HIV Prevention Ads Taken Down in Australia After Complaints from Christian Group


An HIV-prevention ad featuring a fully-clothed gay couple embracing with a condom has been removed from bus shelters in Brisbane, Australia following complaints from the Australian Christian Lobby, the Central Telegraph reports:

ACL's State Director for Queensland is calling their campaign to have the ad removed “A massive groundswell of people power" despite only 47 complaints being made.

The advert has been released by the Queensland Association for Healthy Communities as part of their Queensland Government funded HIV prevention and sexual health promotion work with gay men.

“We are deeply disappointed by the behaviour of Adshel in removing the advertisements, without even notifying us and without proper reason” said Paul Martin, Executive Director of Healthy Communities.

A Facebook group started by Michael James, one of the men who appears in the ad, has nearly 4,000 members as of this posting. It offers information on how to contact ADSHEL, the company that caved to the Christian bigots.