1. Ben says

    When I saw the news footage of him at CrazyMichelle’s presser announcing her candidacy, my gaydar IMMEDIATELY went off.

    He who protests too much….

  2. David in Houston says

    My gaydar is at 110%. If that guy isn’t gay, then I’m the quarterback for the Denver Broncos. — This explains Michelle Bachmann’s fanatical obsession with homosexuality. If she validates “homosexuality”, then her husband will leave her.

  3. says

    Oh boy, the YouTube video explains a lot. The Bachmann residence must be one fabulously loony bin–they must need extra fire extinguishers to keep it from bursting into flames.

  4. Danny says

    uh….who’s the barbarian?

    it all sounds to me like somebody’s not getting what he – or she – wants at home and is so angry about it that he or she is willing to punish gay people for it.


  5. Rowan says

    I knows its like really HILARIOUS to make witty and original comments about this guy being gay but can we not at least have more then 2 comments that are actually worried about what this guy is doing to confused gay people?

    I mean I know we are all inherently selfish but this isn’t funny, it’s really depressing and sad.

    I wonder how many kids have committed suicide because of this man? What a nasty couple.

  6. Derrick from Philly says

    Well…every nellie guy aint Gay. I guess if Michelle uses her strap-on dildo on his wide booty then he has no reason to acknowledge his latent homosexuality. Michelle pleases her man…from the back. (I wonder if they use KY Jelly or Vaseline?)

  7. Brian says

    The Bachmans and their ilk are everything that’s wrong with American politics today. Keep your religious beliefs to yourself, please. And yes, the man must be terrified of being outed…

  8. justme says

    “Marcus Bachmann is a deeply closeted homosexual who is paid to psychologically abuse gay people.”

    As are all “ex-gay” therapists, which is why it’s mind-boggling that straight people turn to these flaming freaks to teach someone to be straight.

    He has one of the gayest voices I’ve ever heard, and that’s coming from someone with one hell of a gay voice.

  9. arch says

    The video is very special, as a brit i am used to all americans thinking that all of us act a bit gay, but even by european standards that man is very camp indeed.

    That walk, that facial grimace, that hug…

  10. FunMe says

    I haven’t seen the tape. But why is it that when you have those screaming the loudest with their hate and discrimination against gays it is because they or someone they know is gay? We should ALWAYS fight back aggressively because of the harm they cause children. They should also always be asked: ‘So who is it? Is it you or your spouse that is in the closet?’

  11. jomicur says

    Any bets his “Christian counseling center” offers ex-gay therapy? And that his favorite discipline is having his young victims, er, patients, lift his luggage?

  12. Brains says

    I am proud to say that my “Gaydar” has been functioning for……55years , and I have never been wrong!

    This man gets a 10/10 on the fellow-fag scale!

  13. Brains says

    On a serious note, he is not actually confusing anybody.

    What he is however doing is derailing his wives ridiculous campaign to become president.

  14. So Left I'm Right says

    Calling this pathetic closet-case a “doctor” is a bit of a stretch. He is a liar and a fraud. His website for his “Christian” counselling travesty lists his education from Pat Robertson’s Regent University (one can only imagine the quality of that indoctrination, I mean “education”) and supposedly a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from some fly-by-night operation called Union Graduate School. Well do a little poking around Union’s website and you’ll see they don’t offer a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. They do offer a Psy.D. but the program isn’t accredited by the APA. Very impressive!

    My guess is Mr. Bachmann drowned his self-hatred in a poisonous brand of extremist Christianity and went about a life of “education” which no doubt included mostly Christian theology and zero academic inquiry with the lowest standards possible. Then he married another crazy Christian and decided to set up a practice to ruin the lives of more people who have the same kind of confusion about issues he couldn’t handle in his own life.

    And these sick and twisted people have a serious prospect of getting close to the White House? The mind bends.

  15. louis says

    Have you listen to the voice of this guy?

    My gaydar went flying all off the scale when I heard his voice.

    I think he lives in Minnesota so he can be near the “Larry Craig Memorial Restroom”.

  16. Rob says

    Gay men like forceful women. “We have a type,” as my partner and I both say. We are each divorced from forceful women (in his case when she came out) and our rolodex is full of brassy Joan Crawford types.

    Forceful women like gay men. We give them space.

    The APA getting after his clinic will be the main story. Getting caught in a rest stop will be a footnote.

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