1. j says

    sorry, have to say… unimpressed. and anyone tangled in that kardashian nonsense… ugh.

  2. JT - the real one says

    He can’t actually be a basketball player…he’s not covered in tattoos

  3. mstrozfckslv says

    LOL brian

    yeah, i was like D@MN when i googled him. 6’9 D@MN nice

    Also per looking at his pics….his skin tone, bone features, hair tecture I’d say he is what in the old south was termed “High Yellow”

    D@MN wtf is he doing with tramp kardashian, she is going to pull him down

  4. B-rod says

    I’d hit it, but only after he’d been deloused after being with that skanky whore Kardashian.

  5. JTlvr says

    There’s something very Ken-doll-esque about him. Pretty, nicely built.

    Kim has always wanted to be a pro athlete’s wife, but is he enough of a star for her? Time will tell.

  6. Will DC says

    SHORTS ARE BACK!!! Can we put away the bermudas (in sports at least) for a while??

  7. Chadd says

    I’m liking that shorter shorts are coming back. I have grown weary of seeing young men wearing shorts below their butts and past the knees. It is actually a style that makes them look less attractive. Hopefully that trend will die quickly and go the way of parachute pants.

  8. Badly Drawn Boston Boy says

    @GARST what was that? Gaycasm? Glad to know the world revolves around you. Next time keep your retarded comments to your own website and stop polluting on others’.

  9. Enigma says

    Hey!! Badly Drawn Boston Boy,
    What’s with you, did you forget to take your morning med’s, or what?? There’s no need to make pejorative comments on others you know, aw~right?