NY Marriage Equality Update

The Senate has closed down for the night. Reconvening at 10 am tomorrow. No decision, no discussion or vote on marriage equality. Sorry for the brief update but just wanted to let everybody know, and should be another crazy day tomorrow! More in the morning…


  1. Bruno says

    I really have to wonder if the ability to plan is unattainable for NY state politicians. They didn’t even have bills printed and ready tonight…and were actually expecting to vote on them? Dysfunctional.

  2. Zack says

    Bruno,our legislature was late 19 years in a row with a budget.
    Some of the stuff you mentioned are propably delaying tactics..but most of it is just the joy that is the NY legislature.

  3. Brian says

    My super-bright nephew was an intern in the legislature two years ago when he was 19. He came away with the conclusion that most of the state legislators are idiots — Ruben Diaz, HELLO!!!(and a google search can identify all of those under present or past criminal indictment). This chaos is par for the course in NY. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republican caucus not only let it die, but that they have the POWER to do so. This is not truly a democratic body. It is a legislature based on closed-door backroom dealing that decides what gets voted on. But I’m still hopeful….

  4. searunner says

    Marriage equality will be the last bill addressed. We need to pay attention to the progress of the ‘Big Ugly’ and see if the Assembley passes a amendment bill with the additional religious language.

  5. Ty says

    I really hate to say it, but with Senator Ball’s recent betrayal, it’s looking more and more like these Republicans are going to prevent a vote on this issue. It’s really sad – How can they do this? Aren’t we supposed to be able to have open voting on these kinds of issues? It makes no sense. I really hope my gut feeling is wrong because I’m getting the sense that these GOPers are just going to disregard us queers yet again.

  6. searunner says

    TY: Sen. Ball was never going to be a supporter of marriage equality, never. He, however, does believe a vote needs to be had, which is encouraging. Now, if Sen. Grisanti or Sen. Saland announce they are “no” votes, the bill is probably dead.

  7. daftpunkydavid says

    ty… snap out of it man! sorry but don’t give up before it’s over. call your senator some more; call dean skelos’ office; call the undecided senators. tell your friends and family to do the same thing. if you can, go to albany. but please let’s not give up now, we’re so close to the finish line.

    and by the way, i don’t think ball was ever sincere (look up duane’s and o’donnell’s comments about him), as he full well knew ny’s human rights laws before making outrageous demands. he just wanted the spotlight, and who can blame him, that’s what politicians are: attention whores.

    anyway: eyes on the prize, let’s stay focus. we’re close.

  8. candideinncc says

    From what I understand, the Thugs can try to let it die, but then the Governor can then call the legislature back into special session, so he has some control on whether the bill is actually heard. They don’t want to be troubled to get all the way home, then have to return anyway to deal with this. I think they are just postponing until Friday because they want as little news coverage as possible.

  9. Robert says

    Well, Governor Cuomo could ruin their summer recess by calling a special session. He should do it, keep them there until they move on it. The republicans aren’t strategically smart. Stalling the bill is too transparent, not a good move even if it appeals to their bigot base. They may be walking in fear of their older religious bigot base, but more importantly, they’re alienating the 20-30+ generation who are far more supportive of same-sex marriage and who are the future of the GOP. Many of them will shift to the Civil Libertarians, that means trouble for the GOP down the road which has morphed into an extremist party. Just look at who’s running for the presidency. None of them appeal to the younger generation.

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