1. BEAHBEAH says

    Aren’t you stretching a little to make this guy anti-gay? Nothing he’s ever personally said or done shows that.

    #1) I doubt he even knows Chuck Norris’ opinions on the education system and hate crime legislation, right along with 99.9% of the rest of us. It wasn’t exactly front page news.

    2) And as for him supporting Focus On The Family, he did that because they are an anti-abortion organization and they share his views on abortion. I doubt very much he deeply researched their complete set of beliefs.

    Does it suck that he supported them? Yes. Should he be called out on supporting them? Yes. But lets stop trying to paint this guy as some homophobe neanderthal until he out-and-out expresses his views on homosexuality.

  2. says

    There is validity in what BeahBeah says, but there is also validity in being judged by the company you keep. Its just a matter of time before the real Tim Tibow emerges. Keeping my fingers crossed it’s the one BeahBeah espouses. But I have my doubts.

  3. Jake says

    What an unmitigated ass. Every time he’s in the news its in support of some hateful person or organization. It’s only a matter of time before he’s involved in a hate-crime or dog fighting ring, or something equally repulsive.

    I can just see the commentary now “…such a nice guy, who would have ever known”. Such BS. People like this have no respect or empathy for anybody or anything that’s not like them. So “Christian” of him … ugh!

  4. Brad says

    Hey BEAHBEAH, I’ve got a question:

    Someone does a commercial for an organization designated as a “Hate Group” and isn’t aware of the designation? So what you’re saying is Tebow isn’t so bright.

    And I don’t really follow Chuck Norris at all, but even I’ve seen his incredibly anti-gay interviews.

    (Somebody needs to get out more.)

  5. BEAHBEAH says

    “So what you’re saying is Tebow isn’t so bright.”

    Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I have no proof otherwise. I’m going to sound incredibly @ss-holish here, but he’s a 24 year old football player. I don’t expect much…

  6. Anthony says

    Chuck Norris has cult status among young people, particularly young white males. There are hundreds of clever sayings about Chuck Norris that many of my straight male friends have posted in their facebook statuses or other places over the years ie (“Chuck Norris’s tears cure cancer, too bad he has never cried”). He has become sort of a folk hero to those people precisely because he is notoriously uncool. I’ve never once thought that my straight male friends who have “admired” chuck norris actually thought he was cool or someone to actually take seriously. That’s what made the meme funny. I also never accused one of my friends for being anti-gay because they participated in that following.

    All of this is to say that I’m giving Tebow the benefit of the doubt on this one, assuming he’s trying to be a little clever or ironic by picking Chuck Norris, the same way Norris’s image has been appropriated by so many young guys for years, not all of whom we can automatically declare homophobic.

  7. Jordan says

    Chuck Norris is a meme amongst my generation (which includes Tebow). I wouldn’t be surprised if he were completely unaware of Norris’s political views, or at the very least, didn’t have them in mind at all when he gave that answer.

  8. Rowan says

    I hate to say this…..but if this was a black player? When Charles Barkley came out as pro gay in front of a group of jocks on frigging TV at least 3/4 of the people on this blog insulted him because he used the wrong English grammar and belittled his opinion.


  9. Francis says

    Good point, Rowan, but I don’t necessarily think it’s because of race. I think it’s because people think Tim is hot, and because he looks like an All-American jock that everyone adores and comes off as the perfect American, whereas Charles is a somewhat overweight somewhat loudmouth middle-aged bald guy with a police record. Just my 2 cents.

    Anyway, Tim hasn’t said anything about homosexuality at all, so I’m assuming he doesn’t really care about the subject. There are conservatives who are conservative down the line outside of a couple of issues, his may be homosexuality, who knows. Personally, I think he’s probably homophobic given his profession, who he associates with, where he’s from. I mean, he runs with FOF and AFA. He’s not that stupid to not know their values, so it’s likely he shares them. Ultimately, it comes down to whether his views are unacceptable to the masses, and seen as bigoted, or if people look at them as just his personal beliefs, or if he is praised for his beliefs. In this country, ESPECIALLY in sports which are mostly made up of conservative “religious” individuals and fans, he’s been praised and likely will continue to be praised, and that’s sort of the problem, he’s being praised for having beliefs that can definitely be considered bigoted, and unacceptable.

  10. Spudger says

    Tim doesnt seem particularly sophisticated. Everything he says seems to come across like a boy – which is probably intentional and desired on the part of the people who have been handling and grooming him for professional sports all his life.

  11. david kaufman says


    That’s because Andy Towle is a card-carrying member of the GayKK and this is a site dedicated to denigrating Black people/culture/religion wherever and whenever possible.


