Anti-Gay Group Flies Gay Day ‘Warning’ Over Disney World


A conservative group in Florida has made it their mission to "warn" the people of Orlando about today's annual Gay Day at Disney World. The hateful Florida Family Association (FFA) says that gays and lesbians lead "immoral lifestyles" and has spent $7,000 to fly banners that read "Warning Gay Day at Disney 6/4" over Orlando for two full days.

From the FFA site:

"Florida Family Association wants to warn these families about this offensive event before they arrive at the Magic Kingdom on Saturday.  This airplane banner is our best effort to accomplish that goal…Florida Family Association has asked Disney officials to require Gay Day to be held after hours, like Grad Night or Night of Joy, to avoid offending unsuspecting families who traveled thousands of miles expecting a normal day."

The bigoted group currently has looped video of the flyover playing on the home page of its site. They are also urging a ridiculous boycott of the Doubletree by Hilton, the official hotel for Gay Day because The FFA believes they are "sanctioning the celebration of the homosexual, lesbian and transgender lifestyles."

Earlier this year, the FFA called for a boycott of MTV’s Degrassi: The Next Generation for featuring a transgender character on the show.


  1. Rick in Cincinnati says

    Gay Days at MK is sooo offensive. I was there last year and it was like any other day at the park except for all the people wearing red shirts. I get that acknowledgement that gay people exist is offensive to them… but to any normal human being, the day at MK is tame. Now the gay days event at Typhoon Lagoon, yeah, but that occurs at night and was between $80-$100 last year. Was relaxing in the lazy river and floated past two guys having sex in the water.

    But in general, Disney is pretty gay every day of the year. The ratio of gays to straights feels much higher there than up here in Cincinnati anyway. (Hopefully I’ll be back down there by this time next year!)

  2. PLAINTOM says

    I just went to their website and thanked them for the reminding me of the event so I could get a group of people to attend.

  3. paul says

    so should we be warned when the part celebrates a Bible group as well…I don’t want to ride the rides with Jesus’s Freaks either. like this is the biggest concern of everybody…what a bunch of no good…no use assholes!!

  4. James says

    The title of this post states that the Florida Family Association flew over the Disney World theme park. The text, however, says that the flight was around the Orlando area. Local television coverage reports that the flight actually went over the park.

    The Disney property is subject to a TFR (Temporary Flight Restriction), which prohibits aircraft from flying within a 3 nautical mile sphere surrounding the site. The FAA does permit waivers; however, the pilot of the aircraft has to obtain a letter from Disney stating that the flight “is for an operational function of the venue.” So if the flight actually went over Disney, then either Disney approved the message or the pilot flew through restricted airspace. So which is it?

  5. bobbyjoe says

    One of the earliest Mickey Mouse cartoons is named “Plane Crazy,” which also is a good title for anyone who belongs to the Florida Family Association.

  6. AllBeefPatty says

    Gay Day @ Disney is extremely popular.

    Thanks for the free advertising……chumps.

  7. HotBoyOnCampus says

    Politicians lead very immoral life styles. They have children outside of marriage while their wives are dying, or in their bed and home they share with their wives or while they are making important discussions in congress about the meaning of holy matrimony. Why aren’t they flying this banner over D.C.?

  8. HotBoyOnCampus says

    Has anyone read up on David Caton, the main guy of the FFA? He’s a porn and sex addict who is supposedly recovering. As we all know the saying when you point a finger at someone you have more pointing back at you? He is just trying to cover up for all the homosexual sex he has had and watched on the computer. I bet he has a huge x-tube account full of gay porn. Will someone please seize his computer and expose him for what he really is?

  9. Scott says

    First of all, there are families who at caught unawares by GayDays. However, most people planning a trip to the area for this time are probably gonna hear about it.

    Growing up in Florida, I’ve gone to the Disney parks a lot, but never around Gaydays. I have read a couple articles by gay guys saying that behavior during the daytime at the parks has gotten too extreme, and that they didn’t want to subject their own children to men clad only in go-go shorts groping each other in front of merry-go-rounds. I don’t know if that is true; I’ve also heard 95% of attendees are great people and well- behaved. So tonight my boyfriends gonna take me and I guess we’ll find
    But would that be a better idea? Have special event nights for people who really wanna party? And maybe leave days for family- friendly stuff-friendly for ALL families, gay and straight-headed? Or is that giving in o unnecessary and bigoted concerns?

