kudos to the Egyptian pro-democracy forces, and shame on Obama and Clinton for their slow response to their pal Mubarack.

    Lets freeze all military aid to Egypt and Israel-Palestine now.

    Onward, Joe Mustich, Officiant,
    Red Studio Farm, Washington Green, CT USA

    And when are Americans going to take to the streets and fight the hucksters on Wall St…

  8. kevin says

    From this satellite photo Cairo seem to be back to normal, but with some scars after the “war”.
    Now I’m sure they will get back on their feet and start growing together as a nation.