‘DADT’ Activists Arrested on White House Fence Head to Court, Face Charge That Carries Six-Month Jail Sentence

(image chris geidner twitter)

The 13 activists arrested for chaining themselves to the White House fence on November 15 in a protest against the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy have a court date tomorrow, and face a charge which hasn't been brought in a civil disobedience case since 2006, the Washington Post reports:

The group — including gay rights leaders, a Catholic priest and eight veterans discharged for breaking the ban on openly gay and lesbian troops — were arrested Nov. 15 and previously declined to plead guilty to violating the orders of a federal law enforcement officer.

Mark Goldstone, the group’s attorney, said his research suggests it’s the first time prosecutors have ever used the charge against protesters at federal sites anywhere in the District.

Names and information about the activists can be found on my post from that day.

The charge carries a six-month jail sentence, according to the WaPo.