GOP Serves Anti-Gay ‘DADT’ Amendments to House Defense Panel

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA, pictured) released a statement yesterday saying he intends to introduce legislation that would delay repeal of the military's "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy by interfering with the certification requirements already set forth in the bill Obama signed in December, which would, after 60 days pass from certification by the president, the defense secretary, and the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, allow for implementation of open service.

Hunter News of Hunter's plans arrive with the possibility of several other troubling amendments.

Hunter's press release:

During consideration of the national defense authorization act this week by the House Armed Services Committee, Congressman Duncan Hunter will offer an amendment to require that all four military service chiefs certify that implementation of the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell (DADT)” repeal won’t impact combat readiness and effectiveness. The amendment mirrors legislation previously introduced by Hunter—H.R. 337, the Restore Military Readiness Act. 

“The four military service chiefs are far more closely connected to the day-to-day realities facing each respective service branch than those who are currently required to sign off on the repeal—including the President,” said Hunter, a veteran of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  “The President, the Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs should all take part in the certification process, but excluding the service chiefs is a mistake.  They may agree to move forward with the repeal or they may have other recommendations for implementation and timing.  Either way, their unvarnished perspective is critical to this process—especially as it relates to preserving the military’s high rate of effectiveness. 

“I’ve said before that our priority should be winning in Afghanistan and focusing on the roadside bomb threat, the primary source of U.S. casualties.  The repeal of DADT won’t make our troops any safer or help achieve victory any faster.  Even so, any movement toward implementation must be efficient and show respect for the culture and tradition unique to each service branch and the military as a whole.” 

Sainz The amendment will be introduced on Wednesday during a meeting of the House Armed Services Committee. HRC's Fred Sainz spoke with MetroWeekly:

"This is the school yard equivalent of a 'do-over.' It's just plain wrong. Republicans didn't get their way when the issue was heard last year so now their trying to remake history. It won't work."

Chris Johnson at the Washington Blade notes that other amendments could be offered as well:

Informed sources said other measures could be an outright abrogation of the repeal measure that Congress passed and Obama signed last year as opposed to merely implementing a certification expansion.

Johnson adds:

Despite efforts from advocates, if the Hunter amendment is supported in committee along party lines, the measure would likely pass because Republicans enjoy a majority on the panel by a margin of 35-27. After the defense authorization bill is reported to the House floor, a similar vote of approval could be expected on the House floor because Republican have control of the chamber. The bill could see a House floor vote as early as the week of May 23.

Aubrey Sarvis, executive director of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network, said he fears the committee has sufficient votes to pass Hunter’s amendment.

SarvisSarvis released a statement in response to Hunter's plans

“Make no mistake. The expected Duncan Hunter amendment is designed to slow down repeal. It serves no constructive purpose, as the service chiefs themselves recently testified they are already very much a part of the certification process with Chairman Mullen and Secretary Gates and see no need for the amendment Mr. Hunter is offering.

“Put quite simply, it’s time for these opponents of repeal to move on. The Congress, the President, our nation’s senior military leaders, and the American people have spoken on this issue.”

And Johnson notes another possible amendment in the wake of the news I posted yesterday that the Navy has offered guidance allowing same-sex marriages to be performed on base facilities and allowing military chaplains to perform those services if they so wish. He writes:

Steve Taylor, a spokesperson for Rep. Todd Akin (R-Mo.), said his boss intends to introduce a measure that would rollback the new guidance issued by the Navy.

“He intends to offer an amendment Wednesday,” Taylor said. “It would say that marriages [are] allowed to be performed on bases when they comply with DOMA.”

In any case, there will likely be some news following the meeting of the House Armed Services Committee on Wednesday, and we'll bring it to you.


  1. ichabod says


    I hate to bring it up, but how’s that Log Cabin court case going? Seems like the best way to nail DADT’s coffin shut once and for all is by having the courts declare it unconstitutional.

  2. AJ says

    They’re crying about how something serves no purpose and makes the military no safer? What purpose, exactly, does peeing their pants about gay marriage serve? How does that help anyone? Once again they prove to be raging hypocrites. Its all about gay panic and pandering to the religious right regardless of how much money it costs to do nothing more than deny citizens basic rights.

  3. says

    Duncan Hunter Jr. is a FAR-RIGHT nutcase from the elite area of San Diego, where, no matter who the Republican is, they will win. He assumed his fathers seat upon daddy’s retirement. He is anti everything that isn’t White, Christian and heterosexual. Some of his quotes are just outrageous, though it doesn’t matter to his constituency.

  4. Francis says

    Economy is hurting, Republicans have no presidential candidates, Obama’s approval ratings are up, people are angry, people are dismayed. What do the Republicans/conservatives do? Use “gay” as a diversion tactic. Use homosexuality as a wedge issue, to bring the religious crazies and conservative bigots out to vote and rally their base. It’s so obvious, it’s so pathetic.

