1. Paul R says

    Is he trying to look awful, or is it just a coincidence? That thing on his chin is disastrous.

    He and the Pet Shop Boys should consider retiring instead of putting out these orchestras and ballet soundtracks. Most of their old fans won’t be interested, and I doubt they’ll find many new ones. Once you’ve established yourself in a certain genre—particularly music considered fluff pop by many—it’s next to impossible to successfully shift gears. And I say that as a PSB fan, though even many of their regular albums haven’t been so great in recent years.

  2. Angela Channing says

    It is good to see him getting back into the swing of things. I know he has struggled for years and he appeared to be content in the interview. It was always disappointing to learn that Andrew Ridgely was just a singing partner. They made such a cute couple. LOL.

  3. mark says

    If he wants to do something positive for the LGBT community he should raise money to help the fight for marriage equality.

  4. Marlee says

    Thank God. I like George, but ‘ol girl was getting a bit out of hand. He was heading down “tragic old queen trying to stay young” avenue. I’m glad he decided to grow up.


  5. JAMES in Toronto says

    I don’t find George to be either “old” or “ugly”. I’m just content to see him finally “grow up”, as Marlee posted, and maybe start living in the real world.

    He’s a great musical talent.

    Elton John was another one, who came very close to losing himself.

    Now to see if they continue as they intend.

  6. Pete n SFO says

    I wish the guy well, but seriously… his problem wasn’t that homophobia exists in the world… his problem is that he’s an addict.

  7. mike says

    I don’t think he let gay people down at all. We all saw how well Michael Jackson handled being a gay pop star in the 80’s… The fact that he’s still in one piece is inspiring.

  8. Rick S. says

    That’s right, Paul R., there’s nothing more truly awful and hideous than being middle-aged and looking it. Ghastly, really, and all of us over 40 should wear burqas in order to make life easier for poor Paul, whom as we all know, will look young and pretty for all eternity.

  9. Bear says

    He has behaved like a sleeze too often. He should just keep his mouth shut and spend the rest of his career writing quieter fluff songs about nothing as he fades away.

  10. Justin L Werner says

    For a pop star he was reasonably talented back in the day. If we were to get control of his life, perhaps he could recapture some of that. And as to the “old” and “ugly” crack, well, your turn’s coming, puppy. Some of us may not be 20 or 30 or even 40 any more, but don’t count us out of the game. There’s one hell of a lot more to life once you grow up and quit being a bar bunny…

  11. ron says

    Career imploded, money ran out, royalties trickling off…. Busted as a druggie sex addict not a good move. No one under 45 listens to this train wreck.

  12. Anastasia Beaverhausen says

    Terrible role model, unless the objective is to have more trolls in public toilets. Fortunately the young will ignore this portrait of self-destruction even more than his contemporaries.

  13. kodiak says

    I like that he cruised toilets. Never been one of my fave music acts, but the fact he was tearoom trade made up for that a little bit. I wouldn’t turn him down if he was shaking his wanger at me in front of a urinal. And young things, respect your elders and stop making it a ‘young vs old’ thing. It’s limiting, really. And not good for anything.

  14. Aron says

    @Justin “reasonably talented??” You need to go back and listen to what he did with Wham!. And Faith is one the finest pop albums ever crafted.

    And to all these nasty bitter queens, give the guy some credit for admitting his mistakes and trying to do something positive. A little support from within our own community is not too much to ask. Sheesh.

  15. Ty says

    You people are nasty and rude. George is a true artist, let him go through what he needs to. His body of work speaks for itself.
    When you girls get 6 million in the bank then come back and spew your venom.

  16. John says

    Geez there’s some miserable fuckers out there.Really…what is up your arses?GM has had a 30 year career for which the most part has been successful & if his concerts from recent years are anything to go by,he is still very popular.I am a fan myself but not a fanatic,but occassionally listen to him because he is talented & does have a good voice & his back catalogue aint bad either.As for his private life,i couldn’t give a damn.He doesn’t care about mine.He just gets caught because he is always under the microscope.Must be hell.No wonder they get high.As for his looks,what does it matter to you sad sad queens?So many idiots talk about celebs like they know them personally.Get a life.

  17. Rick says

    @John These same people no doubt worship at the feet of Cher–whose initial reaction to finding out here daughter was a lesbian was to throw her out of the house and send her to a psychiatrist for a “cure”….and Lady Gaga, whose act is laced with some of the filthiest language…..

    Par for the course for some gay men. Dump on other gay men of accomplishment, even when they are trying to do something good for the community, while lionizing straight women in the same field, despite their many flaws……

  18. mike says

    I just want to see him really get things together… and then hopefully his voice will come back? crossing my fingers.

  19. Andy says

    Was never a huge fan, but I always admired how he progressed from being basically a bubble-gum artist to someone who produced some thoughtful, well-crafted, intelligent pop. “Listen Without Prejudice” really is a fine piece of work.

    I wonder if he and Boy George still hate each others’ guts…because that would be the duet I’d most like to hear from him.

  20. Henry Holland says

    “Par for the course for some gay men. Dump on other gay men of accomplishment, even when they are trying to do something good for the community, while lionizing straight women in the same field, despite their many flaws……”

    Oh hell yeah, totally agree. I’m sick of Madonna > Cher > Gaga worship on gay male sites.

    If you doubt George Michael has/had talent, watch this:

    Fine, it’s 20 years ago but he just slays 75,000 people with that incredible voice.

    I’ll go to the orchestral tour if/when it hits the US.