1. Logic says

    But it’s hip to be square, so by token of his lameness, Fred Karger is cooler than you.

  2. woodroad34 says

    Oh, geez…I don’t know. I’ve met Fred in social circumstances and I like him. He’s a P.R. guy — but this is not what I expect of him.

  3. Chance says

    How many gay people know that Karger was involved with the Reagan campaign in the 80s? Given Reagan’s response to the AIDS crisis, I wouldn’t be supporting this guy. Gay or not.

  4. Justin says

    There was something off about all the gay republicans I’ve ever met, and this goon looks like no exception.

  5. NE Rich says

    But the add dosen’t say anything. What is his platform? Free frisbee’s for all? WTF

  6. Javier says

    I’m not going to say that the ad is not likeable. It’s got some charm to it… it’s friendly and it’s nice. It’s a feel good advertisement.

    However, I would like to know what element of the GOP is funding his campaign? Would he be getting support from GOProud? Would he be getting support from the Log Cabin Republicans? It would seem to me that his venues of support would be limited within the GOP.

    I guess what I am trying to say is that if you follow the money trail then you can get a better picture of the agenda that Fred Karger is trying to support.

    I will point this out though. In the whole advert… the only race represented was caucasian. Is their no african-american, asian or latino representation that he could call upon to show a platform of diversity?

    I mean it’s 2011… please! If you are looking to diversify and show unity and optimism you are definitely missing the big picture if you are not trying to show that you connect in an advertisement with more than just caucasian voters.

    This is just my theory, but I feel that Fred Karger as a GOP candidate is just in the race to try and take away some of the LGBT vote from the Obama campaign.

    I mean… let’s be for real here. Does anyone honestly think that he could win the GOP nomination? So the purpose would be to establish a divide and conquer strategy regarding the caucasian LGBT vote?

    Ask yourself… What has Obama done for you lately that no other president has EVER done?

    1) DADT repeal (Yes we forced him to stand by his promise, but he still had the pen to veto if he was against it.)
    2) The cooperation regarding the anti-bullying initiative.
    3) Obama has been an outspoken supporter of human rights and civil rights for all people. Do I think that given the opportunity with the right dynamics in Congress he could possibly move forward to end workplace discrimination for LGBT individuals… absolutely.
    4) How many government workers, advisors, or government appointees have been involved with pro LGBT rights?
    5) Which President can you name that has done more for the LGBT community than President Obama?

    Yes there are some in the community that say that we would like things to be done quicker, but everything takes time.

    One last thing, when was the last time you had a President of the United States of America make promises to the LGBT community?

    Some would argue that he has not done enough, but I would argue that he has done more for the LGBT community than any other president ever did.



  7. Rowan says


    They all know but they don’t care. He also worked with Bush snr.

    He’s evil. Some of the campaign tactics he puled. He was asked if he ever felt bad about the Dukakis campaign he ochestrated and “he smiled and said hell no.” He thinks Reagan is like the second coming.

    Uhm. Ur. Er. What mean guy. But it’s about $$ which is why he came out at what 60?

    Ironic that his own party who he fought tooth and nail for to throw ethnics, gays and minorities under the bus won’t even give him a platform.

    I hope he disappears and something horrible happens to him like all the victims of his sociopathic campaigns of greed.

    But Woodroad34 hangs out with him and says his nice,so all good? :-)

  8. Bear says

    This is too bizare. A gay Jewish republican? It’s just another Guiness record: the most absurd run for the White House.

  9. Matthew says

    What’s the deal? I know this guy is a Republican, which by its nature attracts our disdain, but compared to other Republican candidates, is this guy so bad? No I can’t say I know much about him, but at least he’s open about being gay so he probably wouldn’t work to hinder gay rights. Can we say the same for people like Trump, Palin, Huckabee, Romney, Bachman, etc. etc.?? If I had to be supporting a Republican, this is the one I would choose.

  10. Stephen says

    I also think there is always just something “off” about gay republicans. This guy seems to be about as slimy as Mitt Romney. Although I like to support the republican candidates who have the least possibility of winning an election against my Democrats so I’m all for the Karger, and Bachmann 2012 campaigns.

  11. Tim says

    Fred is a liberal republican, he came out late in life, so thus the nerdyness. He is known in Republican circles, so that is why he didn’t switch parties. It’s good to have him out there stirring the pot.