Watch LIVE: Obama Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast

President Obama speaks at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington D.C. at 8 am ET.

The activist group GetEQUAL has been holding a protest outside the breakfast which is sponsored by "The Family", the group behind anti-gay American evangelism in Uganda which served as a catalyst to the proposed "kill the gays" bill.

GetEQUAL writes: "In the wake of the murder of Ugandan gay activist, David Kato, and the pending deportation of Brenda Namigadde from the UK back to Uganda, we believe it is imperative that “The Family” be exposed not only for their role as organizer of the National Prayer Breakfast, but for their relationship with many of our legislators and their influence on world affairs, including the annihilation of LGBT people worldwide. On the morning of February 3, we'll gather on the sidewalk outside the Prayer Breakfast to educate the attendees on “The Family's” role in this annual event, to stand up to their bigotry, and to stop the Family’s interference in Ugandan affairs, which itself has been called a trial run for what they want to happen in the U.S."

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  1. bobbyjoe says

    Oh, that silly GetEqual, worried about trivial matters like potential genocide. Don’t they know the President simply won’t be re-elected at all if he passes up this one PR event for any kind of “moral stance” or something prissy and annoying like that?

    GetEqual needs to STFU, get with the program and host a cocktail party or something, like those brave civil rights superstars at HRC. The way to save lives in Uganda is through pretty words, not anything namby-pamby like actually pointedly disassociating oneself from groups involved in fostering the deadly atmosphere in that country. GetEqual needs to GrowUp!!!

  2. Fenrox says

    I dunno, This is a lofty battle that getequal is trying to confront, so I laud them for trying. It is too little and the timing is off but this has to happen and someone has to try.

    However I am unsure about any group that thinks that the president can just wave a wand and make everything better.

  3. r says

    does obama truly stand for ANYTHING?

    still waiting on the whole evolved-devolved-“evolving” stance on marriage equality


    i’d really like to see a leader whose priority is doing the right thing, rather than worrying about reelection

  4. nick says

    The answer to your question “R” is NO-
    BHO stands for absolutely nothing- unless he is coerced into it and your have a good chance if you offer up a hefty dose of Xtian backing. This prayer breakfast needs to end- period. It is a farce and insulting.

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    “i’d really like to see a leader whose priority is doing the right thing, rather than worrying about reelection”

    You may want to think about moving to Egypt in a year or so.


    Who should the President be concerned with? A few athiest homosexuals or about 80% of the American people.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    “Ihad a “prayer breakfast” this morning too. Except my one prayer was that Obama was a one term president.”

    Well, maybe Satan will answer your prayer, and you’ll have a right-wing Republican president in 2013 who will have a prayer breakfast every weekend.

  7. EB says

    What you, and many others seem oblivious to is that we already have a right-wing Republican president. He just happened to lie enough to convince many of us that he was a progressive Democrat. The argument that a vote for anyone but Obama in 2012 is a vote for the Republicans is so specious: a vote for Obama is a vote for the Republicans.

  8. says

    no EB

    obama never claimed to be progressive

    I for 1 am very disapointed in Obama being so clintonesque triangulating nuevo-liberal conservedem

    He did claim to be less conservedem than Hillary BUT he never claimed to be progressive

    The only true progressive in the primaries was Kucinich and we can’t get him elected to the white house. It would be nice if we could, but it isn’t possible under our current political system

  9. EB says

    I didn’t say he “claimed to be progressive,” but he did convince many that he would fight for progressive causes. Many of the promised he made while running certainly were of a Progressive nature.

  10. EB says

    One more thing, mstrozfckslv. If we believe “it isn’t possible under our current political system,” then of course it isn’t.
    Egyptians probably believed that they could never change their political system, and they may fail now, but at least they found the courage to believe in, and fight for their rights. That is where power comes from, and we could change what is possible here in the good old USA, if we were willing to commit to getting off our asses and hitting the streets, and working to get real progressive candidates on the ballot.
    It wouldn’t be easy, but to change things we need to start somewhere, and get rid of the defeatist attitude.
    Also, if we quit voting for the lesser of evils, and accepting that we just have to settle for evil, things might change.

  11. says

    well EB

    I’m ready to draft bernie sanders for a 2012 to challenge obama from the left

    How many others are? Sanders is even more progressive than Kucinich

  12. Derrick from Philly says


    who is “we”? This is a conservative country, EB. These are the United States–this aint the damn Netherlands!

    Democrats move to the political center when running for president. And unfortunatley, they may even move to right of center to get re-elected.

    We haven’t seen the Left-wing of the Democratic Party wield real power since LBJ was in office (and back then there were Progressive Republicans).

    For many (maybe most) it’s about realistic goals. For instance, appointments to the federal bench where many Gay Civil Rights issues will be decided.

