1. poison says

    every time I hear his name I immediately think of that SNL skit.

    “What gave me away?”
    “Well you showed up for work in a space shuttle, you parachuted into a meeting, and then you screamed ‘I am Sir Richard Branson'”
    “I did! I own all this!”

  2. Chris in Irvine says

    Sir R. Branson is one great guy, who gets a thrill of investing his money on technology. I don’t recall any other billionaire who does that (Cheney who?)

  3. miami says

    Branson is full of self promotion and BS. He really got his big break it is said sleeping with Margret Thatcher and getting the landing rights at Heathrow to start Virgin Atlantic since that is where most of his wealth comes from. The record stores, soda, and other stuff either failed or didnt amount to much.

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