1. james Brown says

    Like most other ploys… it’s just a publicity stunt… and the media is dumb enough to fall for it! As a result, Christian extremists are given a platform to attract countless new followers. Sort of like Donald Trump running for president. Then, after they “drink the kool aid” the world sees them for what they really are! Like P.T. Barnum said… “there’s a sucker born every minute!”

  2. Alan says

    Their web site appears to have been swept up in the Rapture.

    Or it buckled under the overload as all the cynics tried to discover what explanation Family Radio have come up with for the non-event.

    Or Family Radio closed it out of embarassment.

  3. mike/ says

    at 82, the defense lawyers in the soon to be lawsuits will claim ‘dementia'; of course, that could be the defense for almost all faith-based nuts…

  4. BoxerDad says

    I have a prediction of my own… Later today it dawns on old Harold that, a) he was wrong, or b) he was “left behind,” and then his old heart gives up and it’s the end of his world. Amen.

  5. Marlene says

    @Alan — Actually, after the media questioned Camping exactly *when* the Rapture would happen, he said it would happen at 6pm in *every* time zone around the world, preceded by an earthquake.

    So far reports from the Far East have come up with nothing.

    I certainly hope those panicked by this fraudmeister sue his little scheme into bankruptsy!

  6. mstrozfckslv says

    tonez he said 6 pm time zone traveling aroudn the world hitting each time zone at their 6 pm


    Siberia 6 pm saturday was yesterday, new zealand and Tonga have already occurred
    science is of the great satannnnnn 😛

    Now its time for the feds to arrest him and confiscate all his $. The supreme court has ruled one can not yell fire when their is no fire so boo hoo for him, toss his ass in jail

  7. Zach says

    “Like most other ploys… it’s just a publicity stunt… and the media is dumb enough to fall for it! As a result, Christian extremists are given a platform to attract countless new followers. ”

    I enjoyed the media attention given to this, because it thoroughly discredits Camping. Also, while I’m sure the number of his devout followers is rather small, there are millions of Christians who would have actually spared this a second thought, because they still believe in a Rapture. Hopefully, this will inspire some of them to examine the tenets of their faith and see it for the nonsense that it is.

    As for the hardcore group of followers – I think most of them are beyond reasoning. Or rather, they’ll reason this seeming contradiction of their faith away and emerge even more fanatical.

  8. Don says

    Click on the Family Radio link above and WOT (World of Trust–the user-run site rating service) says “This Site Has A Poor Reputation.” Way to call ’em WOT!

    Could it be the old geezer realized that a) he could retire and b) keep all the millions if he were “humiliated” by another false prediction? Didn’t Bialystock and Bloom try something like this a while back?

    Give him a little credit, he livened up a boring weekend for 7 billion people!

  9. Reggie says

    Oh Damn! Does that mean we still have to put up with these Christianists? Maybe “hell” is beginning, after all.

  10. anon says

    Considering most people thought it was sort of a light-hearted joke, the effect was more amusing than anything else, plus if the weather is nice, a good excuse for a party.

  11. arch says

    Just gone seven pm on a lovely sunny evening in islington in London, am in the pub with boyfriend, can report nothing yet and so over to the Dublin jury for their votes cos its nil points from the London jury…

  12. G says

    Well, considering that he and his followers are not basing their convictions on anything resembling truth, logic or reality, why would his being wrong have any effect on his ministry? These people believe 6 impossible things before breakfast and they’ll continue to do so.

  13. Andalusian Dog says

    I’m still holding out for 6pm…can’t wait for NOTHING to happen. Slight chance of rain then, though.

    Speaking of weather, if there were going to be an earthquake and calamitous weather, wouldn’t the Doppler Radar have picked up on that. I mean, the forecast here on the east coast is sucky, but not apocalyptic.

  14. MadM@ says

    He didn’t really need media to help spread the word, he had signs all over the NY subway and people on the streets all over the world. I also don’t see how making this more public is winning over anyone to the flock. I hope he gets sued for false advertising.

  15. Gregv says

    Hey wait a second. Has anyone seen the True Believers today? Where is Sherri Shepard from The View? She said yesterday she made Jeffrey clean his room and bake cupcakes for Jesus. Where’s my Aunt Myrtle? All that’s left is the clothes she was wearing. And now Family Radio has vanished into think air. Hmmm..

  16. Bill says

    Camping has a temporary out. If he puts Judgment Day 7000 years after the end of Noah’s flood instead of the start of the flood, then Judgement Day will immediately follow San Francisco’s Gay Pride weekend, and will overlap the final cycle
    of Der Ring des Nibelungen at the opera, where the world also ends on stage! After all, wouldn’t God want to take advantage of an opportunity to upstage Richard Wagner!

