GOP Rep. Allen West Cans Intern for Retweeting Pro-Gay Tweet


Rep. Allen West (R-FL), who earlier this month told the Eagle Forum Collegians that "the term ‘gay marriage’ is an oxymoron" since marriage is only 'for creating new life,'" wasn't happy that one of his interns retweeted a pro-gay tweet in support of Tracy Morgan's son sent out by Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters late last week.

The intern was fired.


  1. Mike C says

    The intern was using the official Twitter account of the Congressman to send the tweet. That’s a bit different don’t you think? I’m sure he knew he was overstepping his boundaries

  2. Bill TW says

    Gotta agree with Mike C – using the Congressman’s (or anyone else other than your own) account is inappropriate, whether he is homophobic or not. I wouldn’t want Fred Phelps to use My Account to post his thoughts.

  3. nodnarb says

    Wait, you guys think that politicians are updating their Twitter and Facebook feeds themselves?

  4. Jw says

    I assume the intern was one of the people responsible for updating the congressman’s twitter account. If not, then the firing would be justifiable. But if so, the intern’s mistake was taking these homophobes at their word that they don’t hate gay people, it’s just gay marriage, civil unions, employment protection, etc. that they are against. (Twisted logic, yes, but that’s what they say they believe.) So the intern assumed that the congressman, as a non-hater of gays, would be against Tracey Morgan stabbing his son to death for being gay, and thus retweeted a message of support. But the congressman’s true American Taliban colors have been revealed.

  5. Glenn says

    As Nodnarb says, most congresscritters are not sending out their own tweets (a certain NY congressman of recent note notwithstanding). The problem for this intern wasn’t the unauthorized use, it was that he chose to retweet something supportive and positive when he works (worked) for a troglodyte.

  6. TampaZeke says

    As many times as I see “freedom of speech” MISused to claim that people have a right to unchallenged speech, THIS is actually a case where a person’s Constitutional freedom of speech rights may have been violated. Since West is a US Representative and he is firing his intern based on nothing more than legally protected speech it could be considered a case of government censorship of the interns speech, and THAT is a true violation of Constitutional free speech protections.

    I think Rep. West needs to explain why sending out a word of support to a child that has been threatened with stabbing is a act worthy of firing from his office.

  7. Ella says

    It’s not all that professional or conservative of a tweet. I am not sure if I were a congressperson that I would want that retweeted regardless of how I feel about the controversy. It just seems like something a congressperson might not want to address in those words. The way the RT is done, it would suggest that Mr. West would offer this hypothetical person to come live with him and watch movies featuring drag queens. It’s a play on a stereotype (that all gay kids would want to watch something like that) in addition to being in direct opposition to the kind of thing Mr. West supports. If you believe homosexuality is some sort of sin, you don’t really want to tell your constituents that you’re willing to adopt gay kids and watch drag queens with them as if you condone it.

    Had Mr. West fired the intern for retweeting on the intern’s own personal account during his personal time, I could understand that. However, based on the information we have, this is a non-story.

  8. Todd says

    Damn…wish it were simpler but if he did it off his boss’ account, you can’t do that. However, why the hell would an intern who is pro-gay ever work for an anti-gay politician? No rational (emphasis on rational) and self-respecting gay person should ever be working for a Republican politician. They really contribute to the hate against the gay community.

  9. MikeInSanJose says

    I didn’t catch that this was posted to the crazy little congressman’s official account.

    Still… firing the intern for re-tweeting something like this doesn’t seem very American… or Christian. Especially after the threats Tracey Morgan publicly made on his gay son’s life – if such a son, gay or otherwise, even exists. I’m still not convinced that Morgan isn’t a big ol’ closeted (on the DL) sloppy bottom – but that is a speculation for another thread.

  10. Jonathan says

    The only political Twitter feed I follow is the President’s. I’m not a big fan of frivolous tweets on politicians’ feeds, and I do consider a Scissors Sister tweet to be frivolous, as I would consider any entertainer’s tweets frivolous.

    If I were a progressive Member of Congress, I’d have fired him, too. I would have also issued a release that, while I supported the sentiment, I cannot have on staff people who cannot tell the difference between their personal feeds and my official feed.

  11. Donald says

    You can’t fire interns, interns must be sold. Too bad I don’t live in Florida and can’t give the intern a paying job.

  12. says

    Er, this is not a pro-gay tweet. The intern merely retweeted someone else’s offer to harbor a child who has been threatened with death by his father. Basically, Rep. Allen West is so against the idea of protecting children from murder that he doesn’t want someone else’s offer of sanctuary known.