1. woodroad34wo says

    Well, he looks more like a pig than a man–I’ll take the theater, thank yew veddy much.

  2. Erich says

    There’s nothing that’s implying he’s gay other than the fact that he’s talking about a musical. I personally thought it was funny, because I’m a gay man and I hate musicals.

  3. james says

    I’ve sent an email to ConAgra asking if this is really one of their ads or a spoof. The production values — lighting, set design, and the absence of a mom serving her happy, happy family make me wonder. Manwich has been promoted as an easy meal for the whole family. This seems inconsistent.

  4. crispy says

    Isn’t that what most JoeMyGod commenters look like? I can see why they’d be offended.

  5. Dastius Krazitauc says

    Erich, you hate musicals, but do you think it is “unmanly” to like them? And do unmanly men deserve to be hit?

  6. Jerry says

    Manwich is shite and that is the end of this story. If youd rather stay home from a broadway show and eat a Manwich, chances are you arent gay anyway

  7. crispy says

    You guys are all idiots.

    If you watch the other 2 ads in the campaign (one is about shopping for shoes, and the other is about soft hair), it’s very clear that these men are reading lines written for WOMEN. Yet they’re holding a product called Manwich, ya know, made for MEN. That’s the joke.

    Do you need help tying your shoes too?

  8. Kyle in DC says

    Thanks for the link, mstrozfckslv. I just contacted ConAgra. It would be easy to blow this off as harmless, but the implication that it’s OK to bully anyone with gay tendencies doesn’t fly in the current climate. It’s irresponsible advertising.

  9. Beef and Fur says

    Can’t have it both ways! Can’t be outraged over this and then purr and coo when some group of cute, hairless, straight frat boys cover a Lady GaGa song while acting fey and swishy….

  10. Jesus says

    “And do unmanly men deserve to be hit?”

    According to this advertisement, yes.

    But really, how much of a stretch do we need to make between this and real-life statistics about anti-gay assault? Not much.

    To you people who can’t see what all the fuss is about, open your eyes. For those of you making excuses, at least have the guts to own up to your own complicity in continuing these sorts of attacks.

    Yea, it might be kind of funny if you’ve never been a victim of violent assault because of your actual or perceived gender identity, but when you actually understand the connection this sort of humor has with these kinds of assaults, maybe then you might take a moment to think about why we’re still dealing with this sort of ignorance.

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    Thanks, CRISPY.

    I looked up the definition of satire. Then I Googled it. I still must not understand.

  12. GregV says

    I think we all understand what is implied: Men who say or do or like something normally associated with a woman deserve to be hit.

    Those who are not disturbed by that implications should think of parallel situations and ask yourself whether you would accept them and, if not, what is it in your psyche that accepts this version of violent sexism passed off as “comedy.”

    Example: A Cherokee woman is eating a hamburger. She says she likes hip-hop dancing, eating watermelon and has a collection of soul music. [cue face slap] Announcer says: “It’s called WHITE Castle!”

    Or maybe they could make a version for the Egyptian market: A woman says she likes watching soccer games and she hopes to study to be a doctor. [Slap!] “Manwich is for real men!”

    I think some people need to watch that video again by the discouraged kid in New York with the damaged face who was attacked last month by someone who didn’t like his pink shoelaces.

    This ad just encourages the sick idea that men who don’t measure up enough on the “masculine” scale deserve a violent reaction.

    Con-Agra has a lot of products, and so far they had not been listed on the HRC buying guide. My grocer has plenty of competitive brands beside Pam spray, Healthy Choice, or Egg Beaters (etc.) and I’ll be buying those other brands now.

  13. Rob says

    Never thought I would be saying this sincerely and without sarcasm – but here goes, “Thank you, Jesus.”

    The “joke” of the ad is that the guy is not behaving manly, so therefore he deserves to be hit. Not a very far stretch from the “justification” of a lot of assaults on gays that the guy was not behaving manly, so therefore he deserved it.

