1. GraphicJack says

    If only she would grit her teeth… and SHUT HER MOUTH. If you don’t like people mocking you, stop speaking and acting like an idiot. If you disappear, the mocking will stop. Just sayin’.

    And does she honestly think Julianne Moore owes her money for playing a character loosely based on her in a movie? Proves she’s all about the money… big surprise.

  2. JT says

    No Sarah. I think YOU already get paid enough to play the character Sarah Palin. I don’t think you need money from the other people getting paid to play Sarah Palin.

    Now could you stop being such a huge train wreck? I have other things I need to get done and I just can’t seem to look away by my own willpower.

  3. johnny says

    I love Towleroad, I really do… And I know it’s YOUR blog, etc…

    …but seriously, Andy, (and all other media) please start ignoring this pathetic media whore. I don’t need updates on her latest inane thoughts. I know she’s an idiot, I don’t need further proof.

  4. Bob R says

    Sarah Pay-me Palin, always the professional huckster and a first rate media whore. If not for John McCain and some of the brain trust that worked for his campaign, this little tart and her brood of ignorant tartlets would still be wallowing in the Alaskan tundra. Will we ever be rid of this plague on our senses and intellect?

  5. Expat Abroad says

    Can’t watch (because her voice makes me want to stab my ears with pencils (or maybe the screen)), BUT – Why is she dressed like a wizard?

  6. Abie says

    Just let her talk.
    The more she talks, the more what little credibility she has erodes. Even people who were die-hard supporters are realizing that she’s a lightweight with nothing of subtance to say.

  7. booka says

    Is it me? or it there a direct correlation between “Snookie” and this C*nt…are they one in the same person? OK, the fascination is over…Next…

  8. Chadd says

    I’m pretty sure she makes enough money to fix her own kids teeth. But what a stupid comment to imply that “these gals” “pretend to be me”. They don’t pretend to be you, dumbass, they play a character based on you, and most of them probably despise you. Michelle Bachmann is the one who pretends to be you.

  9. Mike says

    Between her incessant whoring and Michelle Bachmann’s inability to keep her eyes from spinning around in her head, I have developed an outright phobia of turning on any news program for fear of catching even a glimpse of these wastes of space. Luckily the more Sarah opens her piehole, the easier it is to convince what remains of her followers what a blindingly stupid human being she is.

  10. rascal says

    Like many right-wingers, the unprincipled pursuit of money is her core principle. She at least deserves credit for being so blatant and unapologetic about her lazy thinking, her unbridled selfishness, her abject dishonesty, and the belief in her own entitlement. If she has any status or power, it’s not because she has hoodwinked anyone into thinking better of her than she actually is; it’s our fault for paying attention.

  11. Terry says

    I realized what it is that bothers me about her attack dog persona: she has the personality of a bully. The more we raise consciousness about the corrosiveness of bullying and the more she goes off on everything, I believe this will start to gel.

    I was raised in Alaska (high school 73) and return from time to time. My uncle worked for her indirectly in Wasilla (likes her). I was up there on an interim assignment in 2006 when she took the Governor’s seat beating the [unpopular] incumbent in the primary 80/20 and then the skilled experienced Democrat in the general.

    I told everyone not to underestimate her when McCain showed immensely poor judgment and rolled the dice and nominated her.

    I no longer click on links about her (except this one, my tribe) because I noticed on Talking Points Memo that they said every Palin story gets big readership; I decided not to be part of that. But maybe I’m wrong. If the Repugnicants would nominate her for Prez it would probably give us a long coat-tail landslide.

  12. Paul says

    Hmmmmm – if she was so worried about braces for her kids maybe she should have hung in there as Govenor of Alaska. I feel pretty certain that the job came with denatal benefits.

  13. Randy says

    She made over 12 million dollars last year and she wants someone else to pay for her kids braces. Typical Rebulican, take from everybody else and give up nothing. Where is that government insurance that none of them want to give up, but is bad for everyone else.

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