1. Ninong says

    Ironic isn’t it, that a church whose own clergy are at least 40% gay at every level, should be so obsessed with preaching about the evils of homosexuality.

    Oh, that’s right. I almost forgot, it’s so expensive for them. Just a couple of days ago the Seattle area Jesuits agreed to settle a lawsuit filed by abused boys who were once under their care and supervision for $166 million!

    It’s not homosexuality that is expensive for them, it’s pedophilia.

  2. Jerry says

    More catholic bullshit- such a pity considering the rampant homosexuality among catholic clergy and disgraceful child molestation scandal that continues to rage throughout the ranks of some catholic clergy all over the world. To see young minds pissed on in the name of “Jesus” sickens one. And no, Jesus would not approve. Here’s an “educational” video for Hollowell:

  3. RedCedar says

    “Jesus said, ‘If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.'”
    – Gospel of Thomas v. 70

    As a former fundy, this has been, by far, the deepest truth of my life.

  4. dc20008 says

    Man what is the Catholics’ obsession with the gays?

    People are starving to death on this planet and these whackos are focusing on attacking who loves whom?

    Man, get some priorities.

  5. Francis says

    I hate the whole “all homophobes are gay” thing, but honestly, this dude screams gay to me. Anyway, this is exactly why we can NOT be tolerant towards religious fundamentalists who have made it their mission to attack and denigrate us and have made us their main targets in their attempts to brainwash the masses. When they are influencing kids and poisoning their psyches, that is when we need to expose their hypocrisy and stand up against their hate. Catholic fundamentalists have some nerve seeing as how their priests and chaplains can’t seem to stop themselves from having sex with boys. And yes, everyone knows the Catholic church is filled to the brim with closeted/self-loathing/damaged/confused men of all kinds. They simply use gays as a diversion so to not discuss the real problems within their sects.

  6. Can't Be Trusted? says

    I guess the woman at the desk in the front of the room is there to monitor the priest? So there’s no “if any young man has a question see me after class” kind of action going on?

  7. flucht17 says

    equating homosexuality and alcoholism must be a talking point passed down from the upper echelon of queens. i studied for a year in rome, and the professor for a (required) theology course was a monsignor who said the alcoholism bullshit and also graciously compared homosexuality to being born without legs.

    the priesthood in italy seems to be where devout families shove off their gay sons (if they don’t have a beard marriage and father kids while sleeping with men on the side)

  8. Jeff says

    Can this stop being news? Yes: the Catholic Church hates gay people (and I’m not open to quibbling about “hating the sin but loving blah blah blah”).

    There is a war going on. Every gay priest should be outed. It’s very Magneto of me, but that institution and its anti-gay influence should be weakened in every possible way.

  9. says

    No evidence supports Fr. Holloway’s theory that homosexuality is akin to alcoholism.

    Is the fryer speaking from experience?
    He should provide an answer so can set him towards the path of redemption.

  10. RDRCK says

    I would just like to point out that not all Catholic schools are like the one seen. A close friend of mine is a pro-gay history teacher in a Catholic high school located in a Yes-on-8 stronghold in CA (in fact she began my own high school’s first gay-straight alliance). On multiple occasions she has told me how proud I would be of her students. Repeatedly, her students tell her that the most unfairly discriminated-against groups of persons are (oddly) 1) unborn fetuses and 2) gays and lesbians. Insofar as gays and lesbians are concerned, young people understand that discrimination is discrimination. They are the future of Catholicism, not Pope Benedict and not Mr. Hollowell.

  11. Grover Underwood says

    I wonder if the good padre would like several hundred friend requests from people; could possibly shut down his FB account for a while

  12. says

    It is very sad for him indeed.

    His hate-theories give him a false sense of superiority and masks the shame he feels.

    Redemption from hate-addiction is possible for all. There are exercises he can do to increase his capacity for empathy.

  13. Randy says

    Apparently this is at least a two-day course. These videos are from day 2. Day 1 is also available.

  14. says

    @DC20008: Great question !!
    What is the Catholic obsession with the gays ?

