1. ratbastard says

    I have a lot of questions regarding this incident, who Bin Laden really was and how he managed to lead a group called Al Qaeda, who really are Al Qaeda, why did it take so long to [allegedly] catch and kill him [and spend MASSIVE sums…trillion dollars plus, in the process, fighting the wars, etc.,] what really occurred behind the scenes leading up to 9/11 and after, etc.,

  2. Bear says

    Ratbastard: . You’ve got questions? So what. After yesterdays’ paranoid post claiming that the spontaneous celebration of Osama’s death in front of the White House was a setup who should care about your questions? You’re too unstable to bother with. What you should do is apologise first and then hope that someone, anyone, will give you the benefit of…what. There can be no doubt.

  3. RB says

    Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant. Obama’s shining moment and he deserves the credit. Could you imagine the hell he would have taken had this failed? Brilliant! And I am a huge critic of Obama, but this time, well done.

  4. says


    yes, this had the potential to go horribly wrong. It happened and it succeeded which makes people not realize how iffy this was when it was happening.

    Our guys could have ended up dead or as hostages.

    Obama laid his presidency on the line with the tough decision to order men to risk their lives. Bombing the compound would have been a thousand times easier but thanx birthers and crazies who are now the “deathers” we had to get his body which raised the stakes dramatically

    Cleaning up republican messes since 1933

  5. ratbastard says

    Oh please. Can it, people. If it were Bush [DISCLAIMER: I’M NOT A BUSH GROUPIE!] the people praising this would be ranting and raving about how it was probably faked, the ‘spontaneous’ celebrations were faked, etc., etc., Same people who question EVERYTHING a government or politician they don’t like does, etc., Case in point this extra-judicial execution [this is what these people praising our president today would say if Bush were still president] or war protests; WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE ANTI-WAR PROTESTS?! Why did the ‘progressives’ suddenly drop Cindy Sheehan like a hot potato when Barack Obama became president?

    So many 3 dollar bills, so little time.

  6. ratbastard says


    The military’s shining moment, along with the intelligence services [TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH, not to mention the HUGE $$$ spent].

    The special forces MEN who accomplished the deed….it’s their shining moment, much more so than a politician.

    As an aside, this day has been carefully coordinated and planned for YEARS….long before ANYONE ever heard of President Obama. But of course Osama was a big CIA asset and God knows what they’re hiding, or what politicians like President Obama or George Bush know and are hiding.

  7. ewe says

    I still won’t vote democrat until we get more than just promises of equality and it has to come BEFORE the election.

  8. ratbastard says


    Yes Ernie, I question what our government, intelligence services, police, bureaucracy [public and private], big corporations and institutions true motivations are, and recognize they need to be closely watched to prevent abuses. Really weird, huh Ernie? And yes, Ernie, I question ALL politicians, regardless of their alleged ideology and motivations.

  9. says


    You did state 1 fact

    At one time Osama was a CIA asset. The USA under Reagan armed and trained Osama and the taliban in afganistan to fight russia


    So to sasdam Hussein. Reagan and Bush Sr armed him to fight Iran

  10. ewe says

    If we can all watch those poor souls jumping out of the WTC then we can all handle binLaden and his wife getting shot to death. Release those tapes.

  11. ewe says

    Where is the wifes body? why would the US government approve leaving known terrorists in the hands of Pakistan officials when binLaden was being harbored in that country? Smells. It all smells. I am not voting democrat until my rights match all those in that photograph.

  12. Jesus says

    There’s something unsettling about reveling in the deaths of others… If we used words like “infidels” then how much different would that make us from those whose “hearts and minds” we set out to change in the first place? This isn’t to say that this man helped perpetrate incredibly evil acts upon innocent people and cost many lives, but I don’t think this is a time to celebrate. How do we gain humanity by taking it from someone else? Can we ever really get it back? It’s a sad day for humanity when we are left with only the option to kill. I just think about the stories my boyfriend tells me from Iraq and all the pictures on his hard drive he doesn’t know I’ve seen and my heart can’t help but bleed… Was it worth it?

  13. Jesus says

    I mean, it is to say that he did help perpetrate these acts. There is not denying or debating this fact. But what is justice if it is only killing? Is that justice?

  14. jaragon says

    This bastard deserve to die a horrible death and that’s not enough to pay for all the evil he unleashed on the world- and President Obama has never looked more presidential.