1. bostonbeat says

    im impressed how the sports world has stepped on made these guys responsible for their words and actions.

  2. Manfred says

    the sad fact is if he had made remarks about any other group, he would have been fired fortwith.

  3. Steve says

    Apology not accepted.

    This sounds like a statement written by lawyers.

    Why is it that he can’t directly apologize to the GLBT community? He never said the words “gay” or “lesbian” in this statement.

  4. Reggie says

    Any “apology” with the words..”to whom I might have offended”, or words to that effect, is NOT an apology. It takes the focus off the offender, and puts it on those “who might be thin skinned enough to be offended”. This man should have been fired.

  5. austin says

    He looks a little shell-shocked that anyone would be offended. The fact he was forced to give this “apology” represents some progress.

  6. Marc says

    I will accept his apology AFTER i get to insult him, his wife and children in a very, very nasty and disgusting way and then just say “oops, i’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you, I won’t do it again”.

    I will accept this apology.

  7. Ninong says

    He’s only sorry he was forced to pay a fine, serve a suspension and make an apology. He’s not sorry he simulated anal sex with a baseball bat in front of two 9-year-old twin girls and then threatened to knock their father’s teeth out of his mouth with that same bat when he complained.

    He’s not sorry he told the girls’ father that kids don’t f’n belong at the ball park.

    He’s not sorry he used homophobic slurs to taunt guys in the stands that he perceived to be gay. That’s just what those good ol’ boys from Georgia do when they visit San Francisco. It’s expected of them, or so this homophobic neanderthal thinks.

    Crawl back in your cave McDowell.

  8. says

    For those who don’t accept Roger’s apology… are you perfect? For over 25 years, Roger Mc Dowell has been a fan favorite for the 3 teams he pitched for, and as the Braves pitching coach, and especially on the road. In those 25 years, this is the first time he made a mistake… and he apologized. As an openly gay man, I accept his apology. I’ve been involved in gay sports for over 35 years… and sadly there are those from our community who are heterophobes. And the same goes for gay politics. I urge MLB and all sports to police their fans who use profanity,raciest or anti-gay slurs at other fans and player’s too. And if they continue after being warned… they should be banned from the ballpark. I’m glad that Roger was not fired.

  9. millerbeach says

    @Jerry, no I do not accept his apology. He did not apologize to gays, as far as I can tell. THAT is who he really slurred, not the father, not the twins, not the group of guys in the stands. He slurred gay people, by trying to belittle those in the stands by accusing them of being gay. I don’t care if he’s been around for 350 years in sports, these feelings have been pretty darn close to the surface all these years. Was he drinking? It would have been more excusable if had a six-pack of beer. Nope, this is Roger, stone-cold sober, and a total homophobe. Maybe he learned a lesson, but I doubt it. Maybe he prevented some other coach from saying something really, really dumb, but I doubt that too. Maybe this is progress after all…half an apology is better than none, I guess.

  10. wimsy says

    “anyone who was offended”? What, you’re not sure your homophobic rant offended anybody? I’d say your suspension is evidence otherwise.

    How about apologizing not to “anyone” offended, but to everyone who was offended.

  11. Hollywood, CA says

    Forcing someone to apologize to keep their job is like forcing a kid to kiss his aunt with the mustache, or he’s going to get a beaten. We all know he didn’t want to do it, and doesn’t really believe he should have been forced to do it. He should have been fired. That sends a clear message. This one says “you’ll get a slap on the wrist.” It’s something just above nothing. Yay, progress.