  17. Leroy Lafalamme says

    Well, it’s early yet, where I live. Plenty of time before 6 pm to go out & get a facial & a mani/pedi, actually buy something at Louis Vuitton instead of just looking (hey, maybe perpetrate a little credit card fraud!) & find someone to take care of the dogs. Pets aren’t eligble, right?

  18. Bill says

    “Or it buckled under the overload as all the cynics tried to discover what explanation Family Radio have come up with for the non-event.”

    Here’s one: the “rapture beam” completely unexpectedly replaced the “saved” with avatars that they can control from Heaven, so the “saved” won’t have to instantly abandon their sinner friends and might (if they try hard enough) be able to save a few. Any resemblance to a Hollywood movie with a huge CGI budget is purely coincidental.

  19. Paul says

    Actually, the web site is accessable. I wonder if God raptured them, then sent them back to continue getting the word out as effectively as they have been these past few weeks. Hmmmm . . .

  20. Commonsense says

    Religion is sad. Ironic that most of humanities death, war and hatred stems from it.

    You die. That’s it.

  21. Phil says

    It’s not The Rapture that America wants, it’s The Partial Rapture. In The Rapture, the entire bodies of fundie Christians are whisked away to parts unknown. In The Partial Rapture, it’s not their entire bodies, just their BIG MOUTHS.

  22. RobG says

    My theory is that The Rapture has arrived right on schedule. The righteous have indeed been raptured up to heaven, but there are simply too few of them for the rest of us to notice their absence (I’m pretty sure I don’t know any). Similarly, the earthquakes, floods, wars, etc are all taking place as prophesied, but since this is only slightly different from the previous state of affairs most of us can’t see any change.

    The only shock is that Rev. Camping doesn’t seem to have been among the righteous. Never saw that coming!

  23. Bil says

    @ROGB, “My theory is that The Rapture has arrived right on schedule. The righteous have indeed been raptured up to heaven, but there are simply too few of them for the rest of us to notice their absence” ….. PLEASE be sure to bring that up with any fundamentalist Christians you see after 6 PM local time!

    You know, “Hey, you must be a false prophet – all the righteous dudes were taken to Heaven on May 21, 2011.”

  24. Dale says

    What is sad is …. he is $70 million dollars richer while his followers sold everything and now today have nothing.

    Camping had a pretty good con. Get the followers to pay for the billboards and leaflets while he collected money from his books, radio advertisers, etc. I’m in the wrong business.

  25. curtis says

    NOOOOOOO I was looking forward to the world ending oh well their is always the better chance alien’s will help free mankind of the plague of organized “religion”

  26. Eric says

    Maybe the rapture did come and there just weren’t that many people being taken 😉

  27. Kevin says

    Definitely a good day for me as I finally scored a date in a small town I live in, lol. Funny vid btw.

  28. Bill says

    @PAUL, “Actually, the web site is accessable.”

    In general, that web site is not accessible. If you had visited it earlier, you might have picked up a copy of a page from your browser’s cache.

    The site is most likely seriously overloaded with people wanting to see what sort of spin they are going to put out to explain away the obvious.

    Meanwhile the only person showing signs of being “raptured” is Harold Camping himself – according to press reports, he is nowhere to be found and his house has the shades drawn.

    Hint on the spin: one person who helped with all the billboards made the following statement (source – ):

    “Some people were saying it was going to be an earthquake at that specific time in New Zealand and be a rolling judgment, but God is keeping us in our place and saying you may know the day but you don’t know the hour,” Marie Exley, who helped put up billboards across the Middle East, told the AP from her home in Bozeman, Montana. “The day is not over, it’s just the morning, and we have to endure until the end.”

  29. jaragon says

    LOL- loved the animation specially the high five Jesus- of course the world did not come to an end today- I wonder what that old fool is going to say to his followers now…?!

  30. woodroad34 says

    Imagine how disappointed that leathery ol’ bag is. I’m sure he thought he was going to be first in line. God has good taste.

  31. dempewolf says

    Any rapture that does not include Anita Baker’s album Rapture was doomed to failure anyway.

  32. Tyron says

    At 6:45PM EST 05/22/11 the website is working just find – although not updated since the countdown hit zero. And, if anyone has any money to waste the sites donation link is still operational. I’m still waiting for the creepy old fool Camping to crawl out from under his rock and explain how he could have gotten all this rapture crap so terribly wrong. My bet is that he’s going to try and pass it off as a “test” from God to find out who the true believer are … but wouldn’t you think that God, with his almighty wisdom, would already know that? His followers are beyond pathetic fools.

  33. SFRowGuy says

    Damn! I was so counting on this. Would have been a lot easier to spot a hot closeted gay man.