1. patrick nyc says

    It was for Comic Relief, so it’s a spoof right?

    He’s got talent but perhaps he should cut back a wee bit on the weed. And tell his stylist to stop watching Jersey Shore.

  2. mcNnyc says

    True Faith is a Classic and I respect GM’s choice to cover it…
    I loved the original song and video and I like this homage BUT I just don’t understand the choice to use the vocoder…it masks one of the best male soul voices of a generation…
    Unless this is some requirement for his probation…smoking harms your voice.

  3. Sean says

    A British PR agent summed this up perfectly: “I love George Michael, I adore New Order. I feel the same way about champagne and caviar. However, if you put them both in a blender, chucked it in a coconut, and tried to serve that to me with a twisty straw, I would puke.”

  4. noteasilyoffended says

    I’m glad George is back to making music and wish him the best, but this is just plain boring. And the use of a vocorder is always a suspicious thing to me….

  5. MontyMonty says

    Whoever M.I.E. is should be fired. What turns out to be the one of the silliest videos ever made, this cloudy moment is meant for children and drug addicts who enjoy little wispy creatures. Is there anyway to decode the stupid vocode?

  6. FernLaPlante says

    The idea of GM covering this song is great. The auto-tuned end result is completely awful. It’s ‘unlistenable’.

  7. dms says

    can’t get thru it. One of the great things about gm is his voice. unless it’s shot from drugs (see whitney) he should never, ever use auto tune. That shiz is for people who can’t actually sing. (see jamie foxx)

    it’s a shame.

  8. dh says

    This song has none of the features that GM fans liked about GM or what NO fans liked about NO. So no one’s gonna be happy with this.

  9. says

    This version brings out the melancholy of the lyrics, the hurt. It’s strange, too. I like it, but I don’t think I’ll be dancing to it.

  10. Ted says

    Agree with the negative comments; i like the visuals but the song is so soulful, he really missed an opportunity to do it justice. I was really looking forward to seeing this, now looking for some drug that will erase it from my memory forever

  11. says

    I think everything about this atrocious song that could be said has been said. He should fire his eyebrow person, though. And if possible, beat him with a sock full of pennies.

  12. Paul says

    Slowing down the beat of the song doesn’t help this cover along with the autotuning. Some very bad choices…

  13. Mark says

    I think it is an interesting cover. I am a huge GM fan and usually don’t like “unique” interpretations of songs. However this song is about drug addiction and to me the distortion of the vocoder is symbolic of the distorted reality of a drug addict. I respect George’s artistic take on this song. Thanks!

  14. CJ says

    I was wondering why he was auto-tuned. Read a comment above that may explain it, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling like t-pain is just going to jump out and yell at me.