  10. Sancho says


    I’m sorry, that’s all I can think of, looking at that pic!

  11. says

    i have sent a note to the ffa that i intend to make a contribution to a local gay organization because of their effort to disrupt the gay day at disney. i thank lisa lampanelli for the idea and hope others will do the same and make a contribution as well. i intend to do this whenever i see that one of these hate groups disguised as a christian organization or family support organization at work.

  12. MacroT says

    I don’t believe this is even an official Disney event. They have no control over who wants to buy a ticket.

  13. JamesG says

    Alguien, do you really think these people gives a rats ass about the homeless? They all get their money by fear mongering that the gays are gonna get you children so give us money to fight them… and then this is what they do! I love that they take money from idiots and spend it doing idiotic things! Keep up the great work FFA, you’re showing the rest of the nation what truly pathetic people you really are!

  14. Johnathan S says

    Florida Family Association…… I wonder if they know that their initials (FFA) also stand for Fist Fu*kers of America….hmmmmmm?

  15. Laurence Ballard says

    Wow. Their desperation is approaching actual hysteria.

    We are winning this struggle.

  16. B says

    Scott: What? When have you ever seen ANYONE in booty shorts @ D Land? I’ve been to gay days twice to the anaheim D land and its just a ton of gays and allies wearing red. The only PDA you would see is the average stuff. Lol no one is having sex on the tea cups. I’m assuming whomever wrote what you read were the conservative gays that don’t go out and are bitter they don’t live an exciting life.

    Also, theme parks have it where you can rent out the park after hours.

  17. fg says


    was the rest of the message that was carried by the second airplane that did not fit in the picture…thanks for the reminder!

  18. Todd says

    I just asked these bigots to remind me next year as well. What a bunch of freaks and haters.

  19. kmackle says

    My wife works at Disney World and saw the banner 2 days ago. Usually they skywrite. And my transgender son is there right now with his youth group and my wife helps get tickets for gay days at the Magic Kingdom. It is actually quite a family event with gay parents bringing the family for a nice day at the park. My kid has been going for years and will continue to. As for the adult party, well lets say I got pretty wild in my 20s too. I just do not see the difference between young gay folks getting wild and young straight folks getting wild.

    And Orlando would shut down without gay people who make this tourist joint run.

  20. Paul R says

    @KMackle: You sound like a great guy.

    As for behavior at the park, everyone I’ve known who has gone says it’s quite tame. Ditto for articles I’ve read. Most theme parks have guidelines for dress and behavior, and obviously Disney is no exception.

    And the fact that their most of their (already hugely) gay staff request to work on this day helps…gay guys misbehaving in public are far more likely to respond to a polite reprimand from one of their own than to a harsh reprimand (or one perceived that way) by a shocked or disapproving staff member. Though I bet you could count on one hand the number of Disney workers who aren’t gay or gay-friendly.

    Actually my ex and I got special treatment from gay workers when we were there with my family several years ago. It was funny.

  21. Wade@MacMorrighan.Net says

    Why don’t they just write “Surrender Dorothy” instead!? LOL!

  22. Randy says

    Their website identifies the plane only as “this aircraft company”, as far as I can tell.

    But if you zoom in the pictures on their website, you can see the letters on the plane quite clearly: N54HY.

    FAA Registry says this belongs to AERIAL MESSAGES OF DAYTONA & SALES INC, in DAYTONA BEACH.

  23. NRoberts says

    I saw this banner this morning, and was offended by it and by the idiots that paid for it! Like many other people here have quite rightly said, spend the money on something worthy, don’t waste it on hate and bigotry. Do they think that gay people don’t go to Disney at any other time of the year?! These people could learn a lot from the loving, supportive, open-minded, caring LGBT community if they bothered to educate themselves!
    Have a fabulous Gay Days everyone!

