Towleroad Guide to the Tube #825

STATE GUN: Utah lawmakers want one.

CAMILLE GRAMMER: FOX News ruined my sex life.

G-A-Y: A musical salute to 5,000 years of gays and lesbians.

HOMOSEXUALITY: The latest piece of lying propaganda from 'Focus on the Family' head counselor and misinformant Dr. Bill Maier.

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  1. Sargon Bighorn says

    Once again the Radical Religious Extremists use children as their “collateral damage” in the war against humanity. We in the west are no longer “primitive” people and our families are no longer primitive. Maier is a quake. And to suggest marriage is about children and only children, as he does in fact suggest, flies in the face of people beyond child bearing age getting married, those that are infertile getting married (who for all intents and purposes may as well be of the same sex) and those that do not want children. That man is a danger to families everywhere.

  2. earthling says

    Email to those bastards…

    “Sad to say, I’ve just sat through a video by Mr. Maier, and watched him dissect me and my community with a cruel efficiency that was deeply disturbing. Regardless of the fact that his “data” is obviously cherry-picked and easily disproved, it was an insult to watch such hatred delivered with his beatific smile and calm demeanor.
    I am gay, I know myself, I know my habits, my “lifestyle.” I am none of the things Mr. Maier claims I am, nor are my friends. He asks why LGBT people seem to have more difficulties in our society and ignores the obvious answer. It is because of HIM and people like him that have abused and degraded the gay community for decades. He preaches that we have no value and all his acolytes follow his lead. If you are raised in an intolerant aggressive and hateful society you can not escape the wounds it inflicts on your self-esteem and self-image.
    Such sad hatred in the name of Jesus Christ. One can only imagine how you express yourself in private if this is your public persona.
    You have my sympathy.”

  3. AllBeefPatty says

    Doctor Maier’s perfectly capped teeth and preened mustache tells me so much.

    What a toad!

    2 bucks… that 5 months from now he will be screaming for salvation.

  4. Gary says

    When I listen to and watch Bill Maier, I don’t hear the love of Christ in words and I don’t see the kindness of Christ in his eye. No, quite the opposite… more like the snake!

  5. roberto says

    -let them talk their own hate will show..
    -He needs a lesson in history Homosexuality has existed always. Hebrew-Christians push it deep inside the closet.
    -Good created Male and Female and Intersexual that is a scientific fact. And many things in between. Diversity is creation and Good do not make mistakes.
    -Homosexuality exists in animals so is Homosexuality a choice????
    -Jesus did talk about that NOT ALL abandon father and mother and marry. Heterosexual marriage is NOT the only way….people are born with differences..

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