    Alcoholism akin to homos ? Eh, what ? How ?
    Straightism akin to gambling or serial adultery ?

  15. Mark says

    I think this guy means well but he is woefully misguided, as are most religious folk who try to teach theological belief systems in the same way you teach something actually verifiable like science–distorting actual facts, data and logic to justify it/back it all up. I watched all these videos (including the ones on Church and homosexuality) and this guy contradicts himself and walks all over his own arguments so many times it’s almost embarrassing. I feel sorry for these kids getting force fed this religious rhetoric.

    These are the same people who think belief and fact are equally as valid–like folks who choose to believe global warming or evolution are not real despite huge amounts of evidence to the contrary. It is one thing to be ignorant, but to be willfully ignorant and ignore reality and fact in deference to some chosen concept of the truth is pitiful and sad. There is no use arguing with them because proof is irrelevant. Their believe system is impervious to reason.

    After watching this I felt tired. Being gay is hard enough sometimes but even after all these years listening to all of this just exhausts me. And then when we have personal issues because of all the shame and hatred that has been heaped on us our entire lives they have the audacity to tell us its because of OUR sinful “lifestyle”?

    No, actually it is because of YOURS.

  16. Rowan says

    Mark means well? But he contradicts himself all the time? Those two sentences don’t go together and someone who ‘means well’ does not spend 2 exhausting gays trying to make up false arguments to pay a suffering minority group as…not a group but a desease.

    You’re probably the kind of person who this old people are sweet, all christians are misunderstood and Sarah Palin really just wants to bake cookies for her Alaskan flock.


  17. sparks says

    Look very closely and I bet you’ll discover that Hollowell is quite the teen leader: probably takes EVERY opportunity to be around young guys.

    I’m not saying he’s having sex with any of them, but all the signs are there. He’s a big ol’ closet case who channels his homosexual feelings into what the public would view as guiding, mentoring, etc.

    After you’ve met enough of these people, their real motivations become SO transparent.

  18. redball says

    Why does he care so much? Why is this “Catholic Church” so freaking ugly and pathetic?

    1800s: Justifying slavery by appealing to alleged religious ideals.
    2000s: Justifying continued civil rights discrimination by appealing to alleged religious ideals.

    I’m sure this evil dummy would look down on his 1800s counterparts (ONE WOULD HOPE!).

    Yet he is exactly the same as they were.

    If this weren’t all so evil, I’d be amused that they put together such a long, intensive pseudo-intellectual exercise to justify homophobia.

  19. redball says

    @Jeff: I’m not sure that outing gay priests would accomplish anything unless they are touching boys. As far as I know, the “Church” is okay with gay priests as long as the priests remain “chaste.”

    In fact, that is what my priest advised me to do in front of my mother when she took me in for some panicked counseling after i came out in 2000. “You can be close to men emotionally–but you cannot act on your feelings.”

    This is a hate-infested institution, though, and I look forward to the day when it enters the modern, enlightened era. I’M NOT HOLDING MY BREATH.

  20. Randy says

    It isn’t just this.

    He spoke for TWO HOURS on “homosexual marriage”, ONE HOUR on “homosexuality”, and has given other classes on subjects like love, contraception, and marriage generally. It’s all on YouTube.

    I’m so glad this is coming to light. Public funding of Catholic schools is always an issue in Canada since the U.N. Human Rights Committee declared we’re in violation of International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. This will permit Canadians to get a real taste for what goes on in US Catholic schools, which is probably not different from Canadian public schools.

  21. John Patrick says

    There really is no excuse for the stuff this priest and his superiors push. Thirty years ago one could have chalked it up to ignorance. But there has been too much research and too much learned since then for any religious institution to be teaching things that were disproven years ago.

  22. says

    Come on, people! He’s a CATHOLIC priest! “Traditionally that falls somewhere between florist and chorus boy.” They’re all a bunch of self-hating, closet cases if you asked me.

