Towleroad Guide to the Tube #856

THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER SOLD: Morgan Spurlock's new documentary, which was fully financed through product placement.

NYC: A five-minute film by Rick Liss documenting New York City in the early 80's.

CHLOE: Spring.

DEFEND DOMA: MAtt Baume at debunks NOM's latest ad.

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  1. Bryan says

    Chloetic ecstasy! So lusciously viscous as you simulate yourself. But remember, rhythm is what happens _around_ the beat. Pick up the pace a tad, you icon you icon you icon you. Hallucinate us in an ever so slightly angular cadence… His Master’s Voice: cloy me with an adverb, Grammophoneme.

    And frolic on your peg leg, pookessence, _frolic_.

  2. Pete n SFO says

    ya know, I really appreciate that Matt Baume provides the facts for people to call, bullsh*t… but here’s the problem; NOM’s strategy is not about fact, it’s about leveraging prejudice & ignorance. THEY know they’re lying, that’s why it works- it riles up knuckleheads & gets them what they want, money.

  3. says

    For 25 years, I was part of the fable fans in the cheap seats(when they were)of Chicago’s Friendly Confines, Wrigley Field. I was tabbed by Cubs Hall of Fame announcer Harry Caray as the team’s #1 fan. I once rented my back to a local Mazda dealer, for a thousand bucks for the Cubs first night game in 1988. It was mentioned in USA Today,NY Times and the wire services. In 1989 and ’90, I received $3,000 to appear in a Day’s Inn ad in the Cubs year Book. Back in 2003, I was 5 outs away of getting $5,000 from the BIG ASS FAN Company, to wear their T-shirt into the first World Series Game… but be that as it was… a guy named Bartman
    got in the way of a foul ball that cost the Cubs getting into the World Series and me 5 thousand bucks… So if there are companies who feel their advertisement placement is important, why not! I am in the process of doing a documentary about my photography of San Francisco in the 1970s, and talked to Lava Light for possible placement… Cheers!

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