Fred Karger Wins Early 2012 NH GOP Presidential Straw Poll

Gay GOP Presidential candidate Fred Karger has won a straw poll of potential presidential candidates at St. Anselm College taken on Thursday night, WMUR reports:

Karger "Karger, who was the only potential candidate to address the group, has made college campuses a central part of his budding campaign so far. Karger received 79 votes out of 322 ballots cast for 16 candidates. Finishing a close second with 74 votes was former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. From there the drop off to third place was significant. New York businessman Donald Trump received 26 votes. In the end, this was a big win for Karger who has been campaigning hard in the Granite State trying to make the argument that he should be taken seriously as a candidate. This straw poll should help that."

Full results at WMUR.

Karger Wins Saint Anselm Straw Poll [wmur]


  1. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.comthe only potential candidate to address the group Read more: says

    “….the only potential candidate to address the group…”

    in other words the straw poll is worthless

  2. Matthew says

    In 2012 there will be a democrat and republican on the ballot. Wouldn’t you want this to be the Republican? I fully support him and hope he does well.

  3. Chadd says

    The GOP has been hijacked by the religious right and the tea party. Neither group is a friend of the LGBT community. How on earth does he think we is going to win the nomination? The country as a whole doesn’t think we even deserve equal rights, so the chances of a gay man (or woman) getting elected in the general election, regardless of their party, is almost non-existent. I think all his candidacy will do is highlight how homophobic the GOP is.

  4. Patric says

    “Wouldn’t you want this to be the Republican?” He has about 1/2 the chance of Liz Cheney and about 1/10,000th the chance of Michelle Bachmann of becoming the Republican nominee.

    In the past, he has whored himself out to the likes of such homophobes as California Governor Duekmejian and Texas Governor Connolly and several others. He also worked as a lobbyist for the tobacco industry to oppose smoking bans. While he has spent his time in more admirable ways after making millions off lending support to those who have oppressed us and would continue to do so, he does not represent my values and I will find it only amusing when he is embarrased in his pursuit of the Republican nomination.

  5. jack says

    So what if he doesn’t have a chance of becoming the nominee. So what if he is a republican. At least he is trying. People getting used to gay politicians aspiring for Presidency is a good thing.

  6. Craig says

    I’m no fan of the Republican Party, believe me — I may not agree with gay Republicans on very much beyond “it’s okay to be gay”, and you couldn’t pay me enough to vote for one of them. But I can still accept that if we ever want to actually see meaningful change for LGBTs in the United States, we need there to be LGBT people in the Republican trenches fighting the good fight — so for that reason alone, even if I don’t understand what makes them tick I’m still glad they exist.

    A propos of not much else, the sitcom “Raising Hope” coined an absolutely brilliant appellation for gay Republicans a couple of episodes ago: “Herbal Tea Party”.

  7. Chadd says

    It was the Southern Democrats who were largely responsible for the inequalities faced by black Americans through the civil rights movements and now blacks are almost as likely to be Democrat as gays are, so there is hope that a party can change – even the GOP.

    I believe that change in the GOP regarding gay rights can only come from within the GOP and will not be brought about by external pressure. So maybe that is what Karger is trying to do. However, gay Republicans give far too many passes to their party when the party is waging war on gay people. It seems that most gay Republicans are trying to get gay people in general to accept to the GOP platform as it is and not doing anything to actually change the platform to something palatable for all of us.

    If Karger should somehow actually manage to win the nomination and was running against Obama, I would vote for Obama.

  8. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.comthe only potential candidate to address the group Read more: says


    the southern democrats aka “Dixie Crats” left the dem party and all became repubs due to dem party embracing civil rights

    get your facts straight

    your analogy is false and not based in reality

  9. mstrozfckslv@yahoo.comthe only potential candidate to address the group Read more: says

    PS should have also said

    The dixie crats joined the repub party due to repub party embracing the southern strategy = racism

  10. Derrick from Philly says

    “the southern democrats aka “Dixie Crats” left the dem party and all became repubs due to dem party embracing civil rights”

    They’re trying to make a come back. Check out West Virginia’s new Demcratic senator. He’s so conservative he’ll probably win easily in the regular election next year. His predecessor, Robert Byrd, didn’t turn Liberal until he was almost 100 years old and about to go see Jesus.

    Southern Democrats (White or Black) tend to be a little more to the right of center on many issues…like marriage equality. It’s the Bible Belt, homies.


    there was a time when Black Republicans were murdered by White Democrats. And that was in Philadelphia & New York–not just way Down South. And now, 100 years later, the Republican Party is dominated by White Christian supremacists (no Liberals left in the GOP except Lonely Lincoln Chafee) Ya’ never know how things are gonna’ change.

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