News: Jesus Christ, Castro, Mariah Carey, Craigslist, Bristol Palin

Road Doctors: Chinese patients with AIDS-like symptoms actually have "AIDS phobia".

Jesus RoadIs this Jesus? And was he gay?

RoadTouch her baby? Mariah Carey's topless pregnant photo shoot.

RoadObama to host live town hall on Facebook: "The event, which was organized by the White House Facebook Page, will include a discussion about economic recovery and funding for innovation. Obama will also answer questions that people post on either the Facebook Wall for the event or submit to Facebook Live will broadcast the event on April 20 starting at 4:45 p.m. EST."

RoadGay Chicagoan James Cappleman wins City Council race.

RoadChris Hemsworth's muscles aren't too big for his GQ suit.

RoadAnti-gay attack reported between teens in Madison, Wisconsin: "The victim didn't know two of the teens, police said, and the three got on the bus he was on at about 5 p.m. 'As the trio left the bus at Alhambra Place, one teen punched the victim in the ear while the teen he knew delivered a blow to his nose,' DeSpain said."

RoadUK boy band Blue takes it off for Attitude magazine.

Colfer RoadChris Colfer looks toward the light for Jared Eng of Just Jared.

RoadVideos: 8-bit pop artist Simon Curtis plays Arjan's Superfraiche.

Washington Times editorial warns of transgender "radical agenda".

RoadBristol Palin was paid $262,000 by teen pregnancy prevention non-profit Candies, which is seven times what it actually spent on teen pregnancy prevention.

RoadNYT publish Sulzberger defends new paywall in testy appearance at Columbia.

RoadIs San Francisco's Castro District appropriate for young kids? A "controversy" in San Francisco wherein school kids were taken to the Castro on an historical field trip is a great example of a couple extreme wingnuts whipping things into such a frenzy that it makes the SF Chronicle's "Mommy Files" and will probably get blown up into a larger story.

RoadDOMA repeal bill sponsors ask for status update from Boehner on House's defense of DOMA plans: "Among other things, we are interested in a status report on who will be representing the House, estimates regarding the cost and length of proposed litigation efforts, the anticipated role of the House in litigation (i.e., intervenor or amicus curiae), and your assessment regarding the likelihood of success on the merits.  If you or House General Counsel already have arranged for representation by outside counsel, we would welcome and appreciate their participation in this briefing."

Sallon RoadBoy George's "oldest and closest friend" Philip Sallon sustains fractured skull in attack: "The 59-year-old is still recovering in hospital and has no memory of the attack. His niece Miriam Elia, 28, who visited him in hospital, said: 'It is not the first time he's been beaten up. He has had this in the Eighties because of what he was, but if this was a homophobic attack I would be absolutely disgusted. He is well-known as a gay icon. Sometimes my uncle gets into grief with people but he never gets violent and he doesn't really drink. The person who did this could have killed him and we want to find out who it was, whether it was gay-bashing or something else.'"

RoadPhotographer Tyler Shields using celebrity blood samples for new project.

RoadAppeals court upholds firing of teacher for posting explicit personal ad on Craigslist: "The ad included explicit pictures and a graphic explanation of the kinds of sexual activities that Lampedusa preferred. The ad, however, did not include his name or school affiliation."

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  1. Radical Transgender Agenda:
    1. Fix wig
    2. Buy fabulous shoes
    3. Get snipped
    4. Takeover the world?

    Posted by: crispy | Apr 6, 2011 3:43:36 PM

  2. Re: Is this Jesus? And was he gay?

    The lead codices found in Jordan and being studied in England are an exciting archaeological discovery. I like archaeology of all types. However, unless Michael Ruse has been part of the study team, which says the writing is a coded form of ancient Hebrew, and he has decoded it, "imagining" they might say Jesus was gay is irresponsible unscientific blather.

    People who practice a religion are always being criticized for not paying attention to science. Could we possibly wait for the science on these items to be done before making things up about what they say and mean?

    Posted by: jpeckjr | Apr 6, 2011 4:18:29 PM

  3. the jesus thing is more likely a very modern counterfeit

    they didn't even site 1 archeologist studying it and pronouncing any kind of date for its origin

    Posted by: | Apr 6, 2011 4:52:59 PM

  4. sorry I was referring to the first link

    the 2nd link has guesses on age (without carbon dating) and some supposed experts

    Posted by: | Apr 6, 2011 4:55:41 PM

  5. The gay Jesus thing is an imagination of the writer, as shown by the article's subtitle, "What if the newly found codices provided evidence of Jesus's same-sex activity? Michael Ruse imagines the implications."

    Further evidence that this is simply a (very imaginative) thought exercise is provided by the link titled, ""The question: What would you add to the Bible?"

    It's admittedly an interesting exercise, but ultimately the guardian is (as ever) merely angling for pageviews.

    Posted by: JDB | Apr 6, 2011 5:08:59 PM

  6. I have always held out hope that great archeological finds are still out there somewhere waiting to be discovered.

    Posted by: niles | Apr 6, 2011 5:17:28 PM

  7. @Niles: I don't think that's remotely in doubt. Egypt unearths antiquities constantly, and it's widely thought that other pyramids exist underneath the sand. And huge swaths of the Middle East have yet to be properly studied.

