1. ratbastard says

    Didn’t know she was lez? Please…might as well have a flashing neon ‘Lez’ sign above her head.

  2. Don P. says

    Michael’s comment about “bought the PR and chose to believe the best” is a reference to Meredith being in an abusive hetero relationship. It isn’t about (and occurred long before) she came out.

  3. downtownla says

    I think Michael was referring to the fact that Meredith’s husband was abusing her and that she was an alcoholic, not that she was gay. (It’s the same thing he said when he showed up with her on Oprah. After doing a few interviews, you tend to go on autoresponse and repeat phases.)

  4. Pete n SFO says

    He may have meant that he was not going to pay attn to gossip. I also saw him on O and he’s calling in for his friend here… He’s totally in her corner and by Meredith’s admission, he always has been.

  5. Laurie says

    Ratbastard, the term “lez” is considered a pejorative, kind of like “fag.” Please don’t use it on this site.

  6. james Brown says

    I think this is a really important interview. MBB was an iconic “mom” figure in America, and for her to come out, is as big deal. I appreciate her honesty. Every time someone chooses to come out, it moves us forward!

  7. ratbastard says

    Ratbastard, the term “lez” is considered a pejorative, kind of like “fag.” Please don’t use it on this site.

    Posted by: Laurie | Mar 3, 2011 9:44:21 AM


    SARCASM Laurie….look it up. And I personally don’t care if another gay/bi/lesbian uses the word fag around me.

  8. Gabe R L says

    I’m curious to see if she always felt lesbian, or sees herself as a former straight woman who became a lesbian (sorry, can’t look at the vid on my computer). Most lesbians are still attracted to men, and may have relationships with men before accepting a lesbian identity. Other women may have been straight when they were younger, but evolve toward lesbianism.

  9. Anonymouse says

    You really need to correct the title of this post. Don P. is right, Michael Gross was not talking about her coming out in regards to her sexual orientation but in regards to her abusive hetero marriage.

  10. Laurie says

    One of your lesbian sisters asked you not to use that term. I guess that’s too tall an order.

  11. GregV says

    @GabeRL: I saw her on Oprah yesterday. At the time she was in three horrible marriages with men, she was abusing alcohol to stay numb to pain and confusion. She was doing what she’d always been told she was supposed to do. She didn’t feel self-aware and said she had no exposure to gay relationships to help her figure out what was wrong. A gay woman moved into her rental suite, and she noticed herself having feelings and finally understanding why her life of pretending was a mess.
    I don’t buy this idea that anyone ever starts out as one orientation and transforms into another. All the evidence I’ve seen suggests such people are just very confused by messages from society about what they are “supposed to ve” versus their true natural orientation.

  12. IonMusic says

    Laurie….Ratbastard is a troll on here and has said FAR, far worse, and aims to offend at any given opportunity. Many don’t believe he is gay at all. Please keep that in mind, and know that most self respecting LGBT do not use words that further belittle us. We aim to heighten our self respect, not shatter it in society.

    Meredith Baxter’s story has been so powerful and inspiring. I’m truly thankful she is part of our community and speaking out and open about her past. Her interview on Oprah was so touching. Congrats to her for finally being comfortable to be who she is!

  13. chris says

    It could also mean he chose to believe the “best” of her — ie, that she was not lying to him. In any case, the inference in this post is totally unfair to Gross.

  14. Buster says

    I think you’ve got this wrong, Andy. On their Oprah interview the other day, Gross said he knew she was a lesbian and that, in fact, one the reasons he and his wife were happy when she came out was that they didn’t have to keep that secret for her anymore. He did NOT know about the alcoholism and abusive relationship.

  15. Laurie says

    Ionmusic, thanks for the support, explanation and the insight. I kinda figured he wasn’t really gay; my gay guy pals would never say lez. It’s so ’70s, for one thing.

  16. BC says

    I agree with Chris. This is a very unfair post to Michael Gross. Maybe if research was done you would have found the clip from Oprah that was on all day yesterday saying that he knew and he was thrilled when she finally came out.

    Once again, another example of twisting around something innocent that was said and then using it to “prove” some sort of weird sense of homophobia.

  17. says

    The headline and article are totally misleading. Have you watched the video? He’s talking about not suspecting that she was in an abusive marriage while they were on the show together.

  18. Brix says

    “Michael Gross Says He Never Suspected That Meredith Baxter was a Lesbian”

    Suspected? SUSPECTED?! Not again, Andy.

    Michael never used such a negative and loaded word as “suspected.” “Suspected” means the subject has done something wrong and injurious. It should never be used when referring to the questioning of someone’s sexual orientation.

    I know the staff at Towleroad is not intentionally being homophobic. I hope this is not indicative of any subliminal self-loathing either, but I must ask why does someone at Towleroad repeatedly use the terminology of those that hate us?

    This is at least the second time in the recent months that staff at Towleroad has referred to gay people as “suspects” when the subject of the interview – not only never used such terminology, but used positive and uplifting words. How is it that Michael Gross subliminally thinks better of gay people than Towleroad does?

  19. Andy says

    You really need to correct this post. This is not at all what Gross is saying in that clip. Did you even WATCH the clip??