1. Bruce says

    I LOVE THIS! If YouTube and the Internet existed twenty years ago you would have not seen anything like this posted. Hell, twenty years ago when I was in HS a guy would be called gay and fag for just going to the tanner! Our indoctrination is working! One more for the free toaster! LOL

  2. says

    Great kid. Awesome.

    But I saw Legally Blonde: The Musical a couple weeks ago. Touring production. There were a couple bright spots, but mostly I came away from the production thinking that it was the worst thing I’ve ever seen on stage. That’s two hours of my life that I’ll never get back again.

  3. Tommy says

    He sings well and is probably a nice kid, but he is a walking stereotype. I don’t think that gay boys should be raised to emulate women. Gay boys should feel just as comfortable as straight boys emulating adult male role models. I’d rather see this kid singing one of Darren Criss’s songs from Glee than doing a female impersonation.

  4. ohplease says

    @Tommy — so this kid shouldn’t be his talented, charming, happy self because it makes you uncomfortable? Nice. With gays like you, who needs enemies?

  5. trc says

    @Tommy. You’re terrible. Why not just support and celebrate a kid’s joy and talent?! Gay or not, he’s clearly doing what he wants and he happens to be quite good at it. I mean, this kid is doing covers in an oversized Sox shirt in a wood paneled room in his house. I’m pretty sure it isn’t a vast conspiracy to raise gay boys only to emulate women.

    but more broadly, if some little boys or grown up men want to emulate women, who cares?!

  6. michael says

    @Tommy — please crawl back under that self-hating rock of yours. Jerk. The kid’s allowed to sing WHATEVER the heck he wants to. You can keep your patriarchal, macho, sh*t-headed statement about gender emulation to yourself. You do realize that by saying that he shouldn’t be singing a “girl’s song” that it someone means he is less of a person if he doesn’t sing the song of someone of his own gender. No, I guess you wouldn’t have caught that. Jerk. Again.

    @Mynewlittleherosinginghisgutsout — You go, boy.

  7. dms says

    Wow. Fantastic. I am sure this will get to the legally blonde folks, but just in case, I’m forwarding to folks I know who made the show. Sorry some of you didn’t like it. I’m sure your contributions to society are much greater and feel bad this show took you away from those efforts for a few hours.

  8. jack says

    aaaaannddd… another generation of show queens arrives on the scene.

    seriously though in my now somewhat lengthy life experience there have ALWAYS been some kids who come out of the whom belting a show tune. the fact that there are people who will go to any lengths to perform in musical theater is the very force that keeps it alive and reinventing itself.

    @bruce, i have to disagree, if there was youtube 20, 30, or 50 years ago you would have found people belting out show tunes in very much the same way. i was singing “some enchanted evening in what would now be called middle school & at 67 can sing it still. i just can’t do it standing up without getting dizzy, lol.

  9. TruthSeeker_Too says

    You go Jack!
    I remember Pearly Shells (by the Ocean)–the 1950s version and “How Much is That Doggie in the Window.” Great times, great tunes.
    Que Sera, Sera

  10. brew2431 says

    @tommy- just because i dont sashay or shante doesn’t make me any less gay, nor does it make someone who does any less a man. for a man is not defined by masculinity, but by his integrity, his honesty, his convictions and his treatment of others. rock on kid, do what you want, the way you want as long as it makes you happy and doesn’t harm others.

  11. Seattle Mike says

    Wonderful. Just wonderful. I hope he has really supportive parents, because there are some jerks in this world who would love to make this kid’s life hell. He needs to be protected from them. Way to go, kid!

  12. Cranston Cranium says

    It bugged me for quite a while, but I figured it out. This kid has the same mannerisms that Greyson Chance that got his start being on yt and then signed by Ellen DeGeneres. Both have incredible talent. Both will have a great career.

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