USC Quarterback Matt Barkley Doesn’t Want Gays to Marry, Decides to Let Everyone on Twitter Know


USC Quarterback Matt Barkley decided to tweet out his thoughts about Obama's announcement that he would stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) on Wednesday.

Barkley's tweet:


SMH = "shaking my head".

Barkley defended his tweet after anger from others on Twitter: "look bro, I'm not discriminating and I'm not a homophobe. I'm standing up for what I believe. Cool down…"

One twitter user responded, "Hmm.. you do know there are a lot of gay trojans who would defend and cheer for you til the bitter end, right?"

Responded Barkley "absolutely! I have nothing against them!"


  1. Mike says

    I’m done with all these idiots and their insistence it’s a “matter of opinion”. “Standing up for what he believes?” That’s bullshit! Nobody has the right to trample on the rights of others. If he would have said he didn’t believe in inter-racial marriage, he’d be run out of town on a rail. Obviously, he “believes” in discrimination. And that isn’t cool… dude!

  2. Not Surprised says

    Quarterback? Aren’t they supposed to be the smart ones?

    Probably just another air-head for Jesus type who occasionally puts his helmet on backwards.

  3. shannon says

    WAIT…….this is a white guy!! Aren”t you going to ~~SCREAM~~ how “cute” and “hot” he is?? And how you will do ANYTHING to meet him or sleep with him??????????????? And THIS is what he thinks of you….lol

  4. MrBill says

    I believe jocks should not be allowed to get married to other jocks but I have nothing against jocks. Yes!! that sounds stupid and so does his twit from a twit

  5. Chris says

    It shouldn’t bother me because no one knows this guy, but here is why it does: stuff like that always makes me wonder whether these people ever think “What’s it to me?”
    Screw him.

  6. says


    “….If he would have said he didn’t believe in inter-racial marriage, he’d be run out of town on a rail.”

    Uhm probably not, it is the university of (play the incestual hillbillie music now)south carolina after all

  7. SoCal87 says

    who has been around this guy before, he is indeed a homophobe. His language when no one is watching coupled with this belief makes him a homophobe. Some people have themselves convinced that unless you kill a gay person, you aren’t a homophobe…having outright disdain for us is stemmed from homophobia and believe you me, he does. And I won’t say more on that.

  8. Cal says

    I love how these people’s minds work. “I’m not discriminating, I just think you shouldn’t be able to do the same things I can.”


    “it is the university of (play the incestual hillbillie music now)south carolina after all”

    USC is the University of Southern California.

  9. IonMusic says

    He also went on to add that we should all read a Bible to find our answers.

    Why are so many gays so weak? Why are so many gays so complacent and WEAK minded when it comes to being treated with respect? Why are so many gay people fine with being singled out to be disabled from rights everyone else experiences but us…and to be told we don’t deserve it? ANY self respecting gay person challenges those notions and challenges people who flaunt and proudly shout those bigoted notions.

    If he was for ANY other demographic being singled out in the name of discrimination, he would have a press confrence with an apology. He announces his displeasure with gays experiencing equality and is allowed to hide behind his religion without rebuttal. And we wonder why gay rights are not evolving? because we’re too okay with being told in our faces we are second class citizens and ACCEPTING it.

  10. Dynex says

    If he’s entitled to state his opinion why are we and those who are for equal rights not allowed to voice our opinion?

    I sincerely hope every person who is an ally for equal rights messages him and educates him. If we let every person who is against equality just state their opinions with out educating them, than there’s no progress that will be made.

    Reply to his tweet with your own opinions.

  11. HadenoughBS says

    If Barkley’s too stupid to understand the definition of a “homophobe” then I guess all his education is on the USC football field and NOT in any of their classrooms. He’s just another dumbass jock for Jesus with a football diploma.

  12. J says

    I am gay and I don’t agree with what he has said.

    However,I DEFEND his right to say it.

    Homophobes,bigots,racists….they all have the right to say WHATEVER they want to say.

    Let the public judge him.

    I’d rather he be honest about it.Like that,I get to know who people really are and what to watch out,rather than dealing with phonies,whom I hate.

