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Watch: Catholic High School Class About Homosexuality

Want to be a fly on the wall during a Catholic high school class about homosexuality? Now you can thanks to YouTube and Fr. John Hollowell, Chaplain of Indianapolis' Cardinal Ritter High School, who has posted a recording of his 1 1/2 long class on the site. Good As You sat through the entire lesson (divided into three separate videos) and posted a few gems from the lecture:

Hollowell Video 1 - (7:50) Hollowell compares homosexuality to alcoholism.

Video 2 - (12:24) A perceptive student Maggie Gallagher, as per usual, tried to talk all over Evan Wolfson -- only to have the teacher immediately jump in and justify Gallagher's frustrations.

Video 2 - (14:50) Another student calls Maggie "ridiculous" and "angry," saying she found Evan "more intelligent." In fact, the student says that in her view, the person representing the anti-equality view in media is "always ridiculous.

Video 3 (21:52) If there is sex going on, it is an unhealthy atmosphere. You don’t need to use the language of sin in order to say “look, the state should not be putting adopted children with couples who are acting on their homosexual attractions.”

Hollowell is apparently very entrenched in social media sites. Aside from his YouTube channel, he also has a Facebook page, Twitter account and his own blog called On This Rock.

Watch the lesson in its entirety, if you can stomach it, AFTER THE JUMP.




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  1. Ironic isn't it, that a church whose own clergy are at least 40% gay at every level, should be so obsessed with preaching about the evils of homosexuality.

    Oh, that's right. I almost forgot, it's so expensive for them. Just a couple of days ago the Seattle area Jesuits agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by abused boys who were once under their care and supervision for $166 million!

    It's not homosexuality that is expensive for them, it's pedophilia.

    Posted by: Ninong | Mar 27, 2011 10:43:26 PM

  2. More catholic bullshit- such a pity considering the rampant homosexuality among catholic clergy and disgraceful child molestation scandal that continues to rage throughout the ranks of some catholic clergy all over the world. To see young minds pissed on in the name of "Jesus" sickens one. And no, Jesus would not approve. Here's an "educational" video for Hollowell:

    Posted by: Jerry | Mar 27, 2011 11:11:28 PM

  3. "Jesus said, 'If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.'"
    - Gospel of Thomas v. 70

    As a former fundy, this has been, by far, the deepest truth of my life.

    Posted by: RedCedar | Mar 27, 2011 11:23:23 PM


    Posted by: NE Rich | Mar 27, 2011 11:36:50 PM

  5. Man what is the Catholics' obsession with the gays?

    People are starving to death on this planet and these whackos are focusing on attacking who loves whom?

    Man, get some priorities.

    Posted by: dc20008 | Mar 27, 2011 11:39:23 PM

  6. I hate the whole "all homophobes are gay" thing, but honestly, this dude screams gay to me. Anyway, this is exactly why we can NOT be tolerant towards religious fundamentalists who have made it their mission to attack and denigrate us and have made us their main targets in their attempts to brainwash the masses. When they are influencing kids and poisoning their psyches, that is when we need to expose their hypocrisy and stand up against their hate. Catholic fundamentalists have some nerve seeing as how their priests and chaplains can't seem to stop themselves from having sex with boys. And yes, everyone knows the Catholic church is filled to the brim with closeted/self-loathing/damaged/confused men of all kinds. They simply use gays as a diversion so to not discuss the real problems within their sects.

    Posted by: Francis | Mar 27, 2011 11:45:06 PM

  7. I guess the woman at the desk in the front of the room is there to monitor the priest? So there's no "if any young man has a question see me after class" kind of action going on?

    Posted by: Can't Be Trusted? | Mar 27, 2011 11:52:04 PM

  8. equating homosexuality and alcoholism must be a talking point passed down from the upper echelon of queens. i studied for a year in rome, and the professor for a (required) theology course was a monsignor who said the alcoholism bullshit and also graciously compared homosexuality to being born without legs.

    the priesthood in italy seems to be where devout families shove off their gay sons (if they don't have a beard marriage and father kids while sleeping with men on the side)

    Posted by: flucht17 | Mar 28, 2011 12:05:24 AM

  9. Can this stop being news? Yes: the Catholic Church hates gay people (and I'm not open to quibbling about "hating the sin but loving blah blah blah").

    There is a war going on. Every gay priest should be outed. It's very Magneto of me, but that institution and its anti-gay influence should be weakened in every possible way.

    Posted by: Jeff | Mar 28, 2011 12:28:11 AM

  10. No evidence supports Fr. Holloway's theory that homosexuality is akin to alcoholism.

    Is the fryer speaking from experience?
    He should provide an answer so can set him towards the path of redemption.

    Posted by: HateGuide Staff | Mar 28, 2011 12:35:37 AM

  11. I would just like to point out that not all Catholic schools are like the one seen. A close friend of mine is a pro-gay history teacher in a Catholic high school located in a Yes-on-8 stronghold in CA (in fact she began my own high school's first gay-straight alliance). On multiple occasions she has told me how proud I would be of her students. Repeatedly, her students tell her that the most unfairly discriminated-against groups of persons are (oddly) 1) unborn fetuses and 2) gays and lesbians. Insofar as gays and lesbians are concerned, young people understand that discrimination is discrimination. They are the future of Catholicism, not Pope Benedict and not Mr. Hollowell.