    For those of you who are idealistic enough to expect REAL change that’s not SLOW change in a conservative country–vote for someone else in November 2012. If y’all are fantasizing about a Democratic intra-party primary fight-FORGET IT. The true base of the Democratic Party remembers what happened in 1980. Barack Hussein Obama will be the nominee of the Democrats again.

  13. EB says

    This country is not a conservative country. Recent polling has shown, (sorry no link right now, but if you follow any of the progressive blogs, you would have seen articles recently about this,) that a majority of Americans believe in progressive solutions to our problems.

    Unfortunately, the conservatives have made liberal a dirty word, and many are afraid to call themselves progressive, just because it’s such an icky word. We are indoctrinated from the beginning to believe we are Democrat or Republican, and most don’t think beyond that, even though their own party may actually fight against their best interests. A corporate owned press, that tells us this is a conservative country over and over again doesn’t help. But their message has convinced you.

    Obama won because he espoused progressive principles and solutions during the campaign. Could such a candidate have won if this country is so overwhelmingly conservative? Could a black man have won?

    The Democrats don’t track right to win votes, they track right to get corporate approval and money. They have no real convictions, and play for the same team as the Republicans.

    And you go ahead and believe that Obama and the current Democratic leadership is the best we can do. Vote for them by all means, and when change never comes, tell me again why I should always support them.

    You won’t even consider that we who believe things can get better might be right. That is what the neoliberal powers that be are counting on. Just keep on voting the same way and expect different results. Just roll over and say we can’t do any better.

    I say if we work hard and are willing to either embrace a new party, or take back the Democratic Party from the DLC, we can win and change this country for the better.

  14. Derrick from Philly says


    I argue and trade insults with posters who throw nasty one-liners at the President (and his supporters). I can’t argue with someone who has been genuinely disappointed, and takes the time to explain how they really feel.

    I’ve been disappointed a few times too over these last two years. I was disappointment a number of times during the Clinton and Carter years.

    When the President gave the Republicans an extention of the Bush Tax Cuts–well, I thought that was it for me (an Obamabot to the bone, honey). I was devastated and angry. But then Bill Clinton got on television and said to Democrats, “what else could he do?”

    I guess that was all the Party’s base needed to continue to support this current President: an even more popular Democrat saying that it’s ok.

  15. EB says

    Thank Derrick,

    And I don’t mean you any disrespect with my posts. We can agree to disagree.

    I found a link to one of the articles I was referring to about the true nature of our country:

    If I didn’t love my country, and want to stop our slide into facism, I wouldn’t bother to comment at all. I truly just want the people of this country, of all political persuasions to understand that if we don’t fight now, we may lose everything soon. There were times in the past, during great crises, that we all pulled together, and realized our interests were the same, and we stopped listening to those who strove to pull us apart. I truly hope that time comes soon for America.

  16. elg says

    EB said:
    “What you, and many others seem oblivious to is that we already have a right-wing Republican president. He just happened to lie enough to convince many of us that he was a progressive Democrat.”

    What you said above is absolutely wrong. If Obama was a right wing Republican, he would NEVER have signed the DADT repeal bill. He would NEVER have signed the hate crimes bill.

    EB also said:
    “Obama won because he espoused progressive principles and solutions during the campaign. Could such a candidate have won if this country is so overwhelmingly conservative? Could a black man have won?”

    Obama won because most people blamed the financial meltdown that occurred in 2008 almost totally on Bush and the Republicans. People, meaning white people, gave him more of their votes than they ordinarily would have because of the economy. Even so, only 43% of the white people who voted in 2008 voted for Obama. The other 57% voted for John McCain. Most white voters didn’t like Obama in 2008 and even fewer of the whites most likely to vote like him now. This is not a progressive country. Obama won because of the state of the economic meltdown in 2008 not because the country is so progressive.

  17. EB says

    Elg, believe what you want. You think that DADT was repealed. Drink some more Koolaid. The law is still in effect. It was not repealed.
    The economic meltdown was proof to enough of the country that the trickle down theory didn’t work. And Obama said “Enough!” to the banks when he was running for office. Many who voted for him thought this meant he would fight the banks greedy and fruadulent practices. The voters wanted regulations to protect Main Street over Wall Street, which is a progressive stance. So, they were voting for progressive ideas! Instead, he gives the banks everything they could possibly want, when in office.

  18. Chitown Kev says

    Well, all I have to say about this is that if the economic indicators are seriously on the rebound, then a majority of American voters won’t care what race/ethnicity Barack Obama is in 2012

  19. NickC says

    People, can someone give some sort of verifiable evidence that The Family organizes the National Prayer Breakfast? According to Wikipedia, it was founded in 1953 by a Norwegian. I can find any source (beyond GetEQUAL) that states anything about The Family having anything to do with it.

    I’m not blindly trying to defend Obama or anything, I just don’t understand where all of this is coming from.

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