  13. Rowan says

    Jeremy, you must be new here. This site race baits, just go on the search button and look for black sports stars. Better still black anything and you will see so many comments quote prop 8 and how blacks are more homophobic then gays etc etc etc

  14. dave02657 says

    Asked and answered:

    Matt Barkley ….
    High school: Mater Dei High School,
    Santa Ana, California

    Mater Dei High School is a private, Catholic, co-educational secondary school in Santa Ana, California. It is located in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange. With an enrollment of 2,100 students (Fall 2010) Mater Dei High School is one of the largest Catholic high schools in the United States. Mater Dei High School is known for its highly successful athletic programs, especially boys basketball and football.,_California%29

  15. Francis says

    Matt is an OC kid. Anyone who knows about that area, knows that his views aren’t surprising in the least. He’s clearly a brainwashed individual and seems pretty stupid in general, but that’s what brainwashing does, makes you stupid. The fact he’s clueless as to why his views are offensive is the part that gets me, though. People like this have absolutely no clue exactly why they get heat, for saying homophobic things they don’t consider homophobic. They think it’s just perfectly OK to be anti-gay and don’t think twice about it. Certainly not very Christian. But at least this DID get out in the open, so now opposing teams can use it against him.

  16. Francis says

    Oh hell, he’s a Catholic kid? Oh………well it all makes sense now. We all know how that is. Not surprised.

    By the way, the USC fans are spinning this into Matt being “mature” by not being offensive or going overboard in a sticky situation. Isn’t bigotry so upstanding!

  17. Bob R says

    I hope he never completes another pass and is constantly sacked by the opposition. Dumb, blond and Catholic. I wonder if he was ever an alter boy, or an altered boi?

  18. says


    The freedom of speach does not mean the freedom to spout idiocy

    the founders were very against stupidity thus why they limited voting rights to large land owners = more likely educated at that time. The founders expounded a ton on the danger of idiocy and the comman masses being swayed by idiocy and demogauges (spell check)

  19. Mike says

    At least he was semi respectful about it… The real test will be to see if he whines and moans about the reaction from gay people. But he can shake his head, whatever. He can learn all the twitter lingo he wants too. He can also make millions throwing a ball around in the same society that supports gay people.

  20. X says

    What an ignoramus! Just saying you’re not a homophobe does not make that true. The sad part is people are focusing on this one idiot’s message, when really the people in power in the USA are spouting the same garbage. Guess we know where a lot of ’em look like when they’re younger…

  21. Mike says

    @a different Mike.. I do agree that he would be run out of town if he said he disagreed with inter-racial marriage… He’s a football player, and it would become a race issue.

  22. tom says

    Stupid is alive and well – maybe after he “grapples” more with the issue, he’ll “evolve” toward a new perspective. Or maybe he’s just a bigot like mom and dad.

  23. Mike says

    It would also be discussed on the blogs and probably the talk shows ie the View tomorrow… if he were to say anything about inter-racial marriage. so getting press from this statement isn’t suprising, but again he was trying to be respectful and that means something, but we often see that get thrown out the door when they aren’t satasfied with the reaction…

  24. Nick says

    Did this find product of the university of spoiled children get this out of the Fellowship of Xtian Athletes field manual—-the dirty little secret that isn’t talked about in polite circles?
    Tony Dungy, Kurt Warner and scores and scores of jockboys from high school through the pros buy into this fundamental interpretation of Christianity.
    It is pervasive at every level of sports in our country and they have nice 18th Century views of women and gays and other social issues.
    Shameful, bigoted and did I mention a sense of entitlement. Pointing to the skies -apparently where 160 odd thousand souls are admitted at a time -is not a coincidence-they all do it now after making a big play cuz Jesus is helping each and every one of them play the all important game.
    Matty is just parroting the party line god forbid he think for himself-that could be dangerous.

  25. Francis says

    Matt has been whining about it, saying essentially “it’s my beliefs” and “I’m not a bigot” over and over, until he dropped it for the most part. Some other………….individual is defending him saying “Matt’s not a bigot” and basically going out of their ways to justify their homophobia. BTW most of the reaction towards him has been negative. If he didn’t want to be called a bigot, and if he were truly being respectful, he would have not tweeted an intentional anti-gay slanted tweet in the first place.

  26. Jon Brian Blake says

    Well, well, well,…. good for him. He stated what he believed in. THEN he said he wasn’t a homophobe. Funny how that works.

