News: Brian Wilson, Celery, Adam Lambert, Stallion

Road Student leaps off Golden Gate bridge on dare, survives

Wilson RoadSF Giant Brian Wilson and beard are now in a video game.

RoadZac Efron is a moustachioed clam digger.

RoadLesbian DA to run for San Diego mayor: "San Diego County Dist. Atty. Bonnie Dumanis, 59, a Republican and former Superior Court judge now in her third term as district attorney, made the announcement in an e-mail to friends. The only other announced candidate is City Councilman Carl DeMaio."

RoadPost-gay straight guys: the celery edition.

RoadThe Harris-Burtkas and their kids holiday in Hawaii.

RoadHumans shed chunks of DNA when our evolutionary path diverged from that of chimps: "In ditching these chunks of DNA, our ancient ancestors lost facial whiskers and short, tactile spines on their penises. The latter development is thought to have paved the way for more intimate sex and monogamous relationships. The loss of other DNA may have been crucial in allowing humans to grow larger brains."

Stallion RoadStallion semen served up as energy drink.

RoadNYT talks up Priscilla, Queen of the Desert: “You still get the flavor that has always been part of ‘Priscilla,’ but it’s not quite as down and dirty, not as in your face so much so that you might pull back,” Ms. Midler said in an interview. “It manages to have all the fun of camp without too much of the dark side of camp and drag. Which for Broadway, I think, is a good thing.”

RoadGabrielle Giffords told she was shot.

RoadKerry Eleveld on Obama and religion: Where will the President stand on same-sex marriage in 2012? "Ironically, President Obama may be a victim of his own success. Repealing the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy and his own decision to instruct his Justice Department to stop defending the Defense of Marriage Act have likely played a part in hastening the evolution in national thinking on LGBT equality."

RoadAdam Lambert talks about his new album: "I think if anything, it might be a little less campy than the last one. With [For Your Entertainment], I really wanted to go high glam; it was always a vibe and a concept I was in love with and I did it for a year. I think evolution is good and I'm attracted to the slightly more serious… not so much fantasy or a mask put on — which is fun, great f—ing rock-n-roll — but I’m very drawn to music and artists that are singing from the heart about real things. "

Gyllenhaal RoadJake Gyllenhaal covers Men's Journal.

RoadConnecticut governor Dannel Malloy to speak at LGBT youth conference: "Malloy is scheduled to appear at the University of Connecticut on Friday morning for the opening session of the two-day event, organized by True Colors, a Hartford-based nonprofit group that advocates for youth. True Colors works with schools, social service agencies and various community organizations to make sure the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender youth are being met."

RoadA shirtless Channing Tatum gallery.

RoadStatue of anti-choice football player Tim Tebow being erected in Gainesville.

RoadUK police target online conman who goes after gay victims: "Officers investigating have found that this man is actually 30-year-old Matthew Attenborough who is wanted in at least nine other force areas for offences such as fraud and deception. Police are urging anyone who knows where he is to get in touch."


  1. SFshawn says

    That post-gay-straight celery clip is classic. Too damn funny. Thanks for the laugh.

  2. shock says

    I will be shocked if that dumbass who jumped off the bridge is not white….

    Non-whites can be crazy too but not usually in that way.

  3. shock says

    Oh, and the article mentions that reports are saying it wasn’t on a dare, after all.

  4. NaughtyLola says

    The celery clip is hilarious. I’m so conflicted watching it, on the one hand smooching is sexyhot but OH MAN MOUTHFUL OF CHEWED CELERY! Gnarly!

    The final affectionate little peck when they’re done “making their point” is priceless.

  5. sparks says

    The celery vid has been up for a week or more.

    I’ve been watching Aaron and Vinny (and now with Cooper) on YouTube for years, since they made a parody of Nelly’s “Grillz”.. which was taken down a while back (but i’ve got a copy hah).

    They also go by “FND Films” and their channels, for those who might be interested, are:

    They were funny kids in high school but I must say, Aaron and Vinny have both grown into VERY hot young men. Their friend Coop is crazy enough to do just about anything so he’s a nice addition.

  6. Jim says

    Saw “Priscilla” in London. I’m pissed off they felt the need to clean it up for American audiences – maybe they should have cast women in the lead roles too – in case anyone gets the idea there really are fag drag queens and post-op trans in the world, you know.

    Midler, of course, reached out and touched her gays personally to get their asses in the seats.

  7. excy says

    Priscilla in America. “It manages to have all the fun of camp without too much of the dark side of camp and drag. Which for Broadway, I think, is a good thing.” Oh really Bette! Replace Kylie references with nods to Madonna…hmmmmm.

    Keep on underestimating the audience in the USA and bantering to their conservative side. Whatever you do, do not challenge or shock. Sounds like a snore-fest.

    Too bad, Priscilla in London was a hoot.

  8. jamal49 says

    Read the article in the Times about how they’re “cleaning” up Priscilla for Broadway. Neutering is more likely. The emphasis is now to present Priscilla so Middle-America will feel more comfortable about watching a musical about “drag queens”. The emphasis is now on the relationship between father and son. This will be one Broadway show I will skip. Pardon the pun but, what a drag!