    Absolving equally — if not more — heinous white homophobes of their crimes simple because they are sexy or fun or have some tangential Lady Gaga/James Franco/Betty White/Kathy Griffin connection.

  12. jaragon says

    Tim has a very hot body that will look very appealing in those jockey adds. If you don’t agree with his views ( Chuck Norris is cool?!) then don’t support his advertiser.

  13. Taylor says

    @BEAHBEAH – this from the University of Florida website.

    “But Tebow’s talents extend well beyond the field. A major in family, youth and community sciences with a 3.77 grade point average…”

    So he isn’t some dumb jock. Don’t let that facade fool you. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s getting his conservative credentials all lined up. He knows that football isn’t going to last for ever…and he won’t be the 1st from the world of sports to go into politics. I’ll bet on it!

  14. says

    Simply put…a hater…I will not be buying any Jockey underwear for myself, my husband or our three adopted sons.

    It always confounds me deeply to witness the same people who are such gung-ho pro-lifers also be among the first who deny any assistance in social services to these babies and their mothers once they are born.

    In my estimation that defines hypocrisy…thus, I can say without any hesitation…HYPOCRITE!

  15. BEAHBEAH says

    Chriss, nice, keep it classy.

    The gay community has tangible enemies. People that make it a personal mission to deny us equal rights. If you want to grasp and straws and speculate about Tim Tebow, you go right on ahead. I’ll choose to concentrate on individuals that are truly impacting our lives negatively while you waste your time being petty.

  16. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    So, just like Mr. Tebow has his rights to his views, I have the right not to support Jockey International. Since he thinks a man who actively thinks I should be discriminated against is the “coolest person he knows”, I will not be spending any money to help him stay wealthy.

  17. Frank says

    Gay people may dislike Tim Tebow, but football fans really HATE him for his nauseating preachiness. I pity him for having been raised in a cult. I wonder if he’ll ever get over it. It took me most of my life to get over my Catholic brainwashing. I don’t think Tim Tebow has much of a chance.

  18. GregV says

    @Rowan and David Kaufman: Your accusations are completely FALSE.

    David, Andy has never said ANYTHING on Towleroad that would suggest he is racist.

    And Rowan: No, over 75% of the comments on Charles Barkley here did NOT criticize his grammar. Part of Barkley’s public comment was: I love the homosexuality people.”
    The part of my own comment that addressed his wording was:
    “It’s funny wording, but great sentiment, and brave of him to step up to the plate to say this.”

    I’m in a multiracial family and don’t have a racist bone in my body. If you think that what I said has ANYTHING to do with what color he is, you’ve got a huge chip on your shoulder that needs to come off if you’re ever to stop seeing the world through muddied glasses.

    There were 51 OTHER comments in that Charles Barkley thread. Exactly three referred to his odd wording at all. One (by Tranquilo) just said “A homosexuality people and proud!”

    Joe said: “His phrasing may have been odd – “the homosexuality people” – but his message was clear.” (followed by praise)

    JP said: “I actually think his ability to express himself in such a ‘clumsy’ way makes this even more vital.” (also followed by praise for his comments)
    by JP.

    That was it. 22 other comments heaped praise on Barkley’s comments without addressing the wording, and 26 more comments went off on mostly unrelated tangents that ended up being about a soccer game in Qatar and transgendered bathrooms.

    4 out of 52 is not more than three-quarters, and even those four were very supportive of Barkley and not racist in any way, shape or form.

    I honestly sometimes wonder if some of the commenters (like david Kaufman and Rowan) are trolls from the teaparty who come on here in the hopes of creating faux outrage over made-up controversies.

  19. Brian says

    So we should be surprised that one homophobic asshat admires another? I’m happy to dismiss these kinds of jerks as the insignificant bugs they are…

  20. sugarrhill says

    No GregV, it is common knowledge that any post dealing with people of color on this site brings out the racist trolls. I don’t believe the editors of this site are racist, but sometimes they engage in race baiting. And I love how people will trip over themselves to make excuses for an attractive Caucasian male. Tebow is an evangelical Christian that is super against abortion. Is it really that much of a stretch to believe that this man also is not super tolerant of Gays? Would it help if I mentioned that he goes to an African American church?

  21. Rowan says


    Maybe you are the troll, sticking up for someone you don’t know who has been seen and read to side with constantly anti-gay groups BUT has still said nothing to say his side. But at least he spoke about good ol Chuck.

    I don’t agree that Andy is anti-black at all, that’s just sweeping, like Tebow and his support for grous without understanding what most women go through before they have an abortion.

    If he’d defended life but the some about the amount of kids in social care and what should try to do to help them, I would’ve listened.