    “I really like you guys – I just think you shouldn’t have the same rights as I do”

  27. Keith says

    No, that’s the University of Southern California, not South Carolina. And, to say he’s stirred up a hornets nest is an understatement. While his football buddies are probably patting him on the back for his homophobic views, I assure you that the coach and the administration are not amused. My guess is that you’ll see a few less twitters from this quarterback and his personal opinions in the near future.

  28. Keith says

    No, that’s the University of Southern California, not South Carolina. And, to say he’s stirred up a hornets nest is an understatement. While his football buddies are probably patting him on the back for his homophobic views, I assure you that the coach and the administration are not amused. My guess is that you’ll see a few less twitters from this quarterback and his personal opinions in the near future.

  29. ratbastard says

    Why are they always so blond and stupid looking?

    Posted by: Jonathan | Feb 27, 2011 6:55:04 PM

    He must be Mexican.
    Or maybe black.
    Coz they’re the homophobic ones in CA, right?

    Posted by: Kevinvt | Feb 27, 2011 6:59:14 PM



    As a gay [I’m assuming you’re gay] where would you rather live: A western 1st world society like the Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, etc., where there are a lot of ‘Dumb Blonds’, or Swaziland?

    And Kevinvt: VT is like 99.9% white; if you celebrate diversity and are such an expert on it [judging by your many posts, almost all of which have to do with diversity, race, etc.,] WTF are you doing hiding out in VT? Why aren’t you down in Boston, NYC, where we really do celebrate diversity?

  30. anthony says

    Who cares? He’s a meat head, that’s why he has to play football. If he had a brain he’d be able to get a real career. Now the fact that he says stuff like that and kids look up to him, well that makes me SMH.

  31. Chris DaChocolatebearcub says

    And Kevinvt: VT is like 99.9% white; if you celebrate diversity and are such an expert on it [judging by your many posts, almost all of which have to do with diversity, race, etc.,] WTF are you doing hiding out in VT? Why aren’t you down in Boston, NYC, where we really do celebrate diversity?

    Posted by: ratbastard | Feb 28, 2011 12:28:46 AM

    OH Please STFU You know damn well why that was said and you’re the biggest race baiter on here….MOVE ALONG Ratty Batty!

  32. rlk says

    Being a USC graduate, I am somewhat stunned and then very pissed at these remarks. USC has a proud tradition of inclusion and support for LGBT students including a whole floor know as the Rainbow Floor so LGBT studens can share an inclusive dorm, strong support student and alumni LGBT groups. This guy needs to be brought down a peg. I am sure this will blow in his face as USC will have to respond. This story must be known to the USC athletic administration, USC Lambda, and USC administration. This guy does not belong at USC, it is not he Trojan way.

  33. ted says

    The kid is a football player. Who gives a crap what he thinks? So he is shaking his head. Giving this much attention to a TWEET for christ’s sake. Who cares? And why was he shaking his head? Because it took Obama this long, perhaps?

  34. Randy says

    “absolutely! I have nothing against them!”*

    I’m sure the unwritten part reads:

    * unless they ask for those special same-sex marriage rights, like they’re some kind of equal to me or something.

  35. john leddy says

    oh matt barkley,what are we to say about the saint of the conservative movement;ronald reagan? he was married and divorced and remarried? jesus called that adultery and we know what the punishment for that was – should we have stoned reagan to death for his sin? matt you are a narrowminded schmuk!!!!

  36. adam says

    who cares what a dumb frat jock says anyway, he is ignorant, but at least claims he isn’t homophobic, i don’t understand why this is news on here. He’s a dumb child. andy, there’s more important stuff to post than this bs

  37. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    You can already see that he is not going to age well.

    He needs to educate himself so that when his looks fade, he will have lots to fall back on. 😉

  38. RATBASTARD says

    I have to laugh at all the faux outrage you silly queens are directing at this guy. Have you ever watched a USC game and seen that amazing ass in those skin tight pants? Have you seen those photos of him shirtless by a swimming pool? I think that 90% of the catty bitches in here would love to have that guy bang them no matter what political or religious views he has! Now don’t hate on me… I’m just keeping it real!

  39. David Stevens says

    I saw the picture first. I thought what a cute gay guy….
    Then I saw the head line….lol
    After all my years of counseling other gay man I must say he really needs to come out of the closet !!!
    The over use of straight over tones and his look….lol
    My Gay Dar was singing before I even viewed the headline.
    Why be mad he just sad…..

  40. galore says

    Second Reality101’s comment. That PICTURE in the background. Cute loverboys in spandex. So romantic.

    I always laugh when football players, with the most ridiculous looking, least butch uniforms, say something homophobic.

    Girlfriends, you slap other guy’s spandexed asses and play with a giant ball. Get real, LOL!

  41. Derrick from Philly says


    you’re in the manic stage right now, aren’t you? Don’t you have any medication left?

    SHANNON, KEVIN & ROWAN, but he’s not white. Can’t you see? He’s just very very very high high high yella’. A white guy couldn’t be so homophobic as to beat a gay guy to a pulp and then tie him to a fence to die a slow torturous death in rural Wyoming.

  42. says

    I hate it when people say that they are not racist or homophobic or discriminatory because they are just “standing up for what they believe in.” While the latter half of that sentence may be true, the two parts are not mutually exclusive. If your beliefs are prejudiced, then standing up for those beliefs makes you prejudiced. I think I’d actually have more respect for this guy if he just owned up to it instead of trying to weasel out of its ramifications.

  43. says

    He says he knows there are lots of gays at USC who cheer him on… and he says he knows and that he has nothing against them.
    WELL, he does have something against them. He wants to restrict them from marrying the person they love. That’s having something against them –very specifically so.

  44. DR says

    You guys are pathetic. This incessant culture of victimhood pervading the so-called “community” needs to stop. He has an opinion. He expressed it politely. Whether you agree with it or not, he has that right. But of course, now the GLBT “community” will kill any dialogue by shouting “homophobia”.

    How typical. No wonder the larger American community doesn’t take us seriously. You attack anyone who doesn’t agree with your antiquated group-think.

    It’s time for a new line, gents. Less and less gay men are taking your histrionics seriously.

  45. Francis says

    There isn’t any dialogue when it comes to bigotry, DR. And, it’s not about group think either. It’s about equality. If you don’t have the common sense to understand that, then that’s your problem.

  46. mcNnyc says

    I guess the quarterback is playing

    That said…Unfortunately his “belief” system (religious AND CIVIL) does in fact encourage and enable him in his discrimination.

    And what I “believe” is that he may well be homophobic…and that’s his right.

    But he does not show any leadership qualities I would admire in a quarterback or a citizen.

  47. Francis says

    Oh, and no-one looks up to this kid. He lead USC to their worst record in years. He’s a nobody, and obviously very concerned about us gays. That’s the Catholic showing itself. And the fact he has this on his website is rich. It’s too late Matty, you’re name has already been damaged beyond repair. He has a gay immediate family member too? Well, wonder how those dinner conversations are gonna go.

  48. IonMusic says

    You are NOT entitled an opinion when you’re opinion seeks to discriminate and belittle a very large sector of our population. Gays have been told long enough we are not worthy and FINALLY we are fighting back and fighting back HARD. We earned our respect and will not stand for anything less than.

    Don’t want backlash for being a bigot? DON’T BE A BIGOT!

    Dr…go back in line you spineless loser. You’re a failure at life who has been told all his life you are not worthy for being gay and have bought into it in your adult life, congrats you sheepish coward.

  49. Scottie James says

    @ DR: Actually, there are more people galvanized in our COMMUNITY than ever before. There are more gay orginizations around than ever before. There are more news stories, more progress and more gay people coming out than ever before. No time before today has being gay been something to truly pride yourself in and TODAY thanks to the very many people in the gay communty, we are making our voices heard louder than ever before.

    Folks, anytime someone comes on here and sides with the side of bigotry and claims we have too much “group think”…it is code for – SUPPORT THE BIGOTS. They’d like us to put up and shut up…but those days are over, dear DR. Our community is a strong, large, strengthened one.

  50. Dynex says

    Guys. DR is the anti gay board troll. He trolls every gay news story spewing the same homophobic nonesense requesting we gays accept the fact that homophobia exists and not combat it. It’s a tactic hate mongers use to ensure we stay silent and not fight back. Telling us that if we dare want equality it’s us having a militant mentality. He’s a troll from the other side, and they’re ploy is always shamefully obvious.

    Code words from hate monger trolls are : Group think, forcing it down people’s throat, everyone is entitled to their opinions.

    If you see someone saying the above hogwash on a gay related news story, know they are trolling because they are fixated on our cause and are foaming at the mouth that LGBT is indeed advancing it’s effort.

  51. says

    Hey ‘Bro’ – you ARE discriminating and you ARE a homophobe. Can you imagine the following: “smh – Lincoln frees the slaves” and then claiming that it’s just his opinion, that he’s not discriminating and not a racist.


  52. Seth says

    “He must be Mexican.
    Or maybe black.
    Coz they’re the homophobic ones in CA, right?”

    If only white males had been allowed to vote on Prop 8, it would have failed. If only Blacks or Latinos were allowed to vote on Prop 8, it would have passed by a much greater margin than it did. If we had had a vote in DC, the only hope for the anti-gay side would be to appeal to DC’s Black residents. If we lose in MD, it will be for the same reason. Opposition to gay marriage correlates with lower formal education, lower income, and higher religiosity. That means on average, a Black voter is more likely to vote against SSM.

    Stop living in your racist dream world where only white people can be the villain.

  53. jamal49 says

    Gee, Matt. I don’t want YOU to get married either. See, you’re dumb as rocks, ugly too, and I don’t think society should permit you to procreate and be allowed to have any influence over children.

    One does get tired of our fight for full civil equality being discussed as a “difference of opinion”.

    Matt, take that football and shove it as far up your ass as it will go.

  54. RATBASTARD says

    @DERRICKFROMPHILLY: Oh, I am cut to the quick by your witty and clever personal attacks! I think most of us learned back in second grade that when people resort to personal attacks, it’s because they can’t refute the arguments being presented. I’m still pretty sure that about 3/4 of the bitchy queens here would do this hot jock if given the chance, no matter what stupidity he spouts.

  55. says

    I have nothing against them*!

    *Except I don’t want them to be able to have equal rights, get married or derive protection and/or happiness from those things in life.

    How on earth do these people think they’re not “discriminating” when they’re doing just that, in a patently obvious way? Are they dense?

  56. Jonathan says

    It’s not the University of South Carolina, you twit. It’s University of Southern CA. Otherwise known as “University of Spoiled Children”.

    The only thing this guy has to look forward to is a downhill slide into oblivion. He;’s a moronic dope. He can throw a ball, WOW.

  57. Paul says

    first off, the President didn’t decide not to defend all of DOMA just section 3, which was ruled unconstitutional by a federal judge in two cases.
    DOMA is still intact, but the President, who is a legal scholar and an expert at constitutional law stated that it cannot be defended and they cannot win.
    This guy is a dumbass, like the masses who don’t understand that the law is still in tact, it just will not be defended in court. Defending a law and enforcing the law are two different things.

  58. Jon says

    “Uhm probably not, it is the university of (play the incestual hillbillie music now)south carolina after all.”

    Actually, USC is the University of Southern California, not South Carolina, so yes, he would have been run out of town on a rail!

  59. Silly says

    first off, the only people I’ve ever come across who “act out” that strongly against gay people have always been later found to be closeted. They act out to over compensate the obvious, and some do go as far as beating up other gay people to not look or come across gay themselves.. he’s the very type of this in every way.. seriously, I’ve had a friend go through this and the closeted loser who beat him up displayed an attitude like this also.. sad but true.

  60. Christopher Eaton says

    He’s a kid….cut him a little slack. Yes, that statement is preposterous and archaic. But as a board member of the USC Lambda LGBT Alumni Association I know that USC is an amazingly gay-friendly university as ranked by multiple publications over a decade now (# 1 and #’s 1-5 depending on the year and publication). Someone will have an influence on this boy. What he doesn’t yet understand is that the Trojan Family is all about absolute diversity and the embracing of all of humanity. He’ll learn that from someone at USC. I’m volunteering.

  61. Sean says

    Man, he’s probably too thick to even consider the possibility that things he knows might ever change – “what, peanut butter AND jelly? smh” – but he has the right to express his opinion. Maybe if he was trying to change people’s minds, then we could all jump upon him and beat him pitifully with our opinions, but he just said three completely unconvincing letters. Anyone who would agree with him probably still would have done before this, so why are we getting all riled up and screechy about it?

    A much more fitting response would echo his erudite writing style and would remain cheerfully detached. Example : “Matt Barkley’s penis? lol”

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