1. says

    I’m all for risque antics to support charitable causes — over the last few years, I’ve raised $30k through risque fundraisers (full monty strip shows, go-go dancers that show everything, bartenders in their underwear or completely naked, porn stars auctioning off the underwear they’re currently wearing, etc.). But compared to other risque charity calendars, this one seems extraordinarily tame. Hell, even Helen Mirren showed more in the movie “Calendar Girls.”

  2. patrick nyc says

    Yeah, I said it… “us fags”

    Posted by: PATRICK NYC | Apr 22, 2011 12:56:05 PM

    Yes I did use the term, unlike some, I have no problem with gays using it, but I did not make the second post. I wonder who or why someone did? ANDY, any idea? I’m sure you can tell, the ISP is not the same.

  3. Billbb says

    Why do I get distracted from enjoying these men by thinking of the time spent scraping all their body hair off? Naturally smooth guys are fine but whazzup with the depilatory, tweezers and wax? In my world, it’s not manly. I want a natural man.

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