1. says

    Hmm, very interesting. I wonder why they decided to do that. . .

    Also, could the homophobia be compounded because both players are black, and there is a cultural implication there as well, on top of sexuality?

    I agree with SportsGrid, though. There is nothing quite like internet anonymity to bring out the idiots.

  2. Justin Werner says

    Believe it or not, straight men do actually grab a buddy’s hand from time to time. It’s mostly Western culture where this gets invariably gets interpreted as ‘gay’. And even if it were the case in this instance that there was a gay aspect to it, well, get over it, America.

  3. Linda says

    Thank god Americans aren’t really into soccer. Those guys are always all over each other. Can’t imagine what the response would be from the idiot quotient.

  4. Hollywood, CA says

    Clearly this was an inside joke, and they knew that all the bigots would come out in full force. People in the spotlite do it all the time, it doesn’t mean anything. Jimmy Kimmel’s “I’m F’ing Matt Damon” is the perfect example. It’s all in fun.

    Moving on…

  5. Taylor says

    I am a gay Raptors fan in Toronto. Barbosa is Brasilian and perhaps has a different perspective on male/male closeness (as is the case in various different parts of the world). I think this whole thing is utterly charming and if you look at Barbosa’s face it seems genuine and, frankly, quite touching.

  6. Francis says

    The fans are simply men who have absolutely NOTHING to live for, outside of proving how much they actually have going for them, specifically how much of “men” they are and their masculinity. So even a joking/innocent gesture such as this will get them in a frenzy. That’s how insecure these homophobic fans are. In most cases, it’s the fans who are the more homophobic ones because the players have nothing to hide and nothing to prove. It’s more of a testament of how insecure and embarrassing many men are when they feel threatened by the littlest of things.

  7. Priscilla Queen of the Jungle says

    Very cute clip. This sort of thing should be done more often in the Americas so that we can finally get over our cultural hang-ups. This is an area where at least a few European societies seem to have us beat. And…Leandro can take my hand anytime!

  8. Kerry says

    It’s truly unfortunate how homophobia is as destructive to male heterosexuals as it is to gay men. The underlying sense of fear it creates inhibits the natural, human trait of showing affection to those you care about and manifests itself in a sense of isolation.

  9. Chris says

    I think one of the best things about this clip is how Evans looks right at the camera, laughs and shakes his head as if to say, “I know I’m gonna get sh*t for this but, whatever…” and continues to hold his hand. Barbosa doesn’t even seem to notice anything at all. A reaction in the right direction.

  10. SanJ says

    Two men holding hands is an outrage, but the constant butt-patting seen in every sport is okay?

    homophobes got their priorities all messed up.

  11. boo says

    That ten seconds of video, regardless of reality, was very romantic. Imagine playing on a team with your bf and walking off the court hand in hand after a victory. *swooon*

  12. Lexxvs says

    Hysterical. What would people say should he kiss him on the cheek?
    By the way, it is not “the western culture” as someone commented. It’s just the Germanic culture –sociologically speaking that is-, there are western countries where male to male casual display of affection is not taboo.

  13. Mitch says

    Male on male intimacy and companionship needs to be encouraged…it’s natural and there IS an innate desire for many men especially those who consider themselves “straight”…to explore their sexuality. But since insecure (jealous) females and some other parts of society tell them not to- they don’t and boy are they missing out on some real enjoyment!

  14. Randy says

    The guy on the right doesn’t look happy about what he’s doing. His head is down. He avoids the camera and won’t look his teammate in the eye. He’s not smiling. It’s very clear to me that he’s not doing this willingly, but out of some duty.

    Maybe he lost a bet. Or maybe he’s supposed to be keeping the other gay away from the mascot for some reason.

  15. just_a_guy says

    UR so right Randy. This was so a bet, hahaha. Very observant of you! But still funny and great press. Why should it be such a big freakin deal. Good for them. They should do this more often. It’s somethin.

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