Trans Woman, Gay Man Crowned Prom Queen and King in Florida


Seniors at McFatter Technical High School in Davie, Florida have chosen a bullied transgender teen, Andrew Viveros, and a gay teen, Juan Macias, as their prom queen and king, writes Steve Rothaus at the Miami Herald:

Andrew said some McFatter teens pleaded with school management not to allow her to run for queen.

“Many students have started a petition to have me removed from the ballot,” Andrew wrote last week in a Facebook message. “They also are outraged and say I am making a mockery of prom, because I am going in an evening gown.”

Last year, school officials suggested Andrew not dress as a female in class and to “tone it down,” she said.

“This year we got a new principal and she’s very supportive of me,” Andrew said, even encouraging her to run for prom queen. “She said “Stay in the running. Don’t back down for anything.’”

McFatter seniors who voted Friday night also chose a prom king: Juan Macias, a 17-year-old gay male senior.

Andrew, also known as Andii, plans to change her name to Andrea after she transitions. She also has incredibly supportive parents who took her shopping for her gown.

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  1. TampaZeke says

    Why is it that anti-gay people are always all about letting the PEOPLE decide right up until they think the people just might decide in our favor and then, all of the sudden, they want to petition the administration to stop the vote or limit the options available to the PEOPLE?

  2. GregV says

    @ Adam: “Transgender” is not defined by chromosomes. It refers to someone whose sex assumed at birth is different from the sex which feels more natural to that person.
    No one has claimed she has changed her chromosomes, and from the article we have no information on what her chromosomal makeup is. Most people never get a chromosome test.
    Transgendered people are more likely than others to have chromosomes different than the usual XX or XY makeup, but even when they don’t, that isn’t necessarily relevant to how they self-identify. It’s the “sex” of the mind that determines identity.
    We don’t know exactly where that comes from (hormones, chemistry, instinct, etc.), but it’s clearly a phenomenon that exists, and the only way to better understand it is to hear it explained by those who experience it.

  3. says

    Gay people who say “there is no such thing as a transgender” sound a lot like straight bigots who say “there is no such thing as a gay.” As GregV says, transgender is not about chromosomes. The only people who claim it is are those who chose to doubt the existence of transgendered people because it doesn’t fit their own narrow-minded gender experience.

    Congrats to the King and Queen for refusing to give in to bullying; they are brave. Those who are upset about their victory will likely figure out one day that you can’t really make a “mockery” of the prom, because the prom is, by definition, a mockery, and a drag show, too.

  4. Heather says

    I saw other places that posted this article, and read the comments about it. Alot of people were insulted and offended that this happened.

    Are they really that stupid and ignorant? To me its just them whining about the fact that the prom Queen was a trans woman. Just big whiny babies. Get OVER YOURSELVES PLEASE.

    I am really pleased over the fact that the prom king and queen stood strong against bullying. More stuff like this needs to happen. Good for them.

  5. says

    Now, this IS progress! This is something we can celebrate. It affirms transwomen instead of deriding homosexual men, as happens when Gay boys are voted in as Prom Queens. But why was “Andrew” not referred to by her female name? Surely she has one.

  6. Frederick says

    Congratulations to Andii Viveros and Juan Macias for not only being elected Prom Queen and King, but for having the courage to stand up against those who opposed them!

  7. Angie says

    Miss Stuffed Animal said: “But why was “Andrew” not referred to by her female name? Surely she has one.”

    Okay, “Dawn”, but why do you only use your “female name” on Craigslist and when you are bashing trans women on trans blogs? Why do you revert to the asexual “Stuffed Animal” on gay blogs?

    Are you gender queer? Or just trying to subvert trans women with your gender queer patriarchy?

  8. Rick says

    Thank you to our teenagers and younger adults who are helping lead our society out of its homophobic prison. It really does give me cause for hope in the future to know that younger people have their own enlightened thinking process that will likely extend to many other issues. Rick, Pasadena

  9. Cognitive Dissonance says

    Stuffed Animal: Want to “affirm transwomen”? Stop bashing trans sisters such as Autumn Sandeen! Stop attempting erasure of our own self identified trans narratives! Stop with your sexist attacks of Taylor, Pam and Autumn!

    Reveal your own queer trans identity! Wearing a women’s wig and makeup in a profile pic but bashing trans women is a tragic case of passive agressive self hatred!

  10. Lis says

    The calling of Andii “Andrew” in the article looks like it stems from a case of journalism rules and the writer being uncertain how to approach it. I’m sure she goes by Andrea/Andii, but her legal name is still Andrew and that is how people still perceive her in some instances. Perhaps they thought it may be confusing to the local readership if they called her Andrea and mentioned that she is planning on getting surgery after finishing school..

    A little clumsy all around. But it pleases me to no end that the article still used female pronounces, even when referring to her as Andrew.

    In other news- CONGRATS TO THEM! That’s totally awesome.

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