    I know the guy isn’t hot and he looks worse without the shirt, but really? This makes it somehow OK?

  14. Rolly Macimino says

    The same guys who are “men” (and most likely pushy bottoms who “play sports” and “drink beer” before getting dicked) commenting that they hate musicals are the same guys who inherently hate anything feminine, including women(and that part in themselves that reminds them of such). A lot of sexism amongst the gays, it’s only ironic when they want to screech about homophobia. Anyway, I think tutoring kids or creating a cool website is a more productive use of time than a boycott.

  15. anon says

    What idiot stands around the kitchen holding a sandwich at eye level and talks about musical theater? Or any conversation? Shirtless? It’s more bizarre than anything.

    Police used to raid bars and arrest guys for talking about “opera” because that meant they were gay. That was a wrong conclusion then and now.

  16. Jai says


    It does not bother me at all when a gay guy, or a straight guy, says he dislikes or even hates theater or anything stereotypically femme. I don’t think that automatically makes them women haters because that is not what they are personally into. What pisses me off is the message in the commercial that if a guy happens to like those “femme” things, he deserves to be treated like crap and receive a beat down. We can disagree on what we personally like, but we shouldn’t disrespect and treat each other like garbage for it. Hell, I’m not a big fan of theater myself, but don’t you dare say that I hate women or anything feminine. But guess what? I have no problems with anyone else who happens to love theater, etc. It just means we’re all a lil’ different from each other, that’s all.

  17. David B. 2 says

    advertising is about attention getting and getting people to talk … I think this is working. Is it proper, or politically correct or even influential? No — is it harmless? Most ads are — they come and go and don’t influence much — let alone consumer behavior — the fact that people are commenting cements the idea in the ads creator that IT WORKED!

  18. says

    david B

    wrong, the goal is not to get people to talk about your product

    the goal is to get people to buy and or keep buying your product

    The point is to make $

    lots of talk = 0

    consumers purchasing your products = you stay in biz

  19. Rowan says

    Crispy oh Crispy the idiot.

    Joe My God has done more in covering gay news then say…..any of these blogs.

    I’m not hairy nor white and the information he puts out there is priceless but I forget what a b*tch you are.


  20. crispy says

    Actually, I like Joe just fine. And I didn’t say anything remotely suggesting otherwise… but one wouldn’t expect you to suddenly develop reading comprehension skills.

    It’s the hordes of angry bears that make his site unreadable. See: Dwerk

  21. Derrick from Philly says


    I’m mystified at what must have happened between you two. Well, I hate to see two blog personalities that I like go at each other. One thing y’all do have in common: both of you have fought the racists on this blog many times.

    Lately, I haven’t been allowed to respond to the racists’ racist comments. I guess Andy considers my responses too incendiary. Yeah, baby, I’m fire, all right…like Carmen Jones. You aint gettin’ no MANWICHES here, honey.

    Hey, bartender! You blind or somethin’? …don’t you see this empty glass?

  22. Paul R says

    Given ConAgra’s response, and assuming it’s accurate, they should be looking for a new ad agency. I can’t imagine an agency posting an ad on YouTube under a client’s name without its approval.

    So while I’m glad they removed the ads, the whole story is a bit odd.

    As for gay guys who dislike musicals hating women and themselves, being “pushy bottoms,” and feigning masculinity, that’s one of the stupider assertions I’ve ever read on this site. And that’s saying something. So if I don’t like musicals, I’m a self-loathing mess? Nice narrow view of the world you have there.

  23. Randy says

    The internet has a long memory, and resents being censored.

    Therefore, someone person apparently addicted to advertising also posted the video at:

    Basically, the man holding the Manwich describes a musical he just saw, with singing, dancing, sequins…, and a hand reaches in and slaps the Manwich into his face because “it’s called a MANwich”.

    When I think of a man-wich, there are usually three men…

  24. LincolnLounger says

    Some people just love to be outraged. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burns . . . .