1. Mike says

    Cuomo, Bloomberg and the Minority Leader let the Republicans drag this out too long. It’s as good as dead. I’ve been watching everyday and hoping for good news…made my calls…I can’t even watch anymore. I’m hoping it will be different next time.

  2. Kevin says

    “Cautiously optimistic” does not make me optmistic at all. This has gone on far too long. If the Republicans do not bring this to vote, they are cowards in my opinion and should hopefully face the consequences during the next election. This sucks.

  3. Bruno says

    Republicans keep saying anonymously they’ll bring it to a vote, but now I’d be concerned that it wouldn’t pass anyway. With Huntsman calling the “redefinition of marriage” “impossible,” I think these civil-union types like Lanza & Saland won’t be swayed, and probably never would have been because they’re likely too chickenshit. I hope I’m wrong.

  4. Dom says

    I take no consolation in Governor Cuomo’s words. Sounds kinda like “Well, I never said it would pass, just that it had a good shot at being passed.” He sounds much more negative now than he did last week.

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