  23. jay1980 says

    I’m so glad I went to a Catholic school in NYC and had almost the opposite experience. The teachers, even the priests, were open-minded and ready for conversation. We had a Gay-Straight alliance and even had a whole day event looking at LGBT issues.

    In fact I came out during a religious retreat with two priests present and they were nothing but supportive. And no, there wasn’t anything sexual happening either.

    I don’t say this to defend the Catholic Church BTW, but it gives me hope that a few people are surely against their policies (or at least wise enough to know that preaching intolerance and ignorance is wrong).

  24. Rob says

    YAWN…YAWN….YAWN. Just another white-collared Papist promoting Christ’s well-documented Biblical stance of his hate and condemnation of GLBTs. Oh, yes, it’s right there in black-and-white…in the Catholic Bible….isn’t it? EYE ROLL!

  25. Dave says

    In my grade 11 religion class at my high-school here in Toronto, Canada my religion teacher actually brought in two guest speakers, a gay man in his early 20s and a gay kid the same age as me at the time, who were running a talk group, through the Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). We were never told anything positive or negative about homosexuality but, simply discussed it as an issue. We got to ask as many questions as we wanted and discuss different opinions on homosexuality with the guest speakers and all the teacher did was mediate. This was the 1994-1995 school year for me and this was the first time I’d ever seen a ‘real live gay person’. Naturally I wasn’t out at that time and I was too petrified to even ask any questions but, I think that really made a huge difference about how I felt about being gay. Ironically the only really anti-gay voice in the class was a girl who came out after school as lesbian LOL. The rest of the class were just very curious and confused by it all.

    I think if you talk to a lot of catholic people you’d find that they are very supporting and loving of gay people now more than ever. It’s sad that what we most often see is the negative side of things. I am no longer a catholic because the faith did not speak to my spiritual needs but, I do hope that we can work to foster more love and understanding between catholics and the gay community rather than finger pointing and that will be the biggest strike against those in the catholic church who choose to spread intolerance instead of loving, and those in the gay community who can be guilty of the very same.

  26. walter says

    it is about time for the catholic church to go away. it does nothing but preach hate and intolerance. it is every that christ preached against complete with worshipping idols and kissing rings. how many people over the years have been hurt by the church? too many. time to slap taxes on them if them want to be political let them pay for it. they want separation of church and state when it favors them.

  27. Jon Mitchell says

    How can you possibly listen to a teacher who uses the word “irregardless.” Ridiculous.

  28. GregV says

    It’s so frustrating to hear Hallowell bearing false witness and without any of the kids knowing enough (or maybe being brave enough) to challenge him on it.

    That story he told about Canada: Never happened! Not once in Canadian history.

    What happened looked more like this:

    A Fred Phelps-type preacher printed an ad for public distribution that was more or less a “fatwa” advocating that homosexuals should be murdered. Advocating murder is against the law in Canada, so the case had a hearing before a human rights tribunal.

    By the time the story gets repeated by the likes of Hallowell (or by the time he hears the story being creatively “paraphrased” by a blow-hard on Faux News), it sounds something like this:

    “In Canada or someplace, Catholic priests are routinely sent to jail or something like that for nothing more than mentioning homosexuality at their Sunday service.”

    So, outside of the brightest kids who might be inclined to research for themselves whether this ever actually happened, many will walk away assuming that since he said it, it happened.

    Then, he made the unfounded prediction that maybe in 20 years, Catholic priests will go to jail for not performing a same-sex wedding in the church. There is no way that will happen, because of the Constitution and plenty of precedents.
    When women got the right to vote in society, did you ever have to let women vote in the Catholic church? Did anyone get sent to jail? No!

    When we allow a Christian to marry a Jew with equal rights under the secular law, does that mean you’ll go to jail if you don’t perform their wedding? Again, no! You’ve never had to perform any wedding in your church that you don’t want to, no matter whom you’re discriminating against.

    The law of the land is different that whatever you decide to do in your church according to rules that are as narrow-minded as your church leaders decide to make them.