  5. Chadd says

    I hope that stuff like this backfires on the Repub party. When people like Hunter pursue what is seeming more and more like an unprovoked vendetta against gay people, I think that the 70% of the country that is reasonable will be turned off. Using gays as a wedge has a shelf life and hopefully that expiration date is coming up soon. The overwhelming majority of the public wants DADT repealed and more and more are getting ok with equal marriage, so extremists like Hunter and many prominent GOP members only serve to marginalize the party.

    I hope.

  6. deppy says

    Wasn’t it the GOP that was complaining about the Democrats trying to pass DADT repeal as part of the defense authorization bill from last year?

    So we ended up passing it as a stand-alone bill and now they’re trying to do exactly what they scolded the Democrats for doing.

  7. says

    Let me get this right. If when Republicans talk about smaller government, they really mean more intrusive government. It then stands to reason, when they’re running on jobs, jobs, jobs, what they really mean is
    we’re going after women’s right to choose/abortion, to bust unions and last but not least, it never gets old, the “Gay Agenda”! This will keep our hateful base happy, while at the same time keep the American people in general distracted in hopes they won’t notice that we’re not getting a damn thing accomplished thats of real interest to them, like government out of their bedrooms and jobs, jobs, jobs.

  8. elg says

    I hope we don’t hear any more nonsense from ANYONE about ‘the Democrats are no different from the Republicans on gay issues’ just because things aren’t going as fast as we would like.

    The difference between Republican and Democratic politicians on gay issues is very clear. Republican politicians/officials HATE gay people. It’s really that simple.

  9. NVagboiV says

    Wow. Just….wow! Welll, I guess Hunter goes to prove not everyone in my generation is over marginalizing GLBT people and can still be brain washed by daddy and by votes.

    As for that DOMA compliance requirement, I am fairly certain that any court would strike that down in a heartbeat……all thanks to Cradle of Liberty Council v City of Philadelphia. Oh the irony that would be.

    At Deppy and Mike: The President’s pen is the whole reason they have attached this- and will continue to attach this- crap to the Defense authorization stuff….. If Obama refuses to sign the bill because of their DADT provisions, the right will decry him supporting a bunch of fags (let’s not kid ourselves, that’s how they view us) over our troops. If he does sign it, these provisions become law and Obama loses the support of his base.

    This, my friends, is what if feels like to be the catch- all political pawn….

  10. Pete n SFO says

    Do you think we have ruined the sex lives of this guy & all his GOP comrades?

    It just seems like we’re all they think about… hot, man on man, action.

    Must make it difficult to bang your gal with the image of my firm, round ass popping into yer head all the time!

    Is that what the problem is, Duncan?!

  11. Chadd says

    I’m sure what he really wanted to do was pass legislation that would create internment camps where all the gay people could be rounded up and sent away to. Seriously, where does this end?

  12. sdb says

    CB – It’s certainly not an “elite” area of San Diego. It’s East County, including Lakeside, Ramona, La Mesa, and Spring Valley. It’s the redneck area of San Diego. Think trailer parks, NASCAR and rodeos!

  13. Daya says

    I am constantly amazed (although I should not be…) of the two-faced nature of the right-wing bigots. They used to say to us, “Suck it up, be men and stop looking for special rights.” Now under the guise of religion they want “special treatment” — Suck it up, be men… when you are in a fox hole what the hell do I care what your religion is, just do your f’n job!

  14. paul says

    Elg i am with you. Repeat and repeat every time someone complains about democrats on this site. For all their faults, never let it be forgotten ‘REPUBLICANS HATE GAY PEOPLE. It really is that simple. They hate us and wish we didn’t exist.

  15. Josh says

    “But there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans!!!!!

    Don’t you all understand that now?

    We’ve been trying to tell you all along.

    No difference at all.”

    -Fucktards everywhere

  16. Mark says

    I am capable of understanding a lot of things but this one is beyond me (although not for lack of trying): How on earth can someone be gay and republican? I guess at some level I could understand: they have been brainwashed by their homophobic parents and conservative society around them to believe that “gay” is bad. I could count myself fortunate that I escaped a lot of that bs when I moved out of my parents’ house but as soon as I realized the republicans make it their mission in life to oppose any advancement in gay rights, I knew I had to hate the republicans. You would have to be a first-class moron to be a gay republican. Sucking up to the people who hate you, will not erase their hatred of you.

  17. Rowan says


    “I hate to bring it up, but how’s that Log Cabin court case going? Seems like the best way to nail DADT’s coffin shut once and for all is by having the courts declare it unconstitutional.”

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news but what is word? ‘grand standing’?

    They did that a) because their new CEO was in the army and b) to belittle the democrats through the gay vote.

    And it worked. Many people here were claiming the logs were doing more for gay rights then the Democrats despite hate bill, hospital rights, pride month etc because they KNEW DADT was a hot issue-they took it.

    But use your brains. How effective have they been if their party can’t stop doing this?

    Or have they even tried at….all?

  18. Randy says

    Hunter is a CLOSET CASE! Most of those whom appose the LGBT community are usually closet cases. Take my word, he will be found out. Isn’t it such ashame that there is susch hatred in the 21st century.

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