    Posted by: RDRCK | Mar 28, 2011 12:38:13 AM

  12. I wonder if the good padre would like several hundred friend requests from people; could possibly shut down his FB account for a while

    Posted by: Grover Underwood | Mar 28, 2011 12:53:53 AM

  13. It is very sad for him indeed.

    His hate-theories give him a false sense of superiority and masks the shame he feels.

    Redemption from hate-addiction is possible for all. There are exercises he can do to increase his capacity for empathy.

    Posted by: HateGuide Staff | Mar 28, 2011 1:07:42 AM

  14. Apparently this is at least a two-day course. These videos are from day 2. Day 1 is also available.

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 28, 2011 1:21:50 AM

  15. He'd be kind of hot if he weren't so stupid.

    Posted by: 11 | Mar 28, 2011 1:58:23 AM

  16. @DC20008: Great question !!
    What is the Catholic obsession with the gays ?

    Alcoholism akin to homos ? Eh, what ? How ?
    Straightism akin to gambling or serial adultery ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 28, 2011 2:50:21 AM

  17. I think this guy means well but he is woefully misguided, as are most religious folk who try to teach theological belief systems in the same way you teach something actually verifiable like science--distorting actual facts, data and logic to justify it/back it all up. I watched all these videos (including the ones on Church and homosexuality) and this guy contradicts himself and walks all over his own arguments so many times it's almost embarrassing. I feel sorry for these kids getting force fed this religious rhetoric.

    These are the same people who think belief and fact are equally as valid--like folks who choose to believe global warming or evolution are not real despite huge amounts of evidence to the contrary. It is one thing to be ignorant, but to be willfully ignorant and ignore reality and fact in deference to some chosen concept of the truth is pitiful and sad. There is no use arguing with them because proof is irrelevant. Their believe system is impervious to reason.

    After watching this I felt tired. Being gay is hard enough sometimes but even after all these years listening to all of this just exhausts me. And then when we have personal issues because of all the shame and hatred that has been heaped on us our entire lives they have the audacity to tell us its because of OUR sinful "lifestyle"?

    No, actually it is because of YOURS.

    Posted by: Mark | Mar 28, 2011 4:10:49 AM

  18. The Catholics have some nerve, just look at the sex scandals by the Church; here are just the tip of the iceberg:

    Posted by: Jeffrey Dunivant | Mar 28, 2011 5:02:37 AM

  19. Mark means well? But he contradicts himself all the time? Those two sentences don't go together and someone who 'means well' does not spend 2 exhausting gays trying to make up false arguments to pay a suffering minority group as...not a group but a desease.

    You're probably the kind of person who this old people are sweet, all christians are misunderstood and Sarah Palin really just wants to bake cookies for her Alaskan flock.


    Posted by: Rowan | Mar 28, 2011 5:11:13 AM

  20. Look very closely and I bet you'll discover that Hollowell is quite the teen leader: probably takes EVERY opportunity to be around young guys.

    I'm not saying he's having sex with any of them, but all the signs are there. He's a big ol' closet case who channels his homosexual feelings into what the public would view as guiding, mentoring, etc.

    After you've met enough of these people, their real motivations become SO transparent.

    Posted by: sparks | Mar 28, 2011 5:36:40 AM

  21. Why does he care so much? Why is this "Catholic Church" so freaking ugly and pathetic?

    1800s: Justifying slavery by appealing to alleged religious ideals.
    2000s: Justifying continued civil rights discrimination by appealing to alleged religious ideals.

    I'm sure this evil dummy would look down on his 1800s counterparts (ONE WOULD HOPE!).

    Yet he is exactly the same as they were.

    If this weren't all so evil, I'd be amused that they put together such a long, intensive pseudo-intellectual exercise to justify homophobia.

    Posted by: redball | Mar 28, 2011 5:40:41 AM

  22. BTW @ JEFF:

    Kudos for being able to make a Magneto reference in this topic!

    Posted by: sparks | Mar 28, 2011 5:44:44 AM

  23. @Jeff: I'm not sure that outing gay priests would accomplish anything unless they are touching boys. As far as I know, the "Church" is okay with gay priests as long as the priests remain "chaste."

    In fact, that is what my priest advised me to do in front of my mother when she took me in for some panicked counseling after i came out in 2000. "You can be close to men emotionally--but you cannot act on your feelings."

    This is a hate-infested institution, though, and I look forward to the day when it enters the modern, enlightened era. I'M NOT HOLDING MY BREATH.

    Posted by: redball | Mar 28, 2011 5:54:06 AM

  24. It isn't just this.

    He spoke for TWO HOURS on "homosexual marriage", ONE HOUR on "homosexuality", and has given other classes on subjects like love, contraception, and marriage generally. It's all on YouTube.

    I'm so glad this is coming to light. Public funding of Catholic schools is always an issue in Canada since the U.N. Human Rights Committee declared we're in violation of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This will permit Canadians to get a real taste for what goes on in US Catholic schools, which is probably not different from Canadian public schools.

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 28, 2011 6:40:02 AM

  25. In previous comment, by "public" I meant "publicly-funded Catholic".

    Posted by: Randy | Mar 28, 2011 6:41:08 AM

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