    I hope they got at least a clue to how clueless he is when he made statements like saying that no state allows gay couples to marry — or maybe Massachsetts does, he’s not sure. If they heard Evan Wolfson in the video, they’d know that five states already do, and others are planning to do so soon.

  29. ratbastard says

    LOL…I knew this story would have a million hits.

    I attended Catholic schools off and on, including an all-boys H.S. for 2 years. We had sex ed classes. It was nothing like these vids. It was matter of fact and technical, with actually no moralizing. Strictly info on how to avoid STDs, pregnancy [yes, they told us to use birth control!], etc., This was 17 years ago.

    I think it’s a better idea to separate boys and girls in classes, maybe even whole schools. I think this is where the tensions and stresses arise. I certainly as a teacher wouldn’t want to be responsible for teaching teen girls especially. Say or do one ‘wrong’ thing and you’re screwed.

  30. ratbastard says


    Agreed. I was born in NYC and raised mostly in Boston. Attended Catholic all-boys H.S. for 2 years. NOTHING like this vid. And I’m not defending the church either.

  31. gregv says

    One trick he has is to put out a baseless argument on behalf of our side and then shoot it down.

    He says that we [the pro-equality side] would say that polygamy is different than sex discrimination”by appealing to tradition” and saying that “everybody knows” that marriage means such-and-such.

    Well, indeed, that WOULD be a baseless argument, but it’s the one that comes from the anti-gay side and he shouldn’t assume he can just make an equally dumb parallel and attribute it as the “gay” opinion.

    In fact, whenever sex or race discrimination is ended in a law, it has never been a natural follow-up that we alter the numbers of people involved in that law as well. In fact, it CAN NOT be the next step because it logically does not work.

    When women got the right to vote, did that mean that we had to allow teams of four or five or 53 to vote as a block? No.

    When individual women got the right to go to medical school, did that mean that we had to allow three people to complete the courses as a team and get credit as one person? No.

    I would argue that it should not be CRIMINAL to be involved in a polygamous marriage, but it is logically impossible to grant a polygamous marriage the same rights and responsibilities as a two-person marriage.

    When a black person marries a white person or a woman marries a woman or a tall person marries a dwarf, we do not have to do ANYTHING to grant them the same rights and responsibilities as any other marriage, other than just NOT DISCRIMINATING against them.

    The individual’s spouse is designated and from there every one of the (more than 1000) rights and responsibilities works exactly the same.

    We know who will make decisions in case of emergency. We know who will be the next of kin in case of death. We know who will be the beneficiary of social security benefits, etc.

    If a man marries twelve women, there is no law in place to cover anything if we don’t have a principal spouse designated.

    I could literally give thousands of examples. Just as one example, what if he’s in a coma and one wife says pull the plug and then cremate him if he dies, another says pull the plug and then bury him if he dies, and a third wife says keep him hooked to feeding tubes and breathing machines.

    What is the doctor to do?: Hold a vote? Give the decision to whichever spouse got there first? Give the decision to the spouse with the longest marriage to the patient or to the most recent one?

    Is every spouse married to every other spouse or is every spouse only married to one person? Can one spouse be married to some of the spouses and another married to some of those but not others?

    A thousand polygamous relationships could function for the individuals involved in a thousand different ways, and there would be no way to simply issue a license to the group and call it done. They would all pretty much have to come up with a list a mile long of their own rules. And there is no way marriage laws for different numbers could be employed in an equitable way that could function under the law for everyone.

    None of that are at issue when eliminating sex or race discrimination. The rights and responsibilities of a consenting adult individual or of a couple works the same, no matter who they are or what they look like.

  32. ratbastard says


    Why bring race into this? ‘Progressives’ like to use the race card for everything. This is a story and issue about sexual orientation. Race discrimination issues, at least from a legal stand-point, are a non-issue and have been for many years. In fact, in America, we have laws that give special status and more ‘rights’ based strictly on ‘minority’ racial status, than the so-called majority have.

    And unfortunate, ‘minorities’ discriminate against gays just as much as anyone else.

    Plus your post is way too long.

