News: Chris Evans, New Zealand, Mitt Romney, Nepal, Superman

Road FireDogLake: GLAAD board member helped put Bush judges on the bench.

Superman RoadSuperman switches to jeans.

RoadJustin Timberlake on why he smokes pot.

RoadBackers of Minnesota same-sex marriage ban seek to prevent disclosure about campaign spending and donors…MN Governor Mark Dayton to fundraise against ban….Activists urge boycott of Basilica Block Party in Minneapolis. Facebook page.

RoadUnited Methodist Church to put lesbian pastor on trial.

RoadNME devotes cover story to Smiths classic album The Queen is Dead on its 25th anniversary.

RoadDetermined supporter tries to fix Rick Santorum's Google problem.

Road Boy George turns 50, can we have a biopic, please?

RoadFred Karger: Mitt Romney committed voter fraud. "On Monday, one of his lesser known opponents for the GOP presidential nomination, Fred Karger, filed a complaint with Massachusetts state election officials alleging that he voted for Brown, as well as in other Massachusetts elections, when he was not in fact a resident of the Bay State."

RoadLady Gaga sends well wishes to Clarence Clemons.

Wellington RoadBoys school in Wellington New Zealand bans gay couple from school dance, tells student he must bring a girl. "The couple have 5500 supporters on Facebook after starting a campaign. 'This isn't just about sexuality, it's about people being treated fairly whether they're male or female, gay or straight. It's all about equality,' Malcolm wrote on the Facebook page."

RoadMan reports anti-gay assault in Iowa City: "The alleged victim, who has requested anonymity due to a fear for his safety, recalled the stranger called him a 'f*cking faggot.' The alleged victim, who said he is an openly gay man, said he dismissed the comment and turned toward the direction he was headed. Then the assailant reportedly punched the man in the eye, threw him into a brick wall, and kicked him several times."

RoadArnold Schwarzenegger's mistress breaks her silence

RoadProtesters picket "gay cure" conference in Northern Ireland. 

Evans RoadChris Evans wearing far too many clothes on Details.

Road$6.6 billion in U.S. funds unaccounted for in Iraq.

RoadWest Bend, Wisconsin high school agrees to sanction Gay-Straight Alliance if group drops its federal lawsuit: "The vote Monday night was 4-3 to recognize the alliance as a school club. That allows it to hold fundraisers, have a spot in the yearbook and put up a bulletin board…Two alliance members filed a federal lawsuit last month after the school board failed to recognize the club."

RoadGay rights activists in Nepal alarmed by proposed law which could bring recriminalization: "The proposed civil and criminal laws contain provisions to re-criminalise so-called 'unnatural sexual offenses'," [Blue Dimaond Society member Manisha] Dhakal told the forum. "These attempts by the law ministry are a clear sign not to follow international human rights standards, a clear intention not to implement the Supreme Court's decision and also go against the spirit of the interim and new draft constitution of Nepal."

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