    As for the Castro being safe for kids, when my parents visit there are certain stores I don't like walking by with them (though they probably don't even notice). Now there's a group of guys who sit around naked for long stretches at Market and Castro (unfortunately, not the kind of guys you want to see nude). So it depends on the age of the kid and your comfort level, especially if the kids have a lot of questions about, say, dildo displays.

    But there are plenty of elementary and junior high schools very nearby, so obviously this isn't a 100% kid-free zone. Still, despite gentrification, the Castro maintains a fairly adult feel---most residents like it that way.

    Posted by: Paul R | Apr 6, 2011 5:42:20 PM

  8. I would have to say that I feel like the Castro is not the most kid-friendly place. Of course, plenty of families now live in the neighborhood, but if I had children, I would think twice before taking them down Castro street itself. I was just there yesterday, and aside from the stores with dildos and porn promos right in the front window, there are also an assortment of flyers on telephone poles advertising this or that party, invariably with a barely dressed guy (hot, but that's beside the point).

    I think if families take their kids to the Castro, that's one thing. But for a school to do so with minimal (if any) parental consent, I do think that is a problem. This isn't a gay or straight thing, either. It's just the environment vs the audience. Some people feel like Vegas is an inappropriate place to brings kids, and while I think that there are certain elements of Vegas that kids should avoid, there are also plenty of options to keep them entertained. But the Castro? What does it provide children in terms of fun?

    Posted by: Austin | Apr 6, 2011 5:51:53 PM

  9. Castro has silicon asses in the window of their copious sex toy shops. So yes. I'd say it's not kid friendly.

    Posted by: Dan4444 | Apr 6, 2011 6:57:14 PM

  10. Oh no! Children in the Castro! Cover their eyes!

    Whenever LGBT people are discussed by the idiocracy, there's always an implicit assumption which is as unexamined as it is erroneous: that "gay" is a sex act.

    Is "straight" a sex act? Is a heterosexual coworker's wedding picture on her desk an advertisement for heterosexuality? When a man says "my wife," is he mentioning a sex act? Of course not, because heterosexuality is an identity, and "normal" at that, and therefore only secondarily about the slippery friction of mucous membranes.

    Being gay is no more a sex act than being straight and as normal as having red hair, and it's time straight people stopped these endless variations on "flaunting it" and acknowledged the simple truth.

    Similarly, in America, whenever children are discussed in the context of sexuality, there's always another, even more insidious unexamined assumption: that exposure to sexuality in any form harms children.

    No one ever states this explicitly, because said out loud it becomes clear it's a bizarre, unhealthy notion as well as an insupportable argument. Nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of Americans behave as though it's true, and public policy is based on it all without any requirement that it be proved.

    What Americans are interested in protecting is not their children, who can't be harmed by knowing about LGBT people or being exposed to sexual imagery. What Americans protect so hysterically is their own sick, religiously inculcated shame.

    Finally, when writing about second grade boys visiting the Castro, isn't it odd to fail to mention that in a group of 48, 2-5 of those boys will grow up to be gay men. These boys are in fact visiting their own culture, where in one form or another, they will likely spend their entire lives. What would we say about parents or schools who kept heterosexual children from knowing other heterosexuals?

    Posted by: Bryan | Apr 6, 2011 7:55:24 PM

  11. Bryan, the first part of your comment kind of contradicts the rest of what you are saying. Yes, I totally agree with you that being gay is about so much more than sex. But the Castro is 75% sex. There are 5 bars within a block of each other, at least three sex shops that I can think of off hand, a community health clinic that regularly displays art of "carnal" qualities (gay and straight, sometimes). Sure, there is now the LGBT historical center, and some good restaurants and a bookstore, but Castro is largely focused on sex. I don't think anyone is denying or complaining about this per se.

    Throw kids in the mix, and it becomes a different issue. Yes, there is a sense of skewed puritanism in America where we are fine with violence, but prudish about sex. That's a whole different issue. But the truth here is that second grade is just a little too young to be exposed to storefronts where men are shooting their lods on each other's faces (Superstar Video, I've seen it, so don't even accuse me of exaggerating).

    So what if a few of those boys grow up gay? They will have the rest of their lives to discover porn, masturbation, sex. 8 is just too young of an age to start.

    Posted by: Austin | Apr 6, 2011 8:03:06 PM

  12. The tour leader devised a route through the Castro that avoided explicit store fronts, so that takes care of that.

    Bryan, no one said being gay is all about sex. But you'd be hard pressed to know that from a lot of displays in the Castro, which is why I try to avoid them when my parents are visiting: to older outsiders, they make it look like gay is nothing but sex. I was surprised that it was a group of second graders...I obviously support teaching all kids about LGBT history, but in second grade it seems like a concept many would have trouble grasping. Complex civil rights issues could wait a couple years. I mean, these kids just learned the alphabet; it's quite a jump to understanding or absorbing the importance of Harvey Milk.

    Even most art museums are too advanced for 8-year-olds, so this trip seems a bit premature.

    Posted by: Paul R | Apr 6, 2011 10:06:48 PM

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