  33. GregV says

    “Why bring race into this?

    Ratbastard: There are two reasons for that. The first is that race was a HUGE barrier to equal rights in the US only a few years ago, and largely using the same style of justifications as are used for sex discrimination.
    The second reason is that irrelevant characteristics such as race and height can be brought into the discussion to illustrate their very irrelavance.
    As far as minority races have more rights than the majority, I don’t see that to be the case at all. I’ve never once felt legally disadvantaged for being white.

    “…minorities discriminate against gays just as much as anyone else. ”

    That’s irrelevant to arguments on legal rights.

    “Plus your post is way too long.”

    I sensed it was longer than I’d like even while typing it. But I find that very few people in an audience (such as these students) are able to evaluate the misconceptions a man like this priest puts out there.

    I feel like I have to give at least one example (on an issue like “why polygamy is not an identical issue”) in order for them to process the counterpoint and understand it.

    I hope at least one person in that class reads Towleroad.

  34. ratbastard says


    Civil rights laws enacted in 1965 gives everyone, including black Americans, the same ‘rights’, although this was the case in most of the U.S. before that, and really was only needed for a few southern states. I don’t call 46 years ‘recent’, but maybe you do.

    I certainly don’t object to equal rights for all people. I object to SPECIAL rights above and beyond. We have laws [and what’s now commonly accepted informal practice] in America for over 40 years that give special rights and privileges to black Americans [originally, that now includes so-called ‘Hispanics’ and other deemed to be so-called oppressed]. The government at every level practices it. Schools practice it. Private businesses practice it. It goes by several names like Affirmative Action, Quotas, Benchmarks, etc., And it specifically singles out people based on their ‘race’, ethnic last name, etc., to either give special privileges or to legally discriminates against. This is WRONG, Greg. It was wrong for black people to be so badly discriminated down south, and it’s wrong to give them special status and privileges above and beyond others. Very straight forward to me, apparently not to you.

    And I have certainly felt and experienced real discrimination based not only on my sexual orientation, but also my socioeconomic background while growing up. And I am legally discriminated against [SEE ABOVE] by law, which is unacceptable. I am not guilty of anything that would warrant being singled out for legalized discrimination based solely on my skin tone.

  35. ratbastard says


    Are you aware the federal government will give tax breaks and other incentives [as do some state and local governments] to employers if they hire certain type of people? If they hire people with a certain skin tone or ethnic last name, they’ll get ‘incentives’ from the government.

  36. ratbastard says


    The 1965 Civil Rights legislation doesn’t apply specifically to homosexuals. Homosexuals, based solely on their sexual orientation, are genuinely oppressed and discriminated against in 2011. Other so-called ‘minorities’ like black folks, so-called ‘Hispanics’, etc., are not discriminated against in 2011. And in fact, receive special above and beyond protection or status under the law.

  37. says

    the catholic cult so so beyond reason, love and humility .. It’s a poison that runs on hate and mind control … taught by GAY priests ,,, How low can you go !!

  38. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    Ratbastard is mad because he is an albino.

    Girl, I don’t know why you are so bent on pitting the blacks and the gays against each other. That is not my reality, esp. since I am both!

    Is that the only way you can function, by creating some imaginary conflict b/w various minorities? You seem very small-hearted. Too bad!

  39. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    PS @Ratbastard: This is also apparently something you’ve done on many, MANY, MANY other posts. Your brain is nothing but a mass of diseased tissue half eaten through by corrosive racial obsessions.

  40. annonyous says

    I’m only 9 minutes into the first video and its making me cringe. As a college student, I’m used to class meaning your going to learn something intelligent, and this is just the worst bullshit story. Its weird to have it told in a class room like its something academic.

  41. frankly says

    Padre has good points. They are given rationally and without hyperbolic rhetoric. Just because you may not like what he says, does not mean he is “stupid” or a “homophobic” or any of the other hateful and mean spirits words you all are dishing out. You may disagree with these arguments, but give reasonable counter arguments that do not rely on opinion nor emotive appeal.