1. Chadd says

    It is amazing to see a whole town destroyed by nature in just 6 minutes. Notable is the building across the street with the yellow awning. It is only 4 minutes from the time that the water arrives until that awning is fully covered by the water. That means probably 10 to 12 feet of raging water in only a few minutes. Incredible that anyone survived.

    My heart goes out to the people of Japan.

  2. jpeckjr says

    Thank you for posting these, Andy. I mean that with all sincerity. From listening to the 6 minute video, I learned what a community sounds like when it is groaning in agony and pain. I would not have known otherwise. The sound is only deepening my compassion.

  3. Robert In WeHo says

    I almost feels like being Dorothy looking out the window of her house as the the world gets swept up and rides along in the twister. It’s both shocking and mesmerizing at the same time. It’s very real and yet some how it’s surreal. What is most amazing is that people had the presence of mind to record these events given that they were watching their homes and livelihoods being washed away…

  4. bostonbeat says

    these videos break my heart. there is nothing else to say.

    if the public keeps saying that they are “praying” for these folks, I hope they really mean it.


  5. Pedro says

    ¡Dios Mio! May God have mercy on them. We truly are a powerless species on a perilous little planet. And yet we spend so much time hating and accusing each other….I’m going to Mass just to light a candle for these people.

  6. FunMe says

    My heart, my prayers, and my love for each and every person in Japan who has experienced such a tragedy. My heart hurts knowing the suffering people in that beautiful nation is going through.

    Love, Light and many prayers being sent to the beautiful people in Japan.

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