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Michele Bachmann's Husband Says Gays are 'Barbarians' That Need to be 'Disciplined': VIDEO


Think Progress unearthed some statements made last summer by Michele Bachmann's husband and strategist, Dr. Marcus Bachmann, which may shed some light on her anti-gay positions and background.

Said Bachmann, who runs a Christian counseling center, to parents worried their children might be gay:

We have to understand: barbarians need to be educated. They need to be disciplined. Just because someone feels it or thinks it doesn’t mean that we are supposed to go down that road. That’s what is called the sinful nature. We have a responsibility as parents and as authority figures not to encourage such thoughts and feelings from moving into the action steps…

And let’s face it: what is our culture, what is our public education system doing today? They are giving full, wide-open doors to children, not only giving encouragement to think it but to encourage action steps.

I wonder what his discipline of choice is — pillow beating, shock therapy, poker chips and whipping?


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  1. Hope the media fairy grants my wish for this one to become viral.

    Posted by: Joe | Jun 30, 2011 8:49:26 AM

  2. Hmmm... Do I detect a lisp? These types are always closet cases.

    Posted by: matt | Jun 30, 2011 8:50:18 AM

  3. I'm sure this was all taken out of context and his "Gay Friends" will attest that he's not a homophobe.

    Posted by: JimmyD | Jun 30, 2011 8:51:01 AM

  4. What. A. Pig. I hope someone 'disciplines' him. Clearly he is the ignorant barbarian.

    Posted by: MT | Jun 30, 2011 8:51:48 AM

  5. There's a video of him on Youtube- my gaydar totally goes off when I watch it.

    Posted by: homer | Jun 30, 2011 8:54:15 AM

  6. er....I say we start a pool as to how long will it take for this guy to be caught hiring from rentboy

    Posted by: RandyN | Jun 30, 2011 8:55:27 AM

  7. Im sure he's "disciplined" many homosexuals! (whips and chains)

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Jun 30, 2011 8:57:31 AM

  8. George Rekers X10

    Posted by: Rick S. | Jun 30, 2011 8:59:44 AM

  9. A positively SCREAMING closet case!

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jun 30, 2011 9:04:08 AM

  10. When I saw the news footage of him at CrazyMichelle's presser announcing her candidacy, my gaydar IMMEDIATELY went off.

    He who protests too much....

    Posted by: Ben | Jun 30, 2011 9:10:29 AM

  11. Marcus Bachmann is a deeply closeted homosexual who is paid to psychologically abuse gay people.

    Posted by: Charles Maguro | Jun 30, 2011 9:13:30 AM

  12. All the proof you need to know this man is a self loathing closet case is right here.


    Posted by: X | Jun 30, 2011 9:15:08 AM

  13. LOVE his narration of the Honeybadger video!

    Posted by: Cinemaniac | Jun 30, 2011 9:17:23 AM

  14. LOVE his narration of the Honeybadger video!

    Posted by: Cinemaniac | Jun 30, 2011 9:18:01 AM

  15. My gaydar is at 110%. If that guy isn't gay, then I'm the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. -- This explains Michelle Bachmann's fanatical obsession with homosexuality. If she validates "homosexuality", then her husband will leave her.

    Posted by: David in Houston | Jun 30, 2011 9:29:44 AM

  16. Yep, rentboy scandal in 3...2...1....

    Posted by: Beef and Fur | Jun 30, 2011 9:50:05 AM

  17. Yeah, I usually hate it when people call out others for being gay, but man that dude is seriously gay and in denial.

    Posted by: Fenrox | Jun 30, 2011 9:58:21 AM

  18. is this guy new?

    Posted by: Sean | Jun 30, 2011 10:08:23 AM

  19. Oh boy, the YouTube video explains a lot. The Bachmann residence must be one fabulously loony bin--they must need extra fire extinguishers to keep it from bursting into flames.

    Posted by: Ernie | Jun 30, 2011 10:23:56 AM

  20. He must spend lots of time thinking gays. And what a terrible advice to the parents, sorry for their kids who are gays.

    Posted by: Matt26 | Jun 30, 2011 10:24:28 AM

  21. How come Michelle gets to be married to a gay man and I don't? No Fair!

    Posted by: Cinemaniac | Jun 30, 2011 10:35:30 AM

  22. he sounds as gay as cheristmas....honey when you talk - High heels fly out of your mouth

    Posted by: Gay American | Jun 30, 2011 10:35:54 AM

  23. This man is a total screamer.

    Posted by: WildGift | Jun 30, 2011 10:40:55 AM

  24. uh....who's the barbarian?

    it all sounds to me like somebody's not getting what he - or she - wants at home and is so angry about it that he or she is willing to punish gay people for it.


    Posted by: Danny | Jun 30, 2011 10:42:37 AM

  25. I knows its like really HILARIOUS to make witty and original comments about this guy being gay but can we not at least have more then 2 comments that are actually worried about what this guy is doing to confused gay people?

    I mean I know we are all inherently selfish but this isn't funny, it's really depressing and sad.

    I wonder how many kids have committed suicide because of this man? What a nasty couple.

    Posted by: Rowan | Jun 30, 2011 10:51:58 AM

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