News: Kye Allums, Sea Turtle, Faye Dunaway, ACLU, Sarah Palin


Sarah Palin uses fake Facebook account to praise real Facebook account.

Road ALERT: Leading anti-gay figures, NOM line up for right-wing conference in Iowa in March.

Eiffel RoadA collective look at the Eiffel Tower and other well-known monuments.

RoadFaye Dunaway pranked with wire hangers by flight crew.

RoadRosie O'Donnell is single again.

RoadMichael Lucas calls for boycott of New York's LGBT Center over facility use by Israeli Apartheid Week.

RoadJohn Travolta caught sans toupee.

RoadDr. Pepper wants to know you'll still be a man if you drink its diet soda: "A mobile 'Man Cave' will also travel to each of six test markets… The branded trailer will set up in 'testosterone zones' such as ball fields or car shows and give men a place to watch TV and play video games."

RoadKansas bill would "allow individuals to discriminate against members of protected classes not included in the state statute, so long as the individual can claim that such discrimination is a protected religious belief."

Allums RoadGeorge Washington University keeping transgender guard Kye Allums down?

RoadThune won't run for President.

RoadLegislation takes aim at ACLU historical exhibit in Iowa: "The exhibit celebrated the 90-year history of the American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa and its fights for racial justice, women's equality, gay rights and reproductive freedom. The exhibit ended last month."

RoadCorbin Fisher to sue 40,000 for illegal downloading based on IP addresses?

RoadMan arrested in Long Beach for vandalism of gay-owned businesses: "He first threw something through the window of a building in the 2000 block of East 4th Street about 8 p.m. on Dec. 17, 2010, police said. About 15 minutes later, a second window-smash vandalism was reported about two miles away in the 5100 block of East Ocean Boulevard, officers said. Investigators were concerned that both businesses catered to the gay and lesbian community, police said."

RoadWatch: Adele does Letterman.

Simmons RoadRichard Simmons: born this way.

RoadHeavy winds snap National Christmas Tree in D.C.

RoadRare leatherback sea turtle spotted in Indonesia: "Khairul Amra, a member of a local conservation group, said Thursday that the giant turtle was spotted on a beach on Sumatra island over the weekend just before it plunged into the water. Soon after 65 eggs thought to belong to the leatherback were found in a nest – the third such discovery on the same beach this year."

RoadCompete gay sports magazine launches nationally.

RoadKylie Minogue eyeing show in Vegas?

RoadLady Gaga says her relationship with Target Corp. hinges on redeeming themselves with the gay community: "That discussion was one of the most intense conversations I've ever had in a business meeting. Part of my deal with Target is that they have to start affiliating themselves with LGBT charity groups and begin to reform and make amends for the mistakes they've made in the past…our relationship is hinged upon their reform in the company to support the gay community and to redeem the mistakes they've made supporting those groups."


  1. Sam says

    Gaga is so full of it, it is ridiculous. No one believes she is on the business end of any of these decisions. Target is clearly going to reform their ways just to be able to sell her CD? Please. Meanwhile she is letting them do it without proving any reforms on their part.

    Maybe she is on the business end of these deals after all.

  2. Robert says

    You know, Gaga is the number 1 artist right now, with the fastest selling digital download single ever. If she demands that Target start to associate themselves with LGBT groups, they are not going to take this multi-million dollar artist lightly. People coming into their stores just to get her cd might start buying other stuff while they are in the store, creating a huge profit not only from her cd but from other things that people may buy. I dont see other artists saying similar things. When Gaga does stuff like this, why are we canibalizing ourselves and our supporters? Is there a lot of others who are doing similar deals, or at least claiming to do so? So why are we attacking the people who are at least trying? Give it a rest, at least the number 1 artist right now is trying her best to help us in any way that she can.

  3. brian says

    re: Richard Simmons. hopefully that bush will succeed in devouring him whole.
    re: Sports magazine. it would be nice to see a few actual sports columns in gay publications, instead of just leering photos of hot jocks
    re: Kansas. If christians want the right to discriminate against the gays, than the gays should have that same right against them.

  4. Eric26 says

    This Michael Lucas thing sounds a lot like when the Israeli Apartheid people were allowed to march in Toronto’s Pride parade. I was just thinking, “…why?”.
    Now I have nothing against the organisation, because the one in Toronto is very reasonable and all they really do care about is seeing the quality of Palestinian life improved. I can’t speak for other similar organisations in different cities, but Michael Lucas’s accusation smacks of the old, “If you criticise Israel for any reason you are a rabid anti-semite. Israel is perfect.” which is, obviously, very UNreasonable.

  5. says

    Hi Brian,

    First I’d like to ask how long you’ve been a subscriber to Compete. If you haven’t been a subscriber, I’m curious to know where you’ve picked it up.
    If you haven’t actually seen Compete, I would encourage you to contact us at 480-222-4223 so that you can see first hand what our magazine is all about (and hopefully change your mind about what you think we are).

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