Towleroad Guide to the Tube #841

DOMA FOR DUMMIES:'s Matt Baume offers his latest set of updates on same-sex marriage.

WILL PHILLIPS: The young Arkansas activist has a message for NOM's Maggie Gallager — "Don't be so aggro, dude!"

RIVERDALE: A fan-made trailer based on the Archie comic.

DOMA BACKLASH: HRC's Joe Solmonese on reactions to Obama's DOMA announcement.

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  1. Derrick from Philly says

    The President did a brave thing by ending his Justice Department’s defending DOMA. It’s brave politically. Part of his strategy for winning the 2008 Election was NOT getting the Evangelicals all riled up against him. It worked. Had the Evangelicals been emotionally charged against him he would have not won North Carolina, Virginia, Indiana & Florida (states which he won’t win again, I’m afriad)–but there are other states in which the far right religious nuts could make it very difficult for him and Democrats. That’s why he tries to be friendly with that beastly Rick Warren and those other religious beasts.

    In 2008 the Evangelical Right didn’t seem to care very much, and they weren’t crazy about John McCain either. THis time the Republicans will try to use the “gay issue” to attack the President.

    And for those Gays who cynically say, “he just wants our money and our votes.” I wish my beloved President SlimJim could tell y’all to take your money and your votes and stick them where you usually stick the KY Jelly.

  2. GregV says

    It irks me that the newscaster uses the euphemisms “advocates of traditional marriage| and “proponents of traditional marriage” to refer to anti-gay organizations.
    The groups arguing in favor of equal marriage rights are as strong “advocates of traditional marriage” as anyone. My parents, for example, have the most traditional marriage imaginable, and they completely support equal marriage for same-sex couples. (In fact, they have a very happy and successful marriage, which seems to be more uncommon among those who attack our marriages).

    If the Klan were to attack then rights of inter-racial couples, would they be refered to as “a group supporting traditional couples?”

    These groups are not “for” anything special; they are AGAINST equal treatment for others.

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