1. Brent says

    I hate Ralph Nader with every molecule in my body because if it weren’t for him W wouldn’t have won in 2000 and the world would be a lot better today.

  2. TampaZeke says

    The blood Bush shed is on YOUR hands Mr. Nader!

    And, yes, you’re right. Obama is guilty of the same crime. The French are only launching this war because they have an election coming up and the ruling conservatives are about to take a blood bath at the polls behind the socialists and the radical right. Libya is to Sarkozy what the Falklands were to Thatcher and we have NO business being a part of it.

  3. Derrick from Philly says

    Yes, and I’m afraid my President’s decision to bomb Libya is all about the American 2012 Election. He wants to be seen as a “strong” Commander and Chief. Yeah, well, the American people are interested in their economy, Mr President–not in foreign dictators.

    Let this temporary international force get rid of Gadhafi and get the hell out of there. The Libyan people will have to figure it all out. There should be no attempts at nation building or democratization by anybody but Libyans. Get out now!

  4. jerry says

    Agree wholeheartedly with Brent and Tampazeke. I wonder if Nader was paid by Bush & Co. to run as a spoiler? Nader has as much blood on his hands as Bush & Co.

  5. says

    Andy and others

    obama by US LAW (Law since 1973 in fact) 48 hours to address congress on the Lybian war

    He did within the 48 hour window (from point Us troops engage enemy the clock starts ticking on 48 hour window to seek congressional approval giving flexibility to commander and chief to do whatever might need to be done in the modern era)

    By law he now has 60 days free reign there …..either congress approves and thus gives him an extension past the 60 days or does not and he has to pull all US troops from lybia within 60 days

    Neither supporting or condemning Lybian action BUT Obama has been well within the law

  6. says

    1973 Law gives Obama 48 hours from engagment to notify congress

    He did, well within 48 hours

    He now by LAW has 60 days freedom with troops there to seek congressional approval or not (if not then 60 days to remove US troops)

    it is the law and he has followed the Law

    Now everyone can shutup

  7. davey says

    Yeah right! F*ck those poor civilians being murdered in the streets by a lunatic and a group of mercenaries.
    I wonder if gays were singled out how you would all feel.

  8. Stunned says

    Wow! All I can do is hang my head in shame at the idiotic rationalizations of my fellow Americans posting above. Have fun trying to figure out what went wrong when the empire crumbles :)

  9. dms says

    While it may seem humanitarian to bomb Libyan air targets, it really doesn’t make sense in the bigger picture. I’m usually defending Obama, but this seems ridiculous. Are we now expected to send american troops into ALL countries that have civil strife? What about bahrain, for example?

    Here’s whats going to happen.

    Quaddafi stays in power. It makes the allies look weak. Brazil, China etc. all go back to doing business with Libya. More Libyan sponsored terrorism to get revenge.

    I think it’s time to let other countries take the lead and look after our own (still collapsing) house.

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “I was under the illusion that Obama actually cared about due process and the rule of law”

    OK, SKYE you have exactly 48 hours to read MSTROZFCKSLV’s comment above explaining how the President obeyed the process and the rule of law. (Thanks, MSTRO)

    As a Democrat and Obama supporter I am terrified of any foreign intervention between now and November 2012. I am cynical about the White House’s motivation. Even though it is a good thing to bring down a ruthless dictator–is it good for re-election here at home?

    Americans don’t like foreign wars–especially if they are not in Europe Everybody else on the planet can go to hell. You don’t believe me? just ask ’em.

  11. Justin says

    Why does anyone listen to this washed up old windbag? Especially after he single handedly inflicted George W. Bush on the world. He can go to hell as far as I’m concerned.

  12. Say what? says

    Justin et al,

    The American voters and the political system they participate in “inflicted” George W. Bush on the world. Those of us who believe in a multiparty system in which we can actually vote for the party/candidate that most closely represents our views are not guilty of anything other than bothering to vote as one would vote in a genuine democracy. After the sick feeling that voting for Obama left in my stomach I will never again let anyone guilt me into voting for Democrats just because they’re a lesser evil than Republicans. Going forward I will either vote green/progressive third party candidate or just simply boycott the election. I have the right to do either of these things. What the hell ever happened to freedom and liberty and all the stuff that this country is supposedly about?

  13. Eric says

    Thank you Say What

    I believe in voting for candidates that reflect my personal views. If the Democratic party was able to get it together in 2000 or 2004, voters may have voted for Gore or Kerry instead of Nader. But the Democratic party still panders to conservatives by not being “too liberal.”

    Besides, as Democrats love to point out but seemingly forget whenever Nader is mentioned, Gore got more votes in Florida than Bush. The Supreme Court stopped the recount and left the Bush certification standing. And Nader had nothing to do with that.

  14. me says

    @Eric, that’s completely right. The Supreme Court appointed Bush president. It’s ethical for Nader to have run; it’s completely unethical for the court to have stopped the recount. Not to mention that Clarence Thomas was elected to the court by the subject of that case’s father (Bush sr), and didn’t recuse himself, or that Scalia and Cheney were hunting buddies, etc. Talk about conflict of interest.

  15. says

    And, to the commenter who wrote, “I wonder if gays were singled out how you would all feel”–well, Obama had the opportunity to boycott the National Prayer Breakfast, organized by people who singled out gays for genocide in Uganda. Instead he attended and shamelessly pandered to them.

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