News: Diamond Rings, Bam Margera, Cigarettes, 50 Cent

Road Michele Bachmann spent House money on her Tea Party rally.

RoadBam Margera takes offense at Ryan Dunn drunk driving tweet from Roger Ebert.

Jonas RoadJoe Jonas, your summer Paper boy.

RoadAlcide beefs up the pages of GQ.

RoadVictory Fund President Chuck Wolfe on a gay President: "I think we may see a candidate in 5 cycles, that’s 20 years. […] You have too build the bench here. So we’re spending a lot of time on the trainings, and getting people elected as mayors. We have a few state-wide elected officials today. Often somebody has a better chance if they’re a governor or U.S. senator, having been elected statewide to have an existing base to run for president of the United States."

RoadGet your gay card. I only scored a 40.

RoadBoston Globe reports on the exit of GLAAD President Jarrett Barrios.

RoadMatthew Rettenmund of Boy Culture does a big wrap-up of this year's Broadway Bares, which raised a record-breaking $1.1 million for Broadway Cares.

RoadInterview: Arjan chats with Toronto pop musician Diamond Rings.

Cevans RoadMore Chris Evans in GQ.

RoadGay adult film director Chi Chi LaRue takes Chris Crocker under his wing, will make full-length feature this summer.

Road50 Cent to write book for teens on bullying.

RoadDetails of John Galliano's drunken, anti-Semitic tirade are emerging.

RoadPhiladelphia Gay and Lesbian Latino AIDS Education Initiative (GALaEI) announces 'Pleasure Rush' HIV-prevention campaign: "The campaign kicked off with it’s fist 'What If' encounter video series that looks at a Craiglist-type hookup and the decision to use or not to use a condom."

RoadMichigan Court of Appeals says "gay panic" is not self defense

RoadRihanna, Madonna, Mariah, Gaga, Britney, Christina at their worst.

RoadArt and design site 'The Fox is Black' launches series on LGBT creatives.

Cigarette RoadNew cigarette warning labels released.

RoadNew video released of Mars moon Phobos.

RoadSaugatuck school board rejects LGBT sex ed video: "A video about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender students coming out was put back on the shelf by the Saugatuck school board by a 5-2 vote Monday night, June 20…'It’s about sexuality. We got sold on it as something more about bullying,' said Treasurer Jason Myers, who voted against adopting the video."

RoadSorry, more bad news from Fukushima.

RoadNearly half of college-educated gay Americans are in the closet at work.

RoadStudy: The context of your coming out is very important in terms of your happiness. "By teasing out the effects of different contexts, this study shows that 'environment plays a huge role in determining when coming out actually makes you happier,' says Nicole Legate, a doctoral student at the University of Rochester, who led the study with Ryan and Netta Weinstein from the University of Essex in England. Among accepting groups, individuals experience significant psychological payback from being open about their sexual identity. But among hostile groups, the costs and stigma of identifying as lesbian, gay, or bisexual cancel out these benefits. In judgmental contexts, 'those who come out may actually feel no better than those who conceal,' says Legate.


  1. Alex says

    I scored a 12.. “closet warmer”?? What does that even mean? Damn I don’t even know many gay men, but damn those who scored high must be an interesting bunch lol

  2. Jerry says

    I scored in the mid-60s. Thing is, though, there’s no way I could have scored any better because I’m over 40, and I couldn’t care less about Gaga.

  3. Tim NC says

    How do you determine whether someone is gay or not without asking at least one question about whether the subject is attracted to members of the same sex?

  4. David says

    The Gay Card Quiz itself gets it’s card revokes. The gay destination is PROVINCETOWN, not Providence. Trust me, I’ve spent ample time in both and believe me you’d choose ProvinceTOWN over Providence anyday…

  5. Craig says

    I got 16 and probably should have gotten worse. Question 18 – “You like sports, but have trouble naming a player or team.” Yes or no. I answered no because I like (more like love) sports but I have no trouble naming teams or players. I’m got sure what the “gayer” answer is.

  6. Craig says

    Funny I didn’t even notice the “PROVINCETOWN, not Providence” thing. I’ve been to both but thought Providence was pretty gay too (Brown is the gayest in the Ivy League). I should probably be deducted even more.

  7. Paul R says

    Diamond Rings has put out an excellent album, and he’s really sweet (and gay). I’ve seen him twice and he always waits afterward and will meet with anyone who wants to, sign autographs, etc. Highly recommended.

    He signed the frigging brace I’m wearing from a car accident.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, it must be possible to be a fabulous queen but not a very good Gay guy. I got a 48. Stupid Quiz: how many Black Gays no anything about some damn Provicetown?

    “So I got 8, probably the lowest. lol”

    An EIGHT? EIGHT? Oh MIO myo, you’re not even gay, straight or bi…hell, child, you don’t even exist.

  9. DAVE says

    I scored a 32 – also “Gay in training”; way too many stereotypes in the survey, but you won’t find anyone with a stronger same sex attraction than me..

  10. searunner says

    @Nodnarb: Yes, Crocker’s transformation is quite amazing, and I suggest a ball gag or something similar to render him mute. The boy should not be allowed to speak. Also, not sure I’m sold on him as a “top”…

  11. SKOC211 says

    @Jerry – Nice try, but there was one question that mentioned Gaga and it was:

    You have at least one of these divas on your iPod: Gaga, Madonna, Britney, Cher, Kylie.

    And I scored a 72. Though I don’t know why there were two questions on The Golden Girls? To identify with Blanche you need to know who Blanche is, which means you know who all the Girls are. Anyways it was fun, if meaningless. Loved that there was a Sondheim shout out, too.

  12. Matt26 says

    Acceptably gay. Nice to know.
    @Skoc211, The Golden Girls has/had Blanche Devereaux, but Blanche DuBois is form a movie called a Streetcar Named Desire starring Vivien Leigh as BDB and Marlon Brando. Just one question from the wonderful GG. (Knowing this must be a gay thing.)

  13. Roger says

    64. Got hung up on the Golden Girls (Sophia was the only one who ever had my heart) and I definately identified more with Stanley than Blanche.

  14. johnosahon says

    Seriously, is the gay card test ONLY for white gays, because i didn’t know what they where talking about 70% of the time, could not relate to the questions.

    They have for divas no-singing women like gaga, madonna and cher? where is Patti, Whitney, Carey, heck put Aguilera there or something.

    Anyways i scored 24.

  15. RW says

    “I got a 48. Stupid Quiz: how many Black Gays no anything about some damn Provicetown?”

    hahahaha! Derrick, you took the words right outta my mouth, chile! And did you see those diva choices? Where’s Patti, Chaka, and J. Holliday? Chawl cheeze!

    And if it makes you feel any better, I scored 40. Ha!

  16. foobar says

    I got a 20 (Gay in training), and only then because some of the questions I had to fudge (for example, you can never own too many boots).

    And I’m glad. I loathe the gay stereotype we’re meant to identify with. Absolute boner killer. I’m a man before I’m a gay man.

  17. DB says

    I scored a 12 although I am 100% gay. This is not surprising as almost every question was an unrealistic and ridiculous 1970’s stereotype about gay people.

  18. brentbent says

    One of the few tests I am proud that I flunked. And it needs to be renamed to “Are you a Gay White Male Cliche?” And I called myself queer in the 4th grade. Back in the late 70’s.

  19. Paul R says

    The quiz was no better than one of those inane Facebook quizzes that were popular at one time among people with a lot of time on their hands.

  20. ratbastard says


    There are plenty of blacks and other ‘minorities’ in Provincetown. And Martha’s Vineyard just around the corner has a very historic black summer and year round population.

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