Towleroad Guide to the Tube #880

TINA FEY: Her hour-long interview with Google' Eric Schmidt.

KATE BUSH: The new video for her track "Deeper Understanding".

PRISCILLA: The cast performs on The View.

MICHELE BACHMANN: A compilation of her ridiculous statements.

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  1. Lez says

    Can’t wait for the new Kate Bush album, even after all these years she is amazing. Have every one of her albums (vinyl and CD)and all are on my iPod, still listen to her on a regular basis – so many happy memories

  2. Erik says

    I’m gonna be a pig in slop next month with the new Stevie Nicks album coming out on May 3 and new Kate Bush album on the 17th. It seems the new Kate album is a reworking of previous songs. As infrequent as Kate Bush comes forth with new music I eagerly accept re-jiggered music.

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