  24. Danny says

    Frankly, I don’t think the dykes with children would put up with it if some of the boys got out of hand. And I don’t believe that’s what they go there for anyway.

  25. says

    As a recovering hate addict, I hope we can get passed judging people based on their religious orientations.

  26. Chris says

    Watch out for bright flamboyant colors, ferries, princesses, and happy people!
    Oh, that’s just a normal day in Disney.

    I don’t think it’s a real secret that gays have been a major source of talent behind all that entertainment.

  27. Steve Leong says

    This group discriminates, condemns, and crucifies people who are born differently from themselves. Gay people who may be their children, grand children, great grand children!

    What one sows, so shall they reap!

  28. DisneyFanboy says

    I was at Disney World not too long ago with my friends. I am not out, and crap like this banner would have made the trip awkward and stressful.

  29. bill miller says

    I agree with some of the folks above, what a sad waste of funds that could be used for a truly worthy food banks for instance, with all the people out of work and losing homes in Florida.

  30. Acronym Jim says


    Every day is gay day at the happiest place on earth.

    It’s equivalent to a banner stating “warning, bigot and idiot day” being flown over the creation museum

  31. wimsy says

    “We’re not slimy, hateful bigots. We’re just warning slimy, hateful bigots not to bring their kids to Disney today.”

  32. DJSauvage says

    A few years ago I ended up at Great America in San Jose with my partner during some kind of Christian day. I kinda wish we had been warned by plane.

  33. Chuck says

    The best part about these “conservative” boycotts is that companies don’t really worry about them: the majority of evangelicals and Teabaggers have an income at or below the national poverty level — they aren’t spending money anyway! LGBT people on the other hand tend to make higher salaries and spend money to support companies that support the LGBT community.

  34. says

    I’m straight. You’re gay. So what?

    Everyone has the right to love whoever they want. These people wasting money on this banner disgust me. I’ve sent them an email, but I am sure it won’t do any good.

  35. Jim says

    I have gone to several “gay day” at the Magic Kingdom… this year was the most peaceful, most fun, most straight & gay “friendly” I have ever seen. Straight to gay ratio was about 2 to 1… and it seemed like any other day! Apparently the open minded “cool” straight people did not care about the banner!

  36. Dan says

    On Saturday, the plane was flying a different banner that was WARNING: GAY DAYS AT DISNEY 2DAY!

    The banner could be seen from Disney Property, as I was poolside at The Royal Plaza, an official Downtown Disney Resort area hotel. I don’t beleive it flew over any of the actual parks though. On Sunday Morning we were treated to a skywriter that wrote “JESUS LOVES U GOD IS 4 U”

  37. Steve says

    I was at Magic Kingdom and BELIEVE me there was NO shortage of people in the park that day. Gay people, Straight People, Children… EVERYONE was there and all behaving nicely. I met and talked with several straight families with children who said they were impressed with how nice all the gay people were and how polite. Not what they had imagined. It was NOT an in your face event that FFA made it out to be. I can’t wait to go again next year.

  38. mattgmd says

    The organizers of Gay Days at WDW/Orlando should release a press release thanking the Florida hate association for helping to increase attendance. Surely some of The Gays didn’t keep up w/the hectic circuit calendar and were reminded last minute. Plus, it would piss off the allegedly hetero folks that are so obsessed with The Gays.

  39. john leddy says

    check out the leader of the florida family association, if history tells us anything it is that he is probably a closeted homosexual.the internalized self hate that exists in some closeted homosexuals leads them to rail against homosexuality. most well adjusted straight men don’t spend their time worrying about homosexuality.

  40. gayday=payday says

    It’s official…..Disney World’s largest day of profit all year IS gay day!

  41. Pia says

    This is stupid. Gay Day? You don’t see “Straight Day,” or “Transexual Day.” So why Gay Day? And, what’s wrong with being gay? Anyone with an actual answer here? Exactly. Nothing.

  42. Al says

    I’ve never been to Gay Day nor Mardi Gras in NO. At any rate, I was just wondering if the Christian Homophobes fly any banners overhead protesting the events and the excitement of the crowds at MG? What’s different besides name and place event is held?