    This guy isn’t stupid and has luckily has been able to have an education where he understand the core of an essay is to see ALL sides of an argument to truly make a heroic opinon.

    Maybe it’s just the UK but my masters tutors berated me hugely even with some evidence that I am making a statement with o back up evidence and damn, I’m not that bad!

    My comment was re the commenters.

    All those praising Barkley must jhave slipped after I got tired of what people were saying. Better still, it’s hard to rag on a guy-Barkley-when he has just done what he has done.

    What has Tebow done?

    To me the simple fact that grammar was such a factor for people when you are supporting gays in the first, what , 10′ responses and with this used, at least half has supported he is not anti gay despite the fact he aligns himself with those groups-is shocking.

    Really shocking.

    One is saying he supports gays, publicly, in a room fool of jocks on tv.

    The other says he loves an anti gay prick on an advertisement he is getting paid for…

    And we all LOVE Tebow?

    Something is seriously wrong here.

    But I’m not black and white.

    People like who the like and that is life. I just thought it was interesting to point out the pattern of how people think on non shitty blog like this.

    That’s all.

    As is life.

  22. anon says

    Wasn’t Tebow the guy who raised a few eyebrows when his former teammate/roommate gave him a big smooch on the sidelines and he said they frequently kiss? I doubt he’s that anti-gay.

  23. joeblo says

    Didn’t the coach that traded away everything to get him for Denver get sacked? Hes too juiced up on ‘roids with no real passing skill to stay in the NFL.

  24. walter says

    i wrote to jockey and complained and they didn’t seem to care. i asked to be taken off their mailing list and told them i no longer would purchase their product. i got very short
    email saying sorry but too bad. i don’t think they are worried.

  25. HadenoughBS says

    It appears Mr. Tebow’s college ed-gee-ka-shun wasn’t a very liberal one! He ain’t cool, kids, he’s a red, white and blue bigot just like his low-life third rate actor-friend Chuckie Norris. Timmy can spokesperson-speak for Jockey all he wants but I’ll never buy their brand as long as he’s involved.

  26. cbhermey says

    The boy is a product of Christian Missionaries, was home-schooled, as were his siblings, by momma, who sought to instill ‘christian’ values in them. Seems that they might be Baptists. Not sure why the home-schooling was felt to be so important when there are lots of good parochial schools around that can also instill ‘christian’ values in kids, but often it’s to shield the kids from the ‘heathen’ that are out there in the public schools.
    I think Tim knows exactly what he is doing when he supported Focus on the Family, and thinks Chuck Norris is uber-cool, and it goes beyond an anti-abortion stance or a tough-guy persona.
    Like others on here, I’ve bought my last pair of jockey apparel.

  27. Amanda Huggankiss says

    How SILLY. Towleroad is not racist, thats just more bullshit reasoning to split the gay community further to make us less threatening.

  28. BCM says

    The street address, list of executives, fax number and landline are listed below.
    I have been buying their clothes for 32 years. This is like Anita Byrant and FL. orange juice.
    Stevec is correct you should let Jockey International know how disgusting they are:
    Debra Waller is the Ceo.
    Jockey International, Inc.
    2300 60th St.
    Kenosha, WI 53141 Phone: 262-658-8111
    Fax: 262-658-1812
    Toll Free: 800-562-5391
    Officers & Employees
    Title Name Age Salary Bonus
    Chairman and CEO Debra S. Waller 54
    President and COO Edward C. (Ed) Emma 54
    SVP, CFO, and CIO Frank Schneider
    SVP Human Resources Betsy Morton
    VP Retail Stores Division Mark Fedyk
    VP Design and Research and Development Sally Tomkins
    VP E-Commerce and Catalog Chris Smith
    VP Global Applications and Development James (Jim) Cook
    VP Domestic Licensing Milou Gwyn
    President, Jockey Worldwide Wholesale and Licensing Robert (Bob) Nolan
    President, Jockey Worldwide Consumer Direct Michael Lapidus
    President, International Division Tim Wheeler
    Director MIS Operations and Technical Support Brian Elliott
    VP Sales and Merchandising Special Market Brands Jim Althaus
    EVP Jockey Brand Merchandising and Sales Valerie Leclaire
    Director Public Relations Mo Moorman
    SVP, General Counsel, and Corporate Secretary Mark Jaeger

  29. hank says

    Tebow isn’t as dumb as you think he is. He is the poster boy for the ultra right wing Christian bigots, it’s just that he’s smart enough not to push it too far in order to appeal to the masses and sell his product.

  30. says

    Good point, Rowan, but I don’t necessarily think it’s because of race. I think it’s because people think Tim is hot, and because he looks like an All-American jock that everyone adores and comes off as the perfect American, whereas Charles is a somewhat overweight somewhat loudmouth middle-aged bald guy with a police record. Just my 2 cents.

    Posted by: Francis | Mar 27, 2011 11:35:30 AM

    Now Francis if that wasn’t about race lets dissect what you just said: (I think it’s because people think Tim is hot and because he looks like an All-American jock)
    STOP WHAT DOES THAT TRANSLATE TO? A WHITE MALE! They always call them the All American Boy. Since when do they consider minorities to be that?

    Continued :( that everyone adores and comes off as the perfect American,)
    STOP and that is viewed in the eyes of??? CAUCASIANS!

    Continued :( whereas Charles is a somewhat overweight somewhat loudmouth middle-aged bald guy with a police record.)
    And this is viewed like this by whom? CAUCASIANS because even we African Americans may feel some things but we always mention he was PROFESSIONAL NBA PLAYER AND A FAMOUS ONE AT THAT!

    Sometimes terminology is the subliminal voice of racism my dear friend!

  31. von lmo says

    Just so long as Timmy continues looking hunky, Andy Towle will always have space for him on his blog, no matter what Tebow says about the gayz.

  32. luminum says

    Sorry, but I know plenty of athletes and 24 year olds who are aware enough to understand cultural and political affiliations. This whole “he’s young and dumb” free pass we’re giving him needs to stop. It’s a disservice to the multitudes of socially progressive, aware, and, most importantly, informed young adults out there.

    If Tim Tebow was 16, I might accept that argument, though even then, as a 16 year old, my friends and I were aware of why a hate group was called a hate group. And if we weren’t, we did our research.

    Tim Tebow doesn’t have time to use Google?

  33. luminum says

    Also, even though Chuck Norris is a meme for my generation, I and others I know are informed enough to choose not to promote him as some kind of iconic hero while maintaining the bigoted opinions he has. If Tebow said Mel Gibson because of how much he adores the Lethal Weapon franchise, should he be thus excused for being so naive?

    There is false dichotomy about what you can and cannot pay attention to. Recognizing and highlighting instances of thoughtlessness and the need for political responsibility (yes, because when people enter a political foray, such as supporting a socio-political group like FotF, they are thus responsible to be educated about their political statements) does not come “at the cost” of spotlighting more extreme and gross abuses against our community. You should feel fed up if all Towleroad talks about is Tim Tebow and ignores gay bashings, bigoted legislation, or socio-political violence, but it doesn’t.

    There’s no competing air-time here, and I welcome stories like this just as much as I welcome hearing about what’s happening in human rights abuses in Uganda, gay bashings in New York City, and gay parentage in Belgium.

  34. Nick says

    Anyone think that if Chuck Norris were an openly anti-Black or Latino bigot that Tebow would be citing him as cool? Ignorance is no excuse. I don’t know Tebow’s views on homosexuality, but I know his background and I know the company he keeps. He’s another pretty jock who’s going to go a long way (with some people) spouting conservative platitudes.

  35. Chitown Kev says


    You are DEAD wrong.

    I just went back and looked at the Charles Barkley thread that you mentioned. Most of the comments on that thread actually praised Charles Barkley for what he said. The controversy that erupted on that post had nothing to do race but had to do with the acronym “LGBT.”

    And Kaufman, to hear you say it, everyone who is white and/or gay is a racist and/or a member of the “GayKK” and I don’t think that this site is anymore dedicated to denigrating “black culture” than The Root is dedicated to denigrating gays.

  36. Charlie-o says

    Tebow is a spokesman not only for Focus on the Family, a certified hate group that’s particularly virulent toward LGBT people, but also for Jockey. Remember that when you’re shopping for underwear – and spread the word. Why knowingly support our enemies? No Jockey shorts! (hmmm . . I like how that sounds!)

  37. Rich says

    “family, youth and community sciences”. This is what they call old home ec departments. I don’t think he’s any genius. His GPA probably reflects the heavily watered down sociology and psychology material that predominates in these departments.

  38. Rin says

    Should someone judge a person they’ve never met because of some of their friends or affiliations? I have friends who are card carrying members of the ACLU and friends who are in the NRA. I have friends that are atheists and friends who are evangelicals.

    Politics and belief systems fluctuate in every human being throughout their lives. When you stay friends with someone instead of writing them off you have more of an opportunity to be a part of that change.

    I’ll be friends with whomever I choose for whatever reason I choose. Litmus tests are ridiculous to put on anyone.

  39. walter says

    jockey knows exactly what he stands for and they just don’t care. their reply to me was sorry but no problem if i didn’t want their product.

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