News: Cheyenne Jackson, 747, Wyoming, Pedro Almodovar, Detroit

 road Gay Gaga backlash?

 roadAUDIO: GOProud's Christopher Barron has meltdown, is booted from Signorile show.

Cheyenne_jackson  roadPhotos: Cheyenne Jackson performs on world's largest gay cruise.

 roadO.J. Simpson beaten unconscious in prison?

 roadUSA Today: On gay rights, do far-right Christians continue fighting, or adapt? "Prayerful discernment and simple Christian decency would strongly suggest the latter. The alternative looks worse by the day — a quixotic battle more likely to discredit its fighters and their fine religion than win any hearts and minds for Jesus. Christianity has far worthier causes than this."

 roadBritish government to legalize same-sex marriage this week?

 roadJoe Jonas to record dance album: “It’s not just a cheesy pop record. The dance element is where my heart is.”

 roadStudy: Ecstasy does not damage brain function. "Tests comparing 52 Ecstasy users in the US with 59 non-users show that consumption does not lead to loss of mental ability, according to findings reported in the journal Addiction. Earlier studies that found impairment of brain power were flawed, it says."

 roadP!nk is a pregnant, pickle-eating panda.

Boeing  roadBoeing rolls out new jumbo jet.

 roadNewark TSA officer admits to stealing from passengers' bags: "The Transportation Security Administration officer, Michael Arato, 41, admitted in U.S. District Court in Newark he took kickbacks from a subordinate officer, whom he permitted to steal between $10,000 and $30,000 in cash from travelers over the course of a year ending in October 2010, the U.S. Attorney's office said."

 roadKansas GOP Rep. Connie O'Brien says she can tell who's an illegal because of their "olive complexion".

 roadDetroit's gay pride festival moves from Ferndale to downtown Hart Plaza.

 roadAnti-gay lawmakers seek to intervene in Wyoming same-sex divorce case: "In their request for permission to file the brief, the lawmakers argue that Wyoming would have to revise several state laws if the Wyoming Supreme Court acknowledges lower state courts can perform same-sex divorces. The lawmakers also warn that accepting same-sex divorce would probably also force the state to recognize 'plural marriages' — meaning polygamy — 'and other domestic unions found in foreign jurisdictions.'"

 roadFormer Idol contestant Katharine McPhee joins Debra Messing in new gay showtune sitcom.

Almodovar  roadTeaser poster for Pedro Almodovar's new film released.

 roadDavid LaChapelle sues Rihanna for appropriating his images for her "S&M" video.

 roadWeird science: There might be a massive planet four times the size of Jupiter in our solar system, with rings and moons. Then again, there might not be.

 roadVirginia GOP Rep. Randy Forbes introduces bill requiring federal agencies to describe parents as “mother” and “father” on official documents.

 roadMichigan lawmakers submit second-parent adoption bills: “We have many diverse families here in the state of Michigan,” said Sen. Warren. “It is high time we recognize these families and work to guarantee legal and financial security for all of our children."

 roadPopular Brooklyn deli renames sandwiches: "'Gay Boy,' an egg, vegan bacon, vegan cheese, avocado, sprouts and sun-dried tomato wrap, was crossed out on menus and replaced with 'Garden Boy.' The egg, turkey, jack cheese, jalapeno and avocado on pita changed from 'The Illegal' to 'South of the Border,' and the vegan sausage sandwich was changed from 'Butter Face' to 'Farmer's Tan.' …'The people who work for me, they don't like the names — so we changed,' said owner James Lee."


  1. mike/ says

    i have flown too many times to count and would get on an airplane just to fly, but i flew only ONCE on a 747 in the 80’s and i would never, ever do it again! it scared the s*** out of me!

    i’m not afraid of flying; i’ve been on two-seaters and puddle-jumpers; it’s just the 747 and i would never get on an A380!!! it is the one thing i don’t think man was supposed to do; gives me the shivers…

  2. says

    I think JJ’s comment is correct except it’s not the article that’s dumb, it’s just dumb that the opinions of “a certain segment of urban gay men” (as he put it) become sooo influential. It’s reminiscent of urban gays saying they’re over the whole gay labeling thing when the rest of the world clearly isn’t. It’s a shame that GaGa’s being roasted for having a song that dares to sound similar to a song by a woman (a genius artist) whose own work frequently dares to sound or look or both similar to other artists’ songs or movies or photography.

    The one thing about the article I really think is ridiculous is the assertion that GaGa’s song HAS to be a tribute to or inspired by the old Bean tune. Not at all. That song is NOT ubiquitous, and the concept of loving yourself because you were “born this way” is hardly completely unique.

    I think people just enjoy a funny meme and have decided the best way to criticize Lady GaGa for being “unoriginal” is to take what other people are observing about her and retweet it and repeat it. Ironically.

  3. says

    The difference is, Madonna hardly pretended not to do such things. The jury, which has been out on Gaga, seems to being gathering in the foyer.

    In the meantime, so many artists endeavor to be as original as they can, and so many languish unseen and heard in nooks and crannies while this goes on. And sadly “but so and so did it too” becomes the excuse that prevails and so the culture wilts and shrinks ever smaller.

  4. Polyboy says

    Any “ruling” on Gaga’s talent will have to wait until the album debuts, even then: she writes, plays, and sings.

    That already places her above most pop music types.

  5. ret says

    OMG why do urban gays feel this way?

    Maybe urban gays can sing better than gaga. Or play the piano better than her. I do know Madonna is known for doing both of those things really well.

    hey everyone! it’s just 4 months until summer! Hope you’re workouts are going well!

    kiss kiss!

  6. bobbyjoe says

    Or, in other words, a top-selling diva just penned a song that specifically promotes GLBT rights and is majorly pushing it to a world audience. Gee, let’s find a way to punish her for it.

    Me, I’m kind of sick of masochistic, counter-productive gays these days. Go join GOProud and listen to music from the Reagan era. Maybe you can beg on your knees for Daddy’s approval. Madonna never had the balls to specifically mention gays in her hit singles, so if Gaga is “pandering” or “stealing” or whatever, it’s the kind of pandering and stealing I’d sure like to see a lot more of. Let’s have a f